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The Fixx Coffee Bar, Photos: Macy Fuquay

The Fixx Coffee Bar Provides Creative Outlet For Local Artists And Musicians

A new music venue and coffee shop in Tempe is providing the local art scene with a creative outlet to display artists’ work – The Fixx Coffee Bar.The Fixx Coffee Bar, Interior

Managed by ASU student Robbie Pfeffer, 20, The Fixx is the beginning of a completely renovated Tempe and a new addition to the artistic community.

“It’s a new spot; it’s an all-ages venue for kids to come and hang out to be a part of the art community along with the underground music scene,” Pfeffer says.

The walls of The Fixx are covered in local artists’ work, each of which is completely unique from the next. From photography to a skateboard mural, the environment is set up for those interested in a place to be surrounded by people with similar tastes in music and art.

Many frequent visitors, such as ASU student Kelsey Williams, 20, can be seen lounging or studying in the dining area with a coffee in hand.

“I really like the art here,” Williams says. “I’m an art student so it’s nice to come here, look at all of it, and appreciate it.”The Fixx Coffee Bar, venue for live music and local artists in Tempe, AZ

Last year, Pfeffer got word of a local art venue, E-Joy, which had the ability to display his work and provide a few pieces for use in the store. Once E-Joy went out of business, Pfeffer searched for weeks to get his work back from the owners. When he found them, he discovered they were struggling to find a method to continue to own the space while running a functioning coffeehouse.

That is when Pfeffer had the idea of creating an outlet for showcasing local artwork, providing unforgettable coffee and housing local bands using the E-Joy location.

After receiving the approval of the owners, Pfeffer agreed to manage the project, and The Fixx became an operative business.

The space, which began as a house, has once been a bank, dentist office, Internet coffee shop and is now a coffeehouse and music venue. The bank’s vault, located in the back room still in tact, reminds the visitors of the history of the building.

The Fixx provides the Tempe community with free shows every Saturday night in the back room. The small space allows the listener to hold a closer, more intimate experience with the bands.

Local bands are allowed to sign up for a performance date and future shows will feature out-of-state bands. Future events will be posted on the Tempe Starving Artist website.

The Fixx Coffee Bar, Tempe, ArizonaSteven Totten, member of the local band Kid Sampson, played the first show The Fixx held in January.

“Robbie has been completely open to any kind of artistic medium or genre, and because of that, there has been a huge number of Tempe and Phoenix-based artists and musicians who have come to contribute,” Totten says.

With a location in the heart of Downtown Tempe, where most residents are interested in the art and music culture, Pfeffer has reason to believe they will last in this economy.

“There is a great deal more work that will be done in order to make The Fixx successful, and it will be interesting to see what happens as it grows, ” Pfeffer says.

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If You Go:

The Fixx Coffee Bar
15 E. 7th St.
Tempe, Arizona 85281


Mobile Phone From iPhone to Android

Mobile Phone News From iPhone to Android

Almost every American owns and uses a mobile phone. They’ve become such an integral part of our lives that we feel naked without them. People of my generation (I’m a recent college graduate) wake up to their phone’s alarm, then they text, tweet, call, chat, e-mail, or BBM until the moment their heads hit the pillow. Then they wake up and do it all again.

Since they’re as everyday as eating and sleeping, here’s an update on what’s happening in the mobile world.

Kik It Up A Notch

The newest app to take the world by storm is Kik

Kik is a free messaging system similar to Blackberry’s Blackberry Messenger (BBM) or AOL’s Instant Messenger. Kik works across several platforms, including Blackberry, iPhone and Andriod.

Last week this app hit two million users in only three weeks.

Kik’s goal is to bring instant messaging away from the computer and onto the phone so that you’ll never leave home without it.

Information from Mashable.com’s Kik article.

Netflix Holds Out On Android

iPhone, iPads and Windows 7 have a Netflix streaming app, but Android users will have to wait a bit longer.

According to a Wired.com article, the Android platform’s security issues made Hollywood take a step back. Piracy is a major issue with the film industry and most of the Android phones didn’t meet its standards.

However, since there are several Android models, some Android users will be able to get the Netflix app starting in early 2011.

And finally the old stand by question:

Will Apple Stop Teasing Verizon Users?

According to a Wall Street Journal article, the answer is, yes.

In October. an article detailing that Apple is making an iPhone for Verizon Wireless appeared on WSJ.com, whetting the appetite of all Apple-loving, Verizon-using, smartphone junkies.

There has yet to be any final word. However, another WSJ.com article claims many Verizon users are so sure the iPhone is coming their way that they’re waiting to update their phones until the magical day Apple stops teasing them.