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Groupon becomes latest company to locate at SkySong

Groupon announced that it plans to open a new sales office at SkySong, the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center, to support its growing ecommerce marketplace. Groupon, along with up to 150 employees, plan to move in later this summer and will occupy 16,000 square feet of office space in SkySong 1. The company has been operating out of a temporary office at 2575 E. Camelback Rd. in Phoenix since February.

Launched in 2008, Groupon offers shoppers a vast marketplace of unbeatable deals all over the world. Shoppers discover the best a city has to offer on the web or on mobile with Groupon Local, enjoy vacations with Groupon Getaways, and find a curated selection of electronics, fashion, home furnishings and more with Groupon Goods.

“Phoenix is a thriving market for us, and we couldn’t think of a better place to expand our world-class sales team given the deep talent pool and enormous popularity of Groupon in the area,” said Darren Schwartz, senior vice president of sales, North America. “As we continue to actively invest in and grow our marketplace, our Phoenix sales center will play an important role in helping us bring thousands of exciting new deals to Groupon customers.”

The Groupon addition adds to the flurry of activity taking place at SkySong, which is nearing full occupancy in its three completed office buildings and is currently home to about 1,500 employees.

Gov. Doug Ducey said of the move: “Groupon is a hugely successful company, with a reach that extends around the globe. We are thrilled that they have decided to come to Arizona—it’s a testimony to our talented workforce, to the welcoming business environment we strive to create. It’s appropriate that Groupon will be located at SkySong. That’s where some of the best innovation in Arizona is occurring.”

“We are very pleased that Groupon, one of the world’s most recognized online merchants, will now join the roster of amazing innovators at SkySong,” said Sharon Harper, President & CEO of Plaza Companies, the master developer of the project. “This is a tremendous development for SkySong because of this company’s reach and household name. It continues a positive drumbeat for SkySong over the past few years and bodes well for the project’s ongoing success.”

Andrew Cheney and Craig Coppola of Lee & Associates represented SkySong’s collective ownership in the lease transaction. Tom Adelson of CBRE represented Groupon in the transaction.


IO Attracts Top Tech Talent

IO, the leading provider of next-generation modular data center technology and services, today announced Alan McIntosh, former chief information officer at Groupon has been appointed senior vice president of global technology delivery and Apple marketing veteran Anne Wolf has been appointed senior vice president of global marketing and communications. Additionally, Bob Butler has been promoted to chief security officer (CSO) in charge of global information security and privacy.

These executive appointments follow a blockbuster quarter for IO with the Goldman Sachs adoption of IO Data Center 2.0 technology, the award of the Underwriter’s Laboratories first ever certification for a modular data center product, and a $90 million funding round. IO’s solutions enable organizations to shift from real estate-based data center infrastructure to efficient, sustainable, and software-optimized IO.Anywhere modules. These highly experienced additions to the management team will better enable IO to manage the rapid growth at IO due to the accelerating adoption of Data Center 2.0 by global enterprises, governments and service providers.

McIntosh will help drive this growth and apply his deep knowledge in cloud infrastructure to IO’s global technology delivery strategy and implementation. He has a proven track record in designing and operating web scale global Internet infrastructure at Groupon, CBS Interactive, CNET Networks and Oracle. McIntosh brings both the operations and technical experience that is essential for successfully managing the day-to-day operations at a company that is moving as quickly as IO.

Wolf brings more than two decades of Fortune 500 technology industry experience that includes a ten-year product and solution marketing tenure with Apple. She most recently held the position of Chief Marketing Officer for 41st Parameter, a leading fraud detection solution provider for the world’s top financial institutions and e-commerce companies. At IO, Wolf will drive the global brand, strategic product marketing, corporate communications and Data Center 2.0 market education.

Formerly Vice President of Government Strategies at IO, Butler has been promoted to Chief Security Officer at IO, where he will oversee internal information security, privacy and cyber security readiness for our products and among our global customer base. Butler has over 32 years of multinational experience spanning Defense, Intelligence, National Security and Information Technology positions. Prior to IO, Butler served two years as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Cyber Policy, where he was responsible to the Secretary of Defense and senior Defense leaders for recommending and implementing policy strategies to improve the Defense Department’s cyber position.

“At IO you are the average of your team,” says George D. Slessman, CEO of IO. “As we approach the tipping point for Data Center 2.0 globally, IO is succeeding by attracting, developing and nurturing world class talent like Alan, Anne and Bob. “


online shopping, oniomania

Are You A Shopaholic? The Severe Reality Of Oniomania

Some may laugh at the thought of having a “shopping addiction.” Some may make light of people maxing out their credit cards on the latest brands and foregoing real life for material obsessions. However, the reality of the situation is: a shopping addiction can result in an illness known as oniomania.

“Our society deems material goods as important,” says Valley psychiatrist Michael Yasinski. “People believe that the more they buy, the happier they will be.”

And, with so many different outlets for shopping, including online shopping sites like Groupon that offer special deals, it’s difficult to avoid.

“There’s no shortage of easy ways to obtain options,” Yasinski says. “People can lose relationships, become isolated and lose emotional connection.”

Yasinski adds that the addiction can stem from problems in one’s past. He says often sees patients that have had emotional problems in their childhood or have experienced neglect.

“Eighty percent of the time, it goes back to early life,” Yasinski says. “The first step is making sure there are no underlying, treatable illnesses like bipolar disease or depression.”

One visible sign of oniomania is a financially unstable family. The family is usually called in and analyzed to decide whether the patient has the disease.

“Patients will get to a point where it’s taking a toll on their family,” Yasinski says. “They can’t concentrate at work or take their kids to soccer practice.”

The biggest deciding factor in determining whether on has onomania is impairment of functionality.

“If people are in debt, ruining relationships or staying up all hours of the night shopping online, it is a functional issue,” Yasinski says.

People may think that this is something that can simply be stopped by not going into stores and staying away from websites,” says former shopaholic Nikki Patrie. “However, it’s a lot more complicated than that. It was like Christmas when the packages came.

Patrie maxed out an $8,000 credit card in one week buying mostly shoes, jewelry and designer clothing. She admits that she just couldn’t help herself. Now $20,000 in debt, Patrie is seeing a therapist to turn her life around.

“Consequences of shopaholic addiction are often worse than those of drugs or alcohol,” Yasinski says.

The first step in stopping is to realize that there is a problem and personally want to fix it.

“People should know that there are several treatment options for the addiction and that it is easy to get help if they truly desire it,” Yasinski says.

For more information about oniomania and/or Yasinski, visit yasinskipsychiatry.com.

social media day

Social Media Day Sharpens Effective Online Skills

Social Media Day Sharpens Effective Online Skills

As the Internet makes its way to the forefront of our lives, it’s important for businesses to keep pace and more importantly to keep up.

An effective online presence has been proven to be the marketing magic potion that helps businesses stay up to speed; hence the birth of Social Media Day.

Recently business owners, and advice seekers alike filled the Phoenix Ritz-Carlton with hopes of being enlightened on topics ranging from getting the most out of websites to landing a dream job in social media.

Marketing experts were present to cover every angle of social media. As the world gears up for a social media takeover, this may be just what the Valley business community needed.

How exactly are business-marketing strategies put into play online? Event experts all agreed that a website is the easiest and most important step to a business’ online presence.

Helix House co-owner Michael Donato went a step further to say the website should be what people want.

“Remember that your competition is just a click away,” Donato says. A hard-to-navigate site, he adds, doesn’t do your business justice in any way.

“Meet the expectations that people have,” Donato says. “That means better search engine optimization and visible contact information.

Donato says he believes that contact information is key to the credibility of a business website. If it’s hard to find, the consumer may be turned off.

Not only should you promote your business online, you should promote yourself. Paige Dell’Armi, Starbucks social media manager, says she believes that this can land you your dream job. A native of Arizona, Dell’Armi never imagined she would be working for the Starbucks headquarters in Seattle.

“I chased my dreams,” Dell’Armi says. “I had passion and I showed that to employers.”

Just as businesses raise awareness for themselves on the Internet, people can attract attention as well.

“It’s important to be wise in what you do online because employers are watching you,” Dell’Armi says. “You promote or demote yourself through your online actions.”

According to Dell’Armi, this promotion must be intertwined with passion, patience and perseverance.

“If you’re passionate, it shows,” Dell’Armi says. “You have to show that you really want the position because there are hundreds of other people applying for it.”

Passion is important, but Dell’Armi says she believes it’s nothing without a little patience and a lot of perseverance.

“I had 13 interviews with Starbucks before I got the job,” Dell’Armi recalls. “It took a long time but it was worth it.”

Through successfully promoting yourself online and the three P’s – passion, patience and perseverance – Dell’Armi says she believes you can score the job of your dreams.

An important aspect of fulfilling your business dreams is successfully utilizing deal sites such as Groupon and Deal Chicken. While a website is good, it may not be enough.

“Deal sites aren’t to be feared,” says Andi Barness, Doozy of a Deal owner. “They can be beneficial to you.”

According to Barness, deal sites can be just what a business needs to get people through their doors and spread the word.

“When you create a special for your business and it’s featured on a deal site, it spreads the word,” Barness says. “It’s a great marketing tool and it can create long-lasting customers.”

In return for Doozy of a Deal featuring various specials on its website, companies give it half the profit of the special.

“Some people think it’s lame and wonder why they should have to lose that money,” Barness says. “What they don’t understand is that they are investing in their business.”

For more information on Social Media Day, visit mashable.com/smday.


Eat, Drink and Be Social: Dining Apps

Dining out? Check your phone first (if you aren’t doing that already); here are some dining apps for you to consider.

With today’s plugged-in landscape and social media savvy society, websites, blogs and smartphone applications are quickly becoming the go-to source for daily tasks like hunting down recipes, shopping for restaurant deals and connecting with friends. From check-ins to secret menus and Twitter notifications about the next happy hour, social media is the inroad to “what’s good” at bars and restaurants.

At Sapporo, social media has allowed us to give diners a backstage pass to our food and how we make it as well as provide a tailored personal experience. Hungry for a certain dish? Don’t worry; Sapporo has you covered. By liking Sapporo on Facebook, users can ask questions and checkout the new and most popular menu items and what people are saying. Through Twitter, users can follow and find out about upcoming events and exclusive promotions.

Whether you’re looking for a fine-tuned menu, a trendy, foodie destination (like Sapporo) or just wanting a burger, below are some social media app suggestions that will have you eating, drinking and being social in no time.

Digital dining promotions

Remember the days of cutting coupons? Cut no more; with today’s social media landscape, getting the best deals on restaurants is literally at the click of a button. With daily deal sites like Groupon, Living Social and Doozy of a Deal, diners can pre-purchase coupons and print them off to use them at their leisure. But that’s not all, more and more restaurants are utilizing their own social networking pages like Foursquare and Facebook to offer exclusive deals and promotions to help drive traffic through the door and create customer loyalty.

There are dining apps for that

For those who may be hungry but too lazy to make a reservation or order food, there’s an app for that. Today’s social landscape makes it easy for diners to get rid of their hunger pains by the push of a button. At Sapporo, an app called Open Table allows diners to make reservations through Facebook. Other restaurants have also created their own mobile applications that allow customers to place food orders from the convenience of their smartphones and even pay for their purchases.

Table tweets

Dining with social media isn’t just about getting the best deals; many restaurant guests enjoy the connection social media allows them to have with the restaurant and its chef. Through Twitter, many restaurants, chefs or owners will actively engage in conversation with the customer base by posting events, recipes, up-to-date menus and photos. Some even take customer interaction one step further by coming out to greet those patrons tweeting from their table.

Mind your mobile manners

“No phone at the dinner table” is a phrase everyone has heard at one time or another. Since mobile technology has improved and diners are more social media savvy, it has become socially acceptable to multitask during meals. Today’s guests are eager to check-in, snap photos or tweet about where they are and what they’re doing. Not sure what to order? Foodspotting and Forkly, apps that can be downloaded to a mobile device, allows diners to snap photos and share dishes so customers make better-informed purchasing decisions.

Dine and dish

After a dining experience, there is nothing more guests like to do than dish about what they ate and how amazing, or not amazing, it was. Several social networking sites have created a space where patrons can share their tips, reviews and rate restaurants. Urbanspoon is an app that allows customers to view ratings for the specific type of food or restaurant they are looking for. Yelp is another app that allows users to search for the restaurants closest to them and read reviews before choosing a specific restaurant.

In the past, dining out may have involved navigating an unfamiliar neighborhood aimlessly searching for a restaurant, unsure of what to expect on the menu ― but not anymore. Look no further than your smartphone, where restaurants like Sapporo are engaging in the social space and guests can stay in the loop and experience a new type of dining experience.

For more information, menus, hours and location of Sapporo, visit SapporoScottsdale.com  or call (480) 607-1114.

Healthy Lifestyle

Using Groupons To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle, Find The Perfect Fit

For those wanting to keep their New Year’s resolution of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, consider making a permanent change in your life. Sample various gyms, workouts, etc. that fits your lifestyle; one that you look forward to — instead of one that you dread.

Do you love your couch? Mine is amazing and anywhere you sit on it is the best spot to be. The thing is a death trap. It sucks you in and slowly bleeds your energy and enthusiasm till you lose all motivation to accomplish anything.

I’m being dramatic. The point is we all have a “couch” that inhibits our desires to accomplish more for ourselves. You’re busy, and good for you for being normal and having a life with more important things to focus your energy. However, if improving your overall health is of any value, then I challenge you. Somewhere I guarantee there is a person twice as busy as you, and he or she is making time to go for a run.

We know you want it, so let’s turn desire into action and keep the momentum pushing you forward. Simultaneously, we’ll mitigate the “couches” that can derail your progress. There are no shortcuts, no miracle pills, and no perfect foods or exercises. Lasting change takes time, discipline, and dedication. That is what you are truly pushing for – permanent change.

The First Steps

Specifically detail why you want this. Maybe you’re trying to prevent health problems or be a positive example for your family. Whatever you decide make it selfish and personal. Powerful reasons are hard to ignore. Try appealing to your competitive side. Reward yourself for reaching benchmarks or, even better, get a workout buddy or group to compete with and reward each other. Now it’s time to find the tools to accomplish your goals.

We are creatures of habit and tend to focus on routine and results and forget to HAVE FUN!

Finding the Perfect Fit

There are too many fitness options available to be certain which ones are perfect for you without trying them all. Barring any physical limitations, it’s more about finding a mental and emotional fit. Love what you’re doing, and don’t be fooled into thinking you need to immediately commit to any one program to see results; there’s time to make that happen.

Realize that you are remaining active and opening up the possibilities for a better life. As the weeks pass you will discover something you love and will stick with it and you will have certainty in knowing that you’ve already tasted the alternatives. But remember, no gym is supposed to make you instantly feel good about yourself while you’re there. If that was the case they’d serve you shots. You look forward to what you’re about to attempt and then feel great about what you’ve accomplished. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

Take Advantage of Deals

If you could test drive a different luxury car every week and just had to pay for your own gas – would you do it? This time of year is a buyer’s market in the fitness industry. Gyms can obtain a 30 percent increase in new memberships during January and February. This means lots of options and big discounts. You’ve probably seen more than a dozen promotional offers within the last few weeks through various advertisements. Search through Groupon and LivingSocial. Try as many of them as you can and HAVE FUN!

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Eventually you will settle back to being habitual, but you will have achieved change that is now a part of your life. Appreciate this moment and look forward to your goals on a weekly basis. Stop trying to focus on the rest of the year. You don’t stare at the top of the mountain while you’re hiking up the trail. Once it becomes habitual you will make it a part of your routine. You’ll schedule time for it, add it to your calendar, set reminders, make plans around it, and share it with people you know, sending them meeting requests. Before you know it you won’t let the “couch” work its way into your agenda because you’ll feel guilty if you miss a session. Congratulate yourself and admire how far you’ve traveled. And don’t forget to pay an occasional visit to your couch.

Which Groupons or LivingSocial deals have you tried and are implementing into your life? Which deals are the best in the Valley? Let us know!

For more information about how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle, visit thebodylabaz.com.


Use Amazon to help you shop this holiday season

Amazon And Twitter Are Resources For Savvy Shoppers This Weekend

There are many Web resources for the frugal shopper, like Groupon, LivingSocial, SocialBuy and BuyWithMe, but there are still ways to save on the Web without printing a coupon.


Amazon’s daily Gold Box deals were intensified this week with the addition of Black Friday Week Lightning Deals. Everything from atlases to car seats were available at an immensely discounted price for a short period of time and in limited quantities.

Black Friday deals at Amazon include ridiculously cheap DVDs, diamond earrings and even a Martha Stewart electronic cake cutting system – as if you didn’t already have one of those.

After Thanksgiving’s shop-till-you-drop marathon, Amazon’s Gold Box deals are available every day. You can sign up to receive daily e-mails or texts about the Gold Box deal, or you can follow the deal on Twitter.


Twitter is another resource for shoppers this weekend.

If you’re a little behind the game and are still looking for Black Friday deals, try searching #blackfriday. No doubt people will be tweeting about their finds and stores will probably still be tweeting about their promotions.

Search #cybermonday and you’ll find people tweeting about deals. Check out the following Twitter pages for links to some great Cyber Monday deals.

If you still want to save after the holiday weekend, Twitter can still be a great resource.

For example, @RetailMeNot shares coupons for more than 65,000 retailers worldwide. You can also visit the Web site if you’re looking for a specific coupon.

Willing to search through thousands of tweets to find a deal? CheapTweet.com is the right place for you. The site indexes the deals on Twitter and allows you to search for deals by category and store.

If you’d like to learn more about how to use Groupon, read AZNow.Biz’s Groupon article.

Groupon success with business owners and consumers

Bargains Fuel Groupon’s Success With Business Owners And Consumers

Since its launch in Nov. 2008, Groupon.com has grown to become a phenomenon – both in the business world and among people searching for a steal.

Groupon.com uses the power of a group to get products and services at a 50- to 90-percent discount for its users. The discounts can be on anything from salon and photography services to deals at restaurants.

In order to be valid, the Groupon discount must reach a tipping point. The tipping point is the amount of people that must buy the Groupon in order for the retailer to make the discount valid. The tipping point is different for each discount.

Groupon offers Phoenix deals, and a separate venue for Scottsdale deals is on its way.

Groupon expanded rapidly. In less than two years the company has gone from seven employees at their headquarters in Chicago to 2,600 employees worldwide. Although Groupon has grown steadily since its inception, the company hit its stride in 2010, says Julie Mossler, Groupon spokesperson. In August, Forbes Magazine named Groupon the fastest growing company ever, Mossler says.

Harnessing Groupon’s power for your business is easy, Mossler says. The company started GrouponWork.com to help businesses learn how to work with Groupon. The site provides case studies on Groupon’s success and tips on how to successfully structure deals.

Dolce Salon & Spa is one Phoenix-area business that has taken advantage of the new marketing potential behind Groupon’s deals.

Dolce has offered two deals through Groupon.com and has seen a big return from it, says Dynelle Rodriguez, spokesperson for Dolce Salon & Spa.

Rodriguez said Groupon called them and suggested they strike a deal. The opportunity to market the salon and spa in a unique way intrigued her, she said.

Each day Dolce has a customer using a Groupon discount, Rodriguez says. Although the result has been greater than the company expected, Dolce isn’t looking to do another Groupon discount in the near future because of the long expiration dates on the company’s Groupons, she says. However, Rodriguez says she recommends Groupon to all businesses she deals with.

If you want to use Groupon for personal use, Mossler offers a few tips.

1. Let the excitement die down and wait a week before using the Groupon.
2. Tip on the full amount of the Groupon to thank the business for offering such a great discount.
3. If there are any problems, even if the merchant is the problem, give Groupon a call.
4. Connect with Groupon’s individual cities on Facebook or Twitter. Example: @GrouponPhoenix and facebook.com/grouponphoenix

In the future, Groupon is hoping to customize its bargain offerings even more than the gender- and location-specific deals the company currently offers.

If you think Groupon is going to save you tons of money, meet Josh Stevens, the Groupawn. He is living solely off of Groupon’s coupons for one year – and he applied for this job. He has to barter to pay for tax and tip and he must rely on strangers for transportation and lodging.

If Stevens is successful he will receive $100,000 at the end of his year. Stevens is about halfway through his journey and has yet to visit Arizona.

Mossler says Stevens’ plan was to venture West when freezing temperatures set in back East.

Keep your fingers crossed that Stevens sticks to his plan and hopefully we’ll see the Groupawn in Phoenix soon. It appears as if it’s getting cold in those northeastern states.

www.liveoffgroupon.com | www.facebook.com/liveoffgroupon | @groupawned