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Lowell Observatory’s 3-D Mars Exhibit Extended to Feb. 24

lowell observatory
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Lowell Observatory’s Mars exhibit, “A New Perspective on Mars: The Red Planet in 3D,” began in October and was set to end January 13. As of October, more than two million people have viewed this powerful 3-D exhibit at the observatory, located in central Flagstaff on Mars Hill. So due to popular demand, the stunning… Read More →

The Fall And Ensuing Therapy Session On Red Mountain

Red Mountain trailhead, Photo: Kristine Cannon
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The walls of Red Mountain feel entirely too far apart at this point. I could feel myself breaking into a cold sweat. The orange-hued walls tower above me; the sunlight receding until it leaves me in the mountain’s chilly shadow. That’s all this place was anyway – a large cave, it felt. Really, it’s a volcano… Read More →

I-17: The Worst Place To Be Stuck In Traffic

I-17 Traffic
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I headed up to Flagstaff Friday evening in attempt to escape the heat and regain my sanity. The two are not mutually exclusive. Also, my roommate was moving out. Insert cynical comment here. The weekend went beautifully; a comfortable mid-70 degrees at the day’s high point. Saturday and Sunday morning were perfect for sitting in… Read More →

Flagstaff: A Day Of Discovery

Downtown Flagstaff
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Every year before Christmas I take a trip to Flagstaff. This trip has happened so often it has turned into a tradition for me, so this year was no exception. However, this was the first time I ended up venturing into town rather than just staying in the snow on the outskirts of Flagstaff. My… Read More →

Flagstaff: Through A Massacusetts Native's Eye

Downtown Flagstaff
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Flagstaff may be known for snow, skiing and various other winter activities but what really makes the city unique is the atmosphere. It has a cozy, relaxed feel and the people are nothing but welcoming. I first experienced Flagstaff last October when a friend invited me on a weekend trip to check out the third… Read More →