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5 Things to Do This Week: Oct. 30 to Nov. 5

From costume contests to haunted houses, this week is the final chance to celebrate this spooky, sweet holiday — here are some must-try/see events for this week and weekend. Don’t forget to share with us your photos of you enjoying these events with the hashtag #SL5 and follow us @scottsdaleliving on Instagram!

October 30 —Costume Contest at Talking Stick Resort

The Talking Stick Resort (9800 E. Indian Bend Rd.) is hosting its 14th annual Halloween Costume Contest. The pre-halloween bash will start at 6 p.m. and be open to registered members of Players Rewards club who are 21 years old or older. The first 150 people to enter the costume contest will be eligible to win prizes in three categories, most original, creative and scary. For each category, the first-place winner will receive $1,000 plus memorabilia, the second will get $300, and third-place winner gets $200! Whoever is lucky enough to win Best in Show will be given $3,500 and memorabilia!

October 31 — Get Spooked for Halloween

For some people, going to a haunted house is a Halloween activity that can’t be missed. There are numerous haunted houses in the Phoenix area. If someone doesn’t have a go-to house, here are three recommendations.

Crypt & Asylum Haunted House is located just off of the US 60 and Alma School Road in the Fiesta Mall parking lot. It will cost between $5 and $35 depending on what activities you want to do.

The Dark Scares Haunted Attractions admission price is $20 for adults and $15 for guests 14 years old and younger. This spooky attraction is located at 1900 E. University Drive in Mesa.

Scream Park is at 8823 E. McDowell Rd. in Scottsdale. Scream Park and Haunted House will cost more than the others, tickets start at $29 and go up to $75.

If you have younger kids or simply don’t like to be scared, the Pumpkin and Chili party is open until 4 p.m. on Halloween. The $17 admission fee gives customers access to a myriad of activities including hay rides, corn mazes, a petting zoo, miniature golf and other attractions. For an additional fee people can have access to even more fun!

Nov. 1— Pastry Baking Class at Sur La Table

Baking French pastries and having them turn out like you want often seems like an impossible feat. Sur La Table is offering a croissant workshop that will make sure you can bake the perfect croissant in a three-hour class. Chef Ethan Pinkwasser will teach the students techniques and fundamental skills that will allow them to become a better cook. The class is $48.96 and will take place from 12 to 3 p.m. at the store’s Scottsdale Fashion Square location. You must be at least 18 years old to sign up. Sure La Table is located at 7014 E. Camelback Rd. in Scottsdale.

Nov. 2 – DIY Ornament Workshop

Halloween is over, but getting spirited for the holiday seasons is just getting started! Phoenix Center for the Arts is hosting a workshop about how to create ornaments by fusing glass. People will leave the class with a new skill and multiple ornaments they can put on their christmas tree or gift to friends. This fun fusing class will cost $49 and will be taught at the Phoenix Center for the Arts, located at 1202 N. 3rd St.

Nov. 2 – Take a Bite Out of Fall

For a lot of people, the holiday season means attending more parties and enjoy cocktails they haven’t tasted before. Elements at the Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain will be offering an interactive class for $30 on November 2. Mixology 101 give a group of 10 people the chance to learn how to make (and drink!) three to four cocktails. Elements at the Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain is located at 5700 E. McDonald Drive. 

Holidays in the Workplace

Applying, Celebrating Holidays In The Workplace

As we move out of hibernation and into the months of spring, we notice beautiful pops of color in the trees, warmer and longer days, bounty from the garden and the start of an endless amount of holidays to celebrate. There is everything from the first day of spring to Easter, the Fourth of July, Halloween and Thanksgiving left to celebrate this year.

Here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, the Punctual Plumber, we love holidays and holiday traditions; we’ve even created a few traditions of our own, which have provided several amazing memories for our team and customers. I want to share with you why we celebrate them both national and quirky holidays related to our industry and how you can apply said holidays in your own workplace.

After you choose which holidays fit best within the mission and goals of your company, it’s time to decide not only what your celebrations will include but also who will be included. Activities will vary depending on your target audience, location, time of year, weather, etc. Once the variables are in control, you still have important decisions to make: Are you trying to boost work atmosphere? Increase community involvement? Attract company publicity?

Some of our favorite holidays to celebrate are the sweet ones. Although there is a day set aside to celebrate almost every baked good, we like to celebrate them all at once on National Dessert Day (October 14).  You can also use sweet treats as the theme for other holidays. Last year for National Toilet Day, we had handcrafted, custom cupcakes made. Each chocolate cupcake was topped with a handcrafted, edible porcelain toilet. We then dressed up in a Benjamin Franklin costume and delivered said cupcakes to our work personnel and local news outlets. Almost everyone can appreciate dessert-themed holidays, so find something worth celebrating, relevant to your line of work and have fun with it.

Create interactive events for well-known holidays, like pumpkin carving contests for Halloween or gingerbread house building competitions in the winter. You can put your own twist on these general ideas to represent your company or professional industry. For example, incorporating plumbing supplies in the house building kits or carved pumpkin design.

Remember to celebrate worker appreciation days. It’s easy to get caught up in job responsibilities, making sure you meet end of the month quotas and the bottom line. Make sure you take the time to thank your staff that makes things run smoothly, and thank your customers for being supportive of your business no matter what industry you’re in.

You can celebrate during the national holidays for customers and work personnel or simply choose to recognize individual employee’s birthdays. Taking the time to say thank you and show your appreciation is sure to strengthen and boost office moral.

Don’t be afraid to work outside of the norm. Put a fun spin on things by making a video and posting it to your social networks; highlight a different employee each month. This simple act not only helps us recognize our employees on a job well done but also helps us connect to the community.

Whatever your industry, however big or small your company is, there is a holiday out there just for you. It’s waiting to be celebrated. No matter what holidays fit best for you and your team, have fun and be creative.

Top Google Logos 2004

Top Google Logos 2004

Google’s 2004 Year In Review

Google has had an excellent year. At the beginning of the year, Bill Gates famously said, “They kicked our butts” about Google’s domination of and enormous profits on search, but promised a MSN Search engine within a year. Google began the process of going public. Yahoo freaked out and announced its new search engine and plan to dump Google as its results provider the next day. Google released Orkut, which everyone was convinced was the next big thing is social interaction.people to the world’s information and enhance the overall user experience of the web.”

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My Top five Doodles from 2004:

Gaston Julia’s Birthday

Google Doodles 2004 - Gaston Julia's Birthday

February 3rd 2004

Wikipedia.com: Gaston Julia

St. George’s Day

Google Doodle 2004 - St. George's Day

April 23rd 2004

Festivals & Celebrations: St George’s Day

Happy Father’s Day

Google Doodles - 2004 Happy Father's Day

June 20th 2004

wikipedia.com: Father’s Day


2004 Athens Olympic Games – Opening Ceremony

Google Doodles - 2004 Athens Olympic Games - Opening Ceremony

August 13th 2004

YouTube.com: Athens 2004 Olympic Opening Ceremony Greek National Anthem

Happy Halloween

Google Doodles - Happy Halloween 2004

October 31st 2004

HalloweenHowl.com: The Halloween Witch and Witchcraft History

Google Logos 1998 – 07/June/MMVIII Over 530 Images

The last image donwloaded was the dedicated to Velazquez, a Spanish Painter, on June 07, MMVIII

by oscheissen



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Zombie Walks

Zombie Walks: Scaring You For Charity

Have you ever heard of a Zombie Walk? I hadn’t, that is until this past week.

A Zombie Walk can be organized by anyone; it can be a city-sponsored event, or put on by a group of friends looking for a fun time. Zombie Walks occur all over the world, but they mostly occur in the United States. The best part about these walks? They all benefit their city’s local food bank. To participate, you are required to donate a non-perishable food item.

Always appropriately scheduled around Halloween, Zombie Walks seem to be very popular near college campuses. In Arizona this year there are at least six planned Zombie Walks including Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Tucson with other, smaller ones, occurring in Tempe, Prescott, and Chandler.

On a Zombie Walk, people get dressed up to look like a zombie, and roam the streets (usually following a pre-planned route, but not always). The “zombies” don’t speak like humans would, instead they grunt and groan, and once in a while moan for a human brain to devour.

Another great aspect of these walks is that no two are the same. In Phoenix, the City Ambassadors and Arizona Ghostbusters planned this year’s event, and it has turned into a Zombie Fest! Along with the walk you can carve and decorate a pumpkin, take a candle-lit tour of Rosson House or participate in a cakewalk. You can also watch silent horror films and listen to live music. These are just a few of the events you can take part in, along with the walk!

In Tucson this year, there was a walk, a horror film fest, and a concert; in Flagstaff, they are having a Zombie Ball after the walk (complete with a DJ of course!) In Tempe, they are really going to work the college atmosphere while parading down Mill Ave dressed in their zombie gear.

No matter where you are this Halloween week, there should be a Zombie Walk near you, if not, create one yourself. Go out, have fun, and get your zombie on!

For more information on the various Zombie Walks: