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CBRE Completes Two Investment Sales Transactions


CBRE announces the completion of two sales:

>> Neil Kleinman of Tucson has purchased a 7,520 SF single-tenant retail building at 21145 N. John Wayne Parkway in Maricopa.

The building is occupied by Pet Club, a regional pet food store. Joseph Compagno of CBRE’s Phoenix office represented the buyer and the seller, Barclay Group in Phoenix, and structured the $1.45M transaction. The tenant will remain in the building on a long-term lease.

>> Backrows Holdings # 2 LLC of Los Angeles purchased Victoria Palms Apartments, a 27-unit multi-family property at 1206 E. Lemon St. in Tempe.

Brian Smuckler and Jeff Seaman of CBRE’s Phoenix office represented the buyer and the seller, The Eugenijus Valiulis Revocable Trust of Ojai, Calif., in negotiating the $1.3M transaction.


If you would like commentary from a CBRE sales professional, please feel free to contact Katherine Haug at 602-735-1782.

Photo: alifemadesimple.blogspot.com

The Sweetest Spot in Flagstaff: Sweet Shoppe & Nut House

Coming from mountainous Manitou Springs, Colo. (population 5,113), Flagstaff seemed like a home away from home. Despite the significantly larger population, the classic architecture and bounty of local businesses made Flagstaff feel like a dilated version of the tiny, hippy town back home that I had grown to love. Despite my Colorado Springs residency, neighboring Manitou Springs became a home to me because I spent my entire senior year and post-senior year summer behind a local store’s candy counter slicing fudge and throwing chocolate-covered goodies into bags for tourists ranging from Mississippi locals to Scotland natives.

I discovered Flagstaff because my best friend, who also worked at the chocolate store and whose mother owned it, had her orientation for Northern Arizona University, and I went along for the ride. My Arizona State University orientation was just a few days later, so we decided to head out to the Grand Canyon State together. We roamed through downtown Flagstaff and along Aspen Street on our final day there before heading back down to Phoenix for my orientation. We ventured into quirky clothing stores and passed by little restaurants that filled our noses with delicious-smelling homemade cuisine. All of a sudden, we were stopped dead in our tracks by a colossal window display filled with mouth-watering caramel apples.

sweet shoppe & nut house

Our chocolate store back home had just begun experimenting with caramel apples, so naturally any intelligent owner would want to go in and check out the competition and possibly steal some inspiration. The three of us walked into The Sweet Shoppe & Nut House and were greeted by a friendly staff and trays upon trays filled with the prettiest, almost artistic fudge I had ever seen. I tried the dark chocolate, sea salt and caramel fudge and was hooked. Because I had spent so long working with every sort of chocolate treat known to man, I had built up immunity to how delicious it all is; but with this fudge, it wasn’t the case. I ended up buying a little chunk, along with a couple chocolate-covered potato chips, and it was definitely the best money I spent during my time in Arizona.

The Sweet Shoppe & Nut House originally opened in 2011 in Flagstaff but has now been franchised into Bridgeville, Pa. In a way it saddens me that this hidden gem is no longer one-of-a-kind, but then again, the East Coast should not be denied the bliss that comes after biting into The Sweet Shoppe’s signature fudge. I hope to pay another visit to this wonderfully decadent store as soon as I can persuade one of my car-owning friends to suffer through the two-hour drive to Flagstaff. But don’t worry, Sweet Shoppe; one way or another I’ll find my way back to you.

If You Go: The Sweet Shoppe & Nut House

Where: 15 W. Aspen Ave., Flagstaff
Contact: (928) 255-4919
Web: sweetshoppecandy.com

Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon: A Scenic, Smaller Canyon

Occasionally referred to as the “scenic, smaller cousin” of the Grand Canyon, Oak Creek Canyon, just south of Flagstaff, is known for some of its geological details, including colorful rocks and unique natural formations.

Getting to Oak Creek Canyon isn’t hard, either; in fact, State Rt. 89A goes right into it. Before you go into the actual canyon, though, you might want to take a look at the Oak Creek Canyon Vista. From this place, you can get a nice bird’s-eye view of much of the canyon. Also, if you’re interested in Native American jewelry and crafts, and other items from the locals who set up displays around the area, you can pick up something at this vista.

While it’s definitely possible to explore the majority of the canyon just by driving down State Rt. 89A and taking in the sights, what fun is that? Most of the people who take the time to come to Oak Creek Canyon want to do more than just stay in their car the whole time; they want to go out and hike, or swim, or fish, or do any number of other things to make the most of their visit. If you’re one of these people, there are overlooks, picnic areas, hiking trails and swimming holes scattered throughout the canyon.

Oak Creek Canyon even offers its visitors something to see as they’re leaving. On the way away from the canyon, the keen-eyed observer might notice some of the various natural sculptures on the horizon. Among others, there’s Steam Boat Rock, Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock.

So if you’re around Flagstaff and want a place to go where you can see a neat little piece of the Arizona landscape, go give Oak Creek Canyon a look. And try not to stay in your car the whole time.

For more information about Oak Creek Canyon, visit its page on U.S. Forest Service’s website.

AZ Snowbowl

3rd Rail Jam Hits The Slopes Of Arizona Snowbowl

Combine equal parts live hip-hop music, art, fashion, technology, culture and snow sport, and what unique concoction is left brewing in one of the lucky six cities?

The 3rd Rail Jam.

3rd Rail Jam is a grassroots snow sport competition where participants and attendees take part in a mixture of urban culture and adrenaline — unlike any event held on various slopes across the nation — and it’s coming to Flagstaff, AZ.

This year marks the 4th annual event where skiers and snowboarders attempt tricks on and off nontraditional railings — including tires & stairwells.

Simultaneously, hip-hop music will be pulsating through the mountain as graffiti artists add a bit more visual vibrancy to the already lively atmosphere. Oh, and don’t forget to crowd around the catwalk for the fashion show and catch the break dancers, too.

Originated by Patrick Hession and Timmy Grins, the 3rd Rail Jam all began on the slopes of Mountain Creek in Vernon, New Jersey — aiming to slap the snow sport industry across its figurative face and shake things up a bit, to “upset the setup.”

Arizonans, are you interested? Well, the 3rd Rail Jam will be making a stop on their nationwide tour at Arizona Snowbowl in Flagstaff, AZ on Feb. 5, 2011. Gift of Gab of Blackalicious is confirmed as the live hip-hop artist for the Snowbowl event.

The other cities on the tour include Chicago, Denver, Boise, Los Angeles and Beech Mountain in North Carolina.

Participants can take part in one of four divisions including ages 15 and under, women, best of breed and skiers. Skiers and snowboarders are judged on style/composure, consistency, use of the entire course, creativity, magnitude of tricks and attitude.

But wait; there’s more.

Of every $25 paid to enter the competition, $5 goes to Amped 4-A-Cure, a non-profit organization aimed to “raise funds to support cancer research through the universal language of music.” The money raised goes towards many organizations and research facilities — including The American Association for Cancer Research — specializing in medical advancements of different types of cancer, according to Amped 4-A-Cure’s website.