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Furne One, Photo: Style Image Studios, Phoenix Fashion Week

Phoenix Fashion Week 2012: Highlights, Standout Designers

Phoenix Fashion Week 2012: What a hit! From established to emerging designers and wearable to high fashion collections, Phoenix Fashion Week is Arizona’s biggest and most prestigious fashion event. It may not be New York, but Phoenix Fashion Week has a unique appeal — and that’s variety. The average person will “ooh” and “aah” over high fashion but also likes to see designs they can picture themselves wearing. Phoenix Fashion Week allows spectators to do both.

Here are the Phoenix Fashion Week 2012 designers who stood out and why:

Silvia Bours

Silvia Bours — love her! Her designs are right up my alley. On her website, Bours describes her style as, “theatrical and sweet but always feminine.” Think of an even higher-end Betsey Johnson; amazing right? I really feel it appeals to the tutu-wearing little girl inside all of us.

I would say she is more high fashion but not over-the-top high fashion. Some of her designs are wearable, but not a lot of it. It just depends on how bold you are with your fashion sense. I want to wear it all. But then again if I could wear a gown and diamonds everyday and not look like a crazy person, I would do that, too. Realistically, I’d say about 65 percent of her designs are wearable to a fancier event. They’re statement dresses.

Silvia Bours, Photo: Style Image Studios, Phoenix Fashion Week Silvia Bours, Photo: Style Image Studios, Phoenix Fashion Week

Envy by Khanh

Envy by Khanh, Photo: Style Image Studios, Phoenix Fashion WeekLet me guess — do you love feeling sexy, but feel like clothes along those lines are getting trashier and trashier? Well, I would agree with you, but am pleased to tell you there’s a glimmer of hope and that’s Envy by Khanh. His collection is very wearable. Think high-end clubbing dress. Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? But it’s true. Khanh Nguyen uses bold colors, sexy silhouettes and asymmetrical accents that will do nothing but flatter a women’s body. You’re sure to stand out and attract attention, as in lust or envy — depending on what sex is checking you out.


Élevée: custom-designed suits and casual wear for the rich and the famous. According to its website, “Élevée is a luxury brand that has been creating custom, hand-tailored wardrobes for high-profile executives, professional athletes, and celebrity elite, for over a decade.” Yeah, they’re that company. And turnaround can be easily achieved in 24 hours. This is the best wearable clothing money can buy. The overall quality of this company is awe-inspiring. The fabrics and tailoring speak for themselves. Wearing something Élevée created specifically for you let’s everybody know you are a high roller.

Élevée, Photo: ÉlevéeFashion.com Élevée, Photo: ÉlevéeFashion.com


JHaus, Photo: JHausBrand.comIf you only glance at JHaus you’ll probably say, “Alright, another designer jean brand has hit the market; yawn.” But JHaus is so much more than that. JLynn Hausmann is a small-town girl who stays true to her Midwest roots and her definition of America. That’s strength and durability. Her jeans and flowy, but subtly sexy tops are very wearable, and I believe most women would also feel comfortable in her collections. Her jeans are formfitting but not rigid.

What I like about her is she sticks to who she is. She had a couple statement pieces go down the runway that I loved. One was very similar to a high-fashion gown with an oversized train but made out of burlap sacks. Yup, I just said that, and that’s what I meant — burlap sacks, like what you use in a sack race. And the others were gowns made of denim. Now, I’m a very firm believer in the philosophy that denim is for jeans only but she is the only designer that I’ve seen make denim look good in other forms. Check out the gown to your right. The netting accent in the back is actual chicken wire. Very original.

Furne One

Furne One, the grand finale — and what a finale that was. This is high fashion to the max. Giant-horned headdresses, trains that take up almost the entire runway and over-embellished gowns, bodices, bodysuits — all of it. Cue the “oohs” and “ahhs,” folks. Celebrities around the world, including Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and many more, have worn Furne One. Obviously most of his designs are not at all wearable. This is high fashion. This is art.

Furne One, Photo: Style Image Studios, Phoenix Fashion Week Furne One, Photo: Style Image Studios, Phoenix Fashion Week

For more information about Phoenix Fashion Week 2012, visit phoenixfashionweek.com.

Furne One at Espionage En Couture

Espionage En Couture Fashion Show To Feature Furne One's Spring 2013 Collection

A recorded voice clearing a plane to land crackles over an intermingling crowd. People shuffle toward their respective seats, and the overhead lights are extinguished, plunging the aircraft hangar into darkness. Flashing blue lights illuminate a diamond-shaped runway; spotlights center on an opening jet door and out strides Noir Partie Trois: Espionage En Couture’s celebrity emcee.

Furne OneEspionage En Couture is a national fashion show premiering in Scottsdale on Oct. 26, and features international designer Furne One’s spring 2013 fashion collection, “Confessions of Mata Hari. A Tribute to McQueen.”

“I’ve been living and breathing this show for months now,” says Niki Woehler, owner of Flavor Marketing, the company creating the event. “Scottsdale has never seen a show like this before. It’s not just a fashion show; it’s an entire evening.”

Woehler says she’s embracing the night’s espionage theme and betraying the mold of what’s typically seen at fashion shows. The models’ appearance are choreographed with live, high-energy music by Black Panther Disco; aerialists will be preforming on stilts from the rafters; LED screens and an 80-foot wall behind the runway highlight projections of the models; and attendees can expect other surprises throughout the night.

“I’m all about ‘wow’ moments,” Woehler says.Furne One “I always want my shows to have a moment, or several moments, in the show where people gasp.”

The event embodies Mata Hari’s story, a Dutch exotic dancer, courtesan and alleged spy executed in France under espionage charges for Germany in World War I.

Furne One says he based his newest collection on Hari after being inspired by her life, and how she embodied strength, mystery, seductiveness and liberation.

Furne One designed “Confessions of Mata Hari” to tell her story and his vision of her life. “I am a person who loves to inspire people,” he adds.

Furne OneKeeping with a classic spy theme, the event’s décor will drape the airplane hangar in black and white. Guests, who will tread on a black carpet, are asked to dress in black-hued cocktail attire to contrast against the white furniture.

Espionage En Couture also gives guests the unique opportunity to be up-close and personal with the Mata Hari collection.

“What we plan on doing after the show is circulating the models through the crowd,” Woehler says. “Furne will also be at the show, so people will have an opportunity to meet the designer.”

The airplane hangar will be divided into three sections: general admission, the VIP section and a jet-set area where attending celebrities will be.

Furne One is known as Katy Perry’s go-to fashion designer for her elaborate performance costumes, and he works extensively with Heidi Klum on “Germany’s Next Top Model.” So it comes as no surprise that he invited the two as his guests. Cindy Crawford, Carol Alt and Christie Turlington have also been invited to attend.

“If everything goes well, and people accept invitations that have been asked, we could potentially have four of the original super models in the same room,” Woehler says.

Tickets begin at $150, and proceeds benefit the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and Arizona Spinal Cord Injury Association.

The event takes place on October 26 from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. at a private hanger in the Scottsdale Aircenter.

“I want people to walk out of there thinking they’ve had one of the best nights in their life,” she says.

For more information about Noir Partie Trois: Espionage en Couture, visit flavormarketing.com.

Espionage En Couture
Private Hangar in Scottsdale Aircenter
15290 N. 78th Way, Scottsdale
Friday, October 26, 2012
7 p.m. – 12 a.m.