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live hd broadcasting studio - on air

Leading HD Digital Broadcast Studio Opens In Scottsdale

BroadcastAZ, a Broadcast USA company, unveils one of the country’s leading HD digital broadcast facilities in Scottsdale. This state-of-the-art HDTV Production & Broadcast Center opens June 15, 2012 to take advantage of the high concentration of breaking news from Arizona and nationally-ranked Arizona public companies.

Where HD video is the medium of choice, BroadcastAZ boasts a fully-equipped HD digital broadcast center, capable of televising live High Definition or Standard Definition signals via a dedicated high speed video pipeline to an HD Hub in New York City. The signal is then available to more than 200 major networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, ESPN and global networks as well. BroadcastAZ features two complete HD digital broadcast studios including High Definition cameras and teleprompter, computer controlled lighting grid, control room, video pipeline connection, robotically controlled HD-camera with a lighting and sound system in Studio A for ‘talking head’ or ‘live-shot’ interviews, plus a green room/make-up room for talent. Studio B is a 1200 square foot HD studio suitable for major shows needing up to five HD cameras, greenscreen and custom set designs.

“There has been a rapidly emerging convergence of broadcasting and telecommunication which is the direct result of the ongoing development of digital technologies,” said Bonnie Adams, director of operations for BroadcastAZ. “We have made improvements in our traditional HD digital broadcast studio by fostering and promoting the breakthroughs in media broadcast markets including breaking news, financial industries, public company communication with financial analysts, annual meetings and shareholder media advisories, along with satellite media tours.”

BroadcastAZ chose Scottsdale for its first West regional location due to the favorable business climate that the city offers. Arizona is also a national source for breaking news, financial trends, green energy, medical technology, and global tourism.

“As Scottsdale continues its strong economic recovery, we are thrilled that BroadcastAZ has decided to join the growing list of companies that have chosen to make Scottsdale their home,” said Mayor W.J. ‘Jim’ Lane. “BroadcastAZ fits well into Scottsdale’s growing technology industry and we wish them nothing but continued success.”

Adams talks about that BroadcastAZ will also contribute to job creation in Arizona by hiring 12-15 professionals (over the next twelve months) with experience in growing sectors such as sales, marketing, advertising, content, broadcasting and digital communication. There will also be opportunities for IT professionals to work with their innovative core technologies including robotics, software system controls, and wireless technologies.

“Our team will lead Arizona into the Broadcasting World of the Future by offering live broadcasts, live streaming, live recording and live upload to social media sites like YouTube.com,” said Douglas Collins, director of sales.

“In addition, BroadcastAZ has purchased the revolutionary Azzurro HD Camera System to install in our newly constructed live broadcast Studio A. The HD digital broadcast studio itself has acoustic foam walls that also double as a ‘blue screen’ studio, flat screen monitors (HD), superior sound and studio lighting, and a green room with full make-up area,” added Collins.

For more information on BroadcastAZ and their HD digital broadcast studio, visit BroadcastAZ’s website at broadcastaz.com.

Bike Sharing Program

Green Jobs In Arizona And Around The Nation, Bike-sharing Program And More

There’s so much going on in sustainability, it’s hard to narrow down what news to share. Here’s a couple of interesting bits from this week. We’ve gathered stories about new green jobs in Arizona and around the nation, a bike-sharing program and Valley Forward’s Environmental Excellence Awards, among others.

Arizona Gets 100 Solar Jobs
Rioglass Solar, which makes reflector components for solar thermal power plants, is building a $50 million manufacturing facility in Surprise, Ariz.  The facility is going to bring 100 jobs by the time it is operational in 2011.

Valley Forward Chooses Judges for Environmental Excellence Awards
John Kane, founding partner and design principal of Architekton, will be the lead judge for Valley Forward’s 30th annual Environmental Excellence Awards.  The eight other judges include: Steve Gollehon, vice president and managing partner, HDR Architects; Tim Lines, managing vice president, Stantec Consulting Inc.; and Caroline Lobo, director of the Education Studio at The Orcutt/Winslow Partnership.  The winners will be announced Saturday, Oct. 2, at the Phoenician Resort.

President Obama’s Push for Green Energy to Create Jobs
Not only does Obama want America to be greener; but his push for green energy could create up to 800,000 jobs by 2012.  The major issue for green energy jobs in America is that employers are being forced to outsource jobs to stay competitive in the industry. Watch President Obama’s speech at ZBB Energy in Wisconsin.

Do-It-Yourself Solar Panel
CNN’s “One Simple Thing” series takes a complicated process – installing a solar panel – and turns it into something anyone with an electrical outlet can do. Clarian Power’s president, Chad Maglaque, talks about how his company is trying to make the biggest cost in solar power, the installation, a non-issue.

NYC Looks to Start Bike-Sharing Program
Mayor Bloomberg and Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan want to start a bike-sharing program that would offer 49,000 bikes to be shared.  Many other cities worldwide including Paris, Copenhagen and Taipei, Taiwan, offer bike-sharing programs.  Right here in Arizona, Northern Arizona University offers the Yellow Bike Program for free.

Green News Roundup- Alternative Energy Sources, Bioplastics and more

Green News Roundup – Alternative Energy Sources, Bioplastics & More

Welcome to our weekly green news roundup. This week we’ve gathered stories about green entrepreneurs, alternative energy sources, bioplastics and more.

Feel free to send along any stories you’d like to see in the roundup by e-mailing me at kasia@azbigmedia.com. Also visit AZ Green Scene for informative articles on sustainability endeavors in the Valley and state.

Body Heat: Sweden’s New Green Energy Source
This article will make you think twice the next time you’re sweating it out at the gym or simply walking to work. Swedish engineers have figured out a way to harness body heat and transfer it to energy for an office building. Though using excess body heat to warm a building isn’t a new concept, transferring it from one building to another is. The future for this new energy source is exciting!

Entrepreneurs Ditch Day Jobs to Create Green mobile apps
Two University of Arizona graduates developed a green application for the iPhone geared toward the environmentally conscious consumer. iGoGreen offers green tips for hundreds of situations.

Solar Inspired, Eco-Friendly Gallery Opens at Arizona Science Center
Arizona Science Center announced the grand opening of its newly renovated gallery, Solarville. This hands-on gallery is focused on sustainability including exhibits on how to harness and distribute sustainable green energy, exploring ways to utilize solar and renewable energy in your everyday life and more. The exhibit opens May 23 and will offer daily demonstrations.

The Promise and Pitfalls of Bioplastic
In a previous post I wrote about petroleum and its strong presence in our everyday products. Since petroleum-based plastics do not biodegrade, bioplastics are hoping to fill the gap. This article discusses the future of the environmentally friendly plastic and its role in a petroleum-based world.