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‘Scarface’ movie mansion sells at a $7.7M loss

If you think the luxury home market in Arizona is struggling a bit, say hello to this little loss. The opulent mansion that was the fictional home of Al Pacino’s character, Tony Montana, in the 1983 film “Scarface” has sold after 17 months on the market and a price drop of almost $23 million. Although… Read More →

Groupon becomes latest company to locate at SkySong

Groupon announced that it plans to open a new sales office at SkySong, the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center, to support its growing ecommerce marketplace. Groupon, along with up to 150 employees, plan to move in later this summer and will occupy 16,000 square feet of office space in SkySong 1. The company has been operating out of a temporary office… Read More →

IO Attracts Top Tech Talent

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IO, the leading provider of next-generation modular data center technology and services, today announced Alan McIntosh, former chief information officer at Groupon has been appointed senior vice president of global technology delivery and Apple marketing veteran Anne Wolf has been appointed senior vice president of global marketing and communications. Additionally, Bob Butler has been promoted… Read More →

Are You A Shopaholic? The Severe Reality Of Oniomania

online shopping, oniomania
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Some may laugh at the thought of having a “shopping addiction.” Some may make light of people maxing out their credit cards on the latest brands and foregoing real life for material obsessions. However, the reality of the situation is: a shopping addiction can result in an illness known as oniomania. “Our society deems material… Read More →

Social Media Day Sharpens Effective Online Skills

social media day
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Social Media Day Sharpens Effective Online Skills As the Internet makes its way to the forefront of our lives, it’s important for businesses to keep pace and more importantly to keep up. An effective online presence has been proven to be the marketing magic potion that helps businesses stay up to speed; hence the birth… Read More →

Eat, Drink and Be Social: Dining Apps

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Dining out? Check your phone first (if you aren’t doing that already); here are some dining apps for you to consider. With today’s plugged-in landscape and social media savvy society, websites, blogs and smartphone applications are quickly becoming the go-to source for daily tasks like hunting down recipes, shopping for restaurant deals and connecting with… Read More →

Using Groupons To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle, Find The Perfect Fit

Healthy Lifestyle

For those wanting to keep their New Year’s resolution of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, consider making a permanent change in your life. Sample various gyms, workouts, etc. that fits your lifestyle; one that you look forward to — instead of one that you dread. Do you love your couch? Mine is amazing and anywhere you… Read More →

Amazon And Twitter Are Resources For Savvy Shoppers This Weekend

Use Amazon to help you shop this holiday season
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There are many Web resources for the frugal shopper, like Groupon, LivingSocial, SocialBuy and BuyWithMe, but there are still ways to save on the Web without printing a coupon. Amazon Amazon’s daily Gold Box deals were intensified this week with the addition of Black Friday Week Lightning Deals. Everything from atlases to car seats were… Read More →

Bargains Fuel Groupon’s Success With Business Owners And Consumers

Groupon success with business owners and consumers
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Since its launch in Nov. 2008, has grown to become a phenomenon – both in the business world and among people searching for a steal. uses the power of a group to get products and services at a 50- to 90-percent discount for its users. The discounts can be on anything from salon… Read More →