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Eco-Friendly Products to Make Your Home Green

While making a plan to purchase environmentally safe, sustainable and “green” products to create an eco-friendly home may seem like an expensive or difficult task, design innovation and technology has made it much easier. Whether you are looking to clean up dust from the floors without using a ton of electricity, save on water usage when steaming and ironing laundry or sleep comfortably on organic cotton sheets, manufacturers in home goods and appliances are incorporating green technology into their products without sacrificing efficiency.



Soniclean VTplus S-200

One of the most technologically advanced vacuums on the market, the Soniclean combines suction with sonic technology for a rewarding cleaning experience. It has a green-technology, high-efficiency, direct-air “Paramagnetic” vacuum motor and uses 50% less electricity than many full-size vacuums. Backed by 12 patents, the Soniclean effectively cleans carpets at 12,000 vibrations per minute, dislodging and removing surface dirt and dust, but also goes deeper to remove microscopic particles embedded deep within the floor. These particles contain bacteria, allergens and more that other vacuums miss. Retail: $199.80.



rowenta iron

The leading manufacturer in high-performance home appliances including steam irons, steam stations and garment steamers has introduced the first eco-friendly iron to North America, providing users with 25% energy savings. The Eco-Intelligence Iron has new and patented Microsteam400 3De soleplate at the crux of the energy-efficient design – concentrating steam on the fabric, reducing loss of steam and saving on water usage. The unique new Eco Steam system is designed to help ensure optimal steam output to save energy and still provide the performance that Rowenta’s users demand of their products. Retail: $150


The following products are from Coyuchi:

Beneath The Trees Bedding Collection


Combining cool grays, crisp whites and warm beams of yellow, the Beneath The Trees Collection celebrates the moment when the sun hits the mountain ridge, refracting through the peaks and cascading warm, prismatic light throughout the trees. Matelasse diamonds, pintucks and pointelle weaves create texture that turns light and shadow into pattern. Appliquéd pillows play with scale, turning organic, crystalline forms intobold geometric patterns. The cotton is 100% organic, and sourced and woven in India. The linen is made in India from flax grown in France and Belgium. The natural wool is made in India.


Jersey Bedding Sets

jersey sets

A good night’s sleep is crucial for hard-working students, and this bedding—made from T-shirt-soft organic cotton knit—is the best way to ensure sweet dreams. The set includes a fitted sheet, two pillowcases and duvet cover, for easy bed-making and minimal laundry. The duvet cover closes with coconut shell buttons. The fitted sheet has a deep 15″ pocket and full elastic around the bottom. The pillowcases have an envelope closure. Sized for a dorm room bed, all three pieces come in a matching drawstring bag. The cotton is 100% organic and sourced and woven in India.


shower curtain

Rustic Linen Shower Curtain

Yarn-dyed stripes infuse weighty natural linen with warm color. The shower curtain may be used with a liner or without. Just squeeze the water out of the lower edge after use and let it dry. The curtain hangs from rustproof metal grommets. The linen is made in India from flax grown in France and Belgium.


Unisex Seersucker With Terry Robe

terry robe

This seersucker robe has been updated with a slim fit and a luxe lining of fine white cotton terry. Both the terry and the puckered seersucker are made from organic cotton, so they start out soft and only get better with laundering. The robe falls well below the knee and closes with an inside tie and a reversible self-belt. Styled for men or women, the robe has two side-seam pockets and double belt-loops. The cotton is 100% organic and sourced and woven in India.

8 Green Home Cleaning Tips

8 Ways To Go Green While Cleaning Your Home

Parents today have a lot on their minds to worry about. Paying the bills, putting food on the table, saving for their children’s college education and making sure everyone is happy and healthy are just a few. Many parents spend several hours every week cleaning the home, and some even go to the length of hiring someone else to come in and clean.

Keeping the house tidy is considered a parenting duty of the highest order in many homes, on par with keeping children healthy. But what about when cleaning the home uses toxic chemicals and other potentially hazardous materials? Or what about when cleaning the house just becomes wasteful, another way to add to the piles already sitting in landfills? There is good news for parents concerned with these issues. There are many ways to be green while cleaning your home.

8 Green Home Cleaning Tips


If you cut down how much stuff your family uses, you will have less clutter in your home and fewer messes to clean up. So make it a point to be less wasteful by buying less of what you don’t really need. If you find yourself throwing away rotten vegetables, for example, buy less at the store.


A lot of what we throw away can actually be reused. If you reuse half of what you can, you will be making a big difference. Instead of throwing something away, ask yourself what it can be used for. For example, does that cardboard box need to be tossed? Or can you save it to pack up other things?


So maybe you don’t have another use for that cardboard box, and you don’t want to keep it around and wait for one to appear. That’s okay; just be sure that instead of throwing it away with the rest of your trash, you are recycling it. Sort out your recyclables from your trash, whether or not it’s the law.

Use fewer store-bought cleaning products

It can seem like Windex is the solution to all of your cleaning problems, but most of our favorite cleaners are loaded with toxic chemicals.

What can you use instead? Glad you asked. Try using a mix of water and vinegar on windows. It is good for the environment and keeps those toxic chemicals out of your home. Learn more about non-toxic cleaners.

Make a large donation

The more stuff you have, the more stuff you need to clean. Use the opportunity of greening your home to purge your belongings and those of your family. Donate anything that can be reused, including clothing and old furniture. Instead of letting these things sit unused in your closets and basement, you can put them to a charitable use. If for no other reason, the donation will be a tax write-off!

Teach your children to be green, too

Kids are responsible for 85 percent of the messes in their homes. They spill things; they spread things; they color where they aren’t supposed to. When you are cleaning up these messes, explain the measures you are taking to be green to your children.

Stop using throwaway cleaners

Do you use paper towels to clean up spills and other messes? Switch to reusable rags or dishtowels. You can wash them and use them over and over again. This will save you money and save those paper towels from landing in a trash heap.

Get plants

Plants make for great home décor, but they also clean the air because they naturally remove carbon dioxide from the air and replace it with oxygen. This is good for everyone!