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Sky Harbor Terminal 3 construction will restrict lanes

The modernization of Sky Harbor International Airport’s Terminal 3 continues, with construction work shifting from the north to the south side of Terminal 3 later this week. During the overnight hours of June 4, the north inner curb lanes at Terminal 3, which have been closed to traffic for the past month, will re-open and the south inner curb lanes at Terminal 3 will close. The closure, which will be in effect for at least a month, will impact drivers entering from the east and heading westbound on Sky Harbor Boulevard.

During this time, drivers are encouraged to follow these tips:

·        The westbound outer lanes on the south side of Terminal 3 will be available for picking up and dropping off passengers. The eastbound inner lanes on the north side of the terminal will also be available for pick-ups and drop-offs.

·        All Ground Transportation services will be moved to the north outer curb except for the Rental Car Center Shuttle pick-up, which will remain on the south outer curb.

·        If you plan to pick up a passenger at Terminal 3, use one of the Cell Phone Lots to avoid circling the terminal.

·        Use the PHX Sky Train® Station at 44th and Washington Street for pick-up and drop-off.  The PHX Sky Train® offers a quick ride for free between the 44th Street Station and Terminal 3. Drivers can wait for their party in the free cellphone lot adjacent to the station.

·        Give yourself a little extra time, reduce your speed, watch for detour signs and use caution when driving.

Terminal 3 serves Delta, Frontier, Hawaiian and JetBlue. The modernization of Terminal 3 will result in a more convenient, efficient experience for passengers including a new consolidated security checkpoint, ticket counter improvements, new shops, restaurants and more. For additional information visit skyharbor.com/terminalmodernization.


Frontier cancels some Colorado Springs flights

Frontier Airlines is canceling some of its flights at the Colorado Springs airport because of its reduced fleet of smaller regional jets.

A Frontier spokeswoman says the company is discontinuing its three daily flights between Colorado Springs and Denver. The flights will stop after March 2.

The airline is also canceling flights between Colorado Springs and Orlando, Fla., and Colorado Springs and San Diego by the end of February.

According to KKTV-TV, the airline will continue service to Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport and Los Angeles.


Frontier Adds Service At Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport

Frontier Airlines is joining two other carriers in providing service from the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.

Monday’s announcement by the carrier followed about a year of negotiations.

The addition of the Denver-based carrier will triple the number of destinations reachable from the airport.

An exact flight schedule hasn’t been released.

Mesa Mayor Scott Smith says having Frontier as a third carrier legitimizes the airport.

Las Vegas-based Allegiant Air began serving the airport in 2008, and Florida-based Spirit Airlines since earlier this year.

For more information about Frontier Airlines and Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, visit Frontier Airlines’s website at frontierairlines.com and visit Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport’s website at phxmesagateway.org.