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Courtesy of MMPR

Thirsty Thursday: Bobby Q’s Jalarita

When it’s time to kick the heat without sacrificing your Arizona love for spice, throw back the Jalarita mixed up by the barbecue pros at Bobby Q. The jalapeno cocktail, new to the menu, is served on the rocks, costs $10 at the restaurant and is also available with mango, raspberry, peach and strawberry twists.

What you need to make it at home:
1.25 oz Jose Cuervo
1/2 oz agave
3 oz sweet and sour
1 sliced jalapeño and cilantro to taste

Micah Olson, Courtesy of Crudo

Thirsty Thursday: Micah Olson of Bar Crudo and Okra

Micah Olson is set out to do bartending right.

Just by seeing him in action, behind the bar, it’s clear Olson loves what he does. He’s part-owner of Crudo and runs the bar program, for which his enthusiasm is more than evident. He greets customers he knows by name and shakes the hands of those he doesn’t.

Olson appreciates the independence the bar allows him, whether it’s experimenting with new flavors and mixtures or taking care of his own guests.

A bookcase sits off to the side of the bar, one shelf full of books on the specifics of bartending: drinks, taste, flavor.

Olson started as a line cook, eventually moving to the front of the house. As a server, he became interested in wine and after two years of learning about wine, got his Introductory Sommelier Certification from The Court of Master Sommeliers. He’s worked at Phoenix staples such as the Royal Palms Resort and the Sanctuary on Camelback, where he was the wine buyer.

It was at the Sanctuary that his mixology career began. Olson got the chance to take a mixology class, learning about the use of fresh juices, making in-house syrups and going back to basics with classic cocktails. He was offered the bar after that, finally allowed the freedom to come up with his own menu.

“A wannabe cook” is what he calls himself, which explains some of the books on the bookshelf: he has both The Flavor Bible and The Flavor Thesaurus, which he consults often but is familiar enough to know what goes well with what.

The bar computers have a button for Micah: “Dealer’s Choice,” the one Olson uses when he makes up a drink, after doing a bit of question and answer with the patron. Whether it’s regulars who’ve had everything on the menu and want to try something new or indecisive newbies, Olson’s personal touch gets thrown in, when he makes a drink just for them.

This improvisation isn’t a new skill for him. During Arizona Cocktail Week in 2014, Olson won the high-energy competition Last Slinger Standing.  It’s “March Madness bracket formula meets Iron Chef”, and with single elimination, it’s a tense few hours. With a creation he can’t even remember, Olson won last year and served as a coach during this year’s competition in February.

His menu at Bar Crudo is unique, but he’s not striving to be different, he says. Using the classics as stepping-stones, Olson relies on fresh and house-made ingredients to solidify a signature’s style. Fruits and herbs are common on the menu, allowing him to be even more creative with flavor profiles.

“I’m looking just to do things in a correct manner,” Olson says.

While Olson will be adventurous when visiting a new bar and drink specials and favorites, he has his own favorite drink. Because it’s guaranteed to be what he asks for, whiskey on the rocks is what he drinks most of the time.

“I know what I’m getting and that’s very comforting,” he says.

Customers at Bar Crudo will have the same response. Whether ordering a drink from the extensive menu or having Olson come up with a new drink, patrons will know what they’re getting, thanks to Olson’s vast knowledge of the mixology world.

Courtesy of Z'Tejas

Tipsy Tuesday: Cinco de Mayo at Z’Tejas

Get your fiesta started this Cinco de Mayo at one of Z’Tejas five Valley locations. Their 6thStreet Margaritas and Chambord Margaritas will be only $5 and you can grab a Corona for $2. In case you decide you need some food to go with your drinks, tacos will be only 55 cents from 3 to 7 p.m. Z’Tejas has also shared tequila-infused cocktail and taco recipes from its greatest menu hits! Mix these up for your friends for some serious kitchen cred.

Happy celebrating and Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

6th Street Rocks
1.25 oz Sauza Gold Tequila
.75 oz Triple Sec
2 oz Z’Tejas Margarita Mix
Squeeze of lime

Tequila Pork Taco
Corn tortilla (or tortilla of choice)
2 oz Tequila-Braised Pork
1 oz Pico de Gallo (or salsa of choice)
Top with Cotija Cheese

Tequila-Braised Pork
4.5 pounds pork shoulder
4 teaspoons fresh garlic
2 cups water
2 ounces guajillo peppers, dried
0.2 ounces Chile de árbol, dried
0.5 ounces Achiote paste
4 tablespoons salt, kosher
4 cups milk
0.5 cup tequila (Sauza)
2 bay leaves
2 teaspoons whole peppercorns

Cut the pork shoulder into pieces and poke each piece several times with a sharp knife and fill with chopped garlic.

Boil the water and add the guajillo chiles and the Chile de árbol and boil for three minutes. Blend with the Achiote paste until smooth. Once smooth, strain to remove all seeds and tough pieces. Coat all sides of the pork with this rub.

After applying the child rub, salt all sides of the poke liberally and place in pan.

Pour the milk and tequila around the pork as to remove as little salt and chile rub as possible.

Place the bay leaves and the whole peppercorns in a piece of cheesecloth tied with kitchen twine and place in the milk and tequila mixture. This will get the flavor into the braising liquid without the peppercorns being too assertive.

Wrap the pork three times with plastic wrap and then once in foil and cook at 300 degrees for 4 hours. Once tender, remove the cheesecloth, shred, and serve.

fruitjulius, wb

Thirsty Thursday: Nabers’ refreshing Fruit Julius

Locally-owned Nabers is quite the happy hour spot. With the weather as gorgeous as it is now, the patio gives diners a perfect spot to enjoy good food, drinks and friends.

Happy hour runs from 2 to 7 p.m. every day. Deals include $3 off all appetizers, $4 house wine, $3 domestic draft beer, $4 craft beer and $4.50 well drinks.

Nabers has a loyalty card program, in which customers earn a point for every dollar spent. Upon reaching 100 points, customers get $10 off. To sign up for the loyalty program, visit the restaurant.

Fruit Julius, Courtesy of Evolve PR

Fruit Julius, Courtesy of Evolve PR

Fruit Julius

What you need:

2 strawberries
2 oz. 3 Olives Marilyn
3 oz. of orange juice
Splash of Sprite
Dollop of fresh whipped cream

Muddle 2 strawberries in a bar glass. Add 2 oz. 3 Olives Marilyn, 3 oz. of OJ and a dollop of fresh whipped cream. Fill the glass with ice, shake lightly and pour into pint glass and top with Sprite.

Nabers is located at 825 N. 54th St. in Chandler.

Caipirinha copy, web

Thirsty Thursday: Meet the founder of Railean Distillery

A unique meet and greet opportunity with the creator of the first rum certified “Made in the U.S.A.” will take place April 16 at Texaz Grille in Phoenix.

Serving special rum drinks at the bar and tequila lime shrimp appetizers, Texaz Grill will welcome Kelly Railean of Railean Distillery. The distiller for Texaz, Railean Distillery is the first women-owned distillery to produce American rum.

Railean will meet with and serve guests, joined by Texaz Grill owner and chef Steve Freidkin.

The Texas-based distillery uses unsulfured, grade-A sugarcane molasses from the Gulf Coast. Railean recently introduced the first handcrafted American Agave Spirit, crafted with 100 percent Blue Agave.

The event will run from 4 to 7 p.m. April 16. Texaz is located at 6003 N. 16th St. in Phoenix.

If you can’t make it to the event but still want a taste of Railean’s rum, try her caipirnha — the national drink of Brazil — recipe below.

Railean Rum Caipirinha

What you need:
1/4 of a lime
1 tablespoon of sugar
2 oz Railean Reserve XO Rum

How to make it:
Muddle the lime and sugar in a 12 oz glass. Add rum and fill glass with ice.

Golden Gate Sazerac, Susan Cope

Pink Pony offers Spring Training specials fit for Giants fans

Spring Training is a few tender weeks away, and Pink Pony is already ready to round the bases with its special cocktail, Golden Gate Sazerac — an ode to the San Francisco Giants, we assume — and “bomb burger.” The specials run March 1 through April 1. The burger costs $13, the cocktail costs $11 and together they cost $20.

Golden Gate Sazerac
St. George Whiskey & Absinthe Verte – Peychauds Bitters – Demerara – Orange Peel – Anchor Steam

Umami Bomb Burger
Niman Ranch Beef – Anchor Steam Braised Onions – Soy Emulsion – Local Cheddar – Parmesan Crisp
Shredded Lettuce – Roasted Mushrooms – House Made Brioche Bun


SaltRock now serving pine needle and cactus juices

Executive Chef Massimo De Francescas of SaltRock Southwest Kitchen and Craft Margaritas in Sedona announced some delicious juice recipes he’s serving up with a twist.  SaltRock is a restaurant that blends Southwest culinary traditions with California cuisine, and the menu includes a collection of juices packed full of antioxidants, but the “Pine-Apple” and “Thirsty Cactus” are pretty unique.

Chef Massimo De Francesca at Amara

Chef Massimo De Francesca at Amara

“My mornings have always included a fruit/veggies juice,” says De Francescas. “It’s very important to me to keep healthy given how intense my days sometimes can be. At home, I use a VitaMix and have recently enjoyed blending up grapefruit, cayenne, lemon, spinach and ginger. It’s citrus season in Arizona right now so I use fruit from our neighborhood trees!”

One of the SaltRock’s featured drinks is the “Pine-Apple,” a blend of Douglas fir pine needles, gala apples, apple cider vinegar, baby spinach and ground cinnamon.  Pine needles have been shown to relieve sore muscles, stimulate the liver, provide stress relief and restore overall health to the body. The “Thirsty Cactus” is a mix of Nopales cactus leaves, baby spinach, oranges and strawberries. This fresh and fruity concoction creates a rich, flavorful taste with a touch of sweetness, he says.

De Francescas was first inspired to become a chef at the age of 13, when he took his first job as a busboy at a popular seasonal restaurant.

“As a child, I always liked to help my parents prepare our meals. It was a creative outlet for me with endless limitations as to the combinations of ingredients.” De Francescas says.  “I have followed and continue to be inspired by European chefs such as Gualtiero Marchesi, Alan Ducasse, Daniel Boulud.  There are so many creative resources to draw from in this industry, many inspirations.”

Thirsty Cactus

Thirsty Cactus

De Francescas would go on to attend culinary school in Toronto and studying cuisine in Italy.  De Francescas is also head chef at Taggia at Firesky Resort and Spa in Scottsdale.

On top of juice, the SaltRock Kitchen offers a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner specials.  For breakfast, try the herb roasted potatoes or smoked salmon bagel. Lunch features fun dishes like a make-it-yourself guacamole kit with mangos, corn nuts, jalapenos, and cilantro.  Dinner gets fancier, offering dishes like the King oyster mushrooms, beef barbacoa “tamale”, and Achiote chicken breast.

While guests sip on a delicious juice blend and try one of many savory dishes, they can also enjoy incredible views of the Red Rock from SaltRock Southwest Kitchen & Craft Margaritas in Sedona.

Pear Bistro, Cocktails

Thirsty Thursday: Valentine’s Day Sips

Looking to sweeten up your Valentine’s Day weekend? Try out these cocktails from Perfect Pear Bistro (1241 E. Chandler Blvd. in Ahwatukee; 9845 S. Priest Dr. in Tempe). They’re $7.50 on the menu, but the restaurant also shared the recipes and prep instructions below. Cheers!

Cherry Kiss
2oz Cherry Vodka
3/4oz Creme De Cocoa
3/4oz Cranberry juice
How to make:
Combine all ingredients with ice in a shaker.
Shake and strain in a martini glass with chocolate syrup rim
Garnish with Maraschino cherry

Pear Blossom
2oz Pear Vodka
3/4oz Chambord liqueur
3/4 oz cranberry juice
How to make:
Combine all ingredients with ice in a shaker.
Shake and strain in a martini glass
Garnish with two raspberries floating and pear slice on rim

Pomegranate Mojito
1oz Pama Liqueur
1oz White Rum
1/2oz Fresh Lime Juice
6-8 Mint Leaves
How to make:
Lightly muddle mint with spirits and lime juice
Fill a pint glass with ice pour ingredient over shake lightly to disperse mint and fill with Sprite to top

Strawberry Blonde
1 1/2 oz Dark Rum
8 Pieces of Fresh Strawberries
3-4 Fresh Basil Leave
How to make:
Lightly muddle strawberry and basil leaves with rum
Fill a pint glass with ice pour ingredient over shake lightly to disperse mint and fill with Sprite to top

Photos courtesy of Evolve PR

Thirsty Thursday: Drinking with purpose

The holidays are all about fun, friends, family and of course some seasonal cocktails. Kelly’s at SouthBridge is offering its All That Glitters Eggnog Martini for $25. While the cost may seem steep, 100 percent of that is going to nonprofit Andrea’s Closet. The drink is made with homemade eggnog, Bacardi Rum, a splash of Tuaca and garnished with edible gold flakes.

Andrea’s Closet is for all kids who are going through a tough time in a hospital. The organization hosts a closet full of new toys that kids can choose from. You can find out more about the organization by visiting www.andreascloset.org

The drink will be on sale at Kelly’s at SouthBridge (7117 E. 6th Ave.) until Dec. 31.

All That Glitters Eggnog
4oz homemade eggnog
1.5oz Bacardi 8 rum
Splash og Tuaca

To make:

Combine all ingredients with ice in shaker tin. Shake and strain into chilled martini glass. Garnish with a sugar/gold flake rim and grated nutmeg.

Thirsty Thursday, thanksgiving

Thirsty Thursday pours one out for Thanksgiving

Oh, snap! It’s almost Thanksgiving, one of our favorite drinking holidays, and in anticipation of the holiday of “Second Helpings,” we’re sharing two seasonal cocktail recipes from Valley mixologists after our own hearts.

First up is The Cognac Snap from Taggia at FireSky Resort & Spa (495 N. Scottsdale Rd.), which blends fruit, spice and a nice pour of cognac. It’s not quite fruitcake in a glass, but that’s actually fine by us.

Cognac Snap

Cognac Snap

The Cognac Snap
1 1/2 oz Pierre Ferrand 1840 cognac
3/4 oz Snap Liqueur
3/4 oz Pineapple Juice
1/2 oz Lemon Juice
1/2 oz Cinnamon Syrup
Technique: Shaken, DBL strain
Glass: martini or coupe
Garnish: freshly grated nutmeg




Ready for seconds? The Pumpkin Pie Martini out of Rusconi’s American Kitchen (10637 N. Tatum Blvd.) is just like a real pie — you’re going to have to prep some filling and a crust for the glass rim. We promise it’s worth it, you guys. Just stock up on the ingredients for your real pumpkin pie prep and knock out two shopping trips in one go.

Pumpkin Pie Martini

Pumpkin Pie Martini

The Pumpkin Pie Martini

First, make the pumpkin martini base.
Pumpkin Martini Base
1 cup     pumpkin puree
2 cups   milk
1/2 cup    sugar
2tsp       cinnamon
2tsp       allspice
1tsp       lime juice

Preparation: Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Taste for desired sweetness and spice, run through a fine mesh strainer and reserve chilled.

Next, prep the pie crust rim.

Pie Crust Rim
Pie dough (homemade or store bought)

Preparation: Bake a rolled out pie crust on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper until it’s golden brown and crisp. Let it cool, then finely chop the pie crust or use a food processor to crumble pie crust very fine. Mix with sugar and cinnamon to achieve desired taste.

Now to assemble!

The Pumpkin Pie Martini
3 0z        pumpkin martini base
1 0z        vodka
1/2 0z       Frangelico

Prep: Take a wedge of lime and rub around martini glass until wet; crust your glass. Shake the pumpkin martini adjust to your desired strength and pour. Optional garnish: Top with a little whipped cream, cinnamon and toasted pumpkin seeds.


123RF.com; Copyright: pilotl39

Thirsty Thursday: Toast Pear Day at Perfect Pear Bistro

You may think you love pears, but be pre-pear-ed to get schooled in the juicy fruit this weekend. In the name of National Pear Day, Oct. 25, the folks at Perfect Pear Bistro are whipping up a mix of savory quesadillas, “pear bread,” sweet cocktails and enough dishes to make this national day feel like a holiday. Bonus: Perfect Pear Bistro is offering 50 percent off all menu items that include pears this Saturday.

Perfect Pear Bistro has locations at 1241 E. Chandler Blvd. in Ahwatukee and 9845 S. Priest Dr. in Tempe.

Extra credit: For Thirsty Thursday, Perfect Pear shared recipes for two of its fruit-inspired cocktails!

Photo courtesy of Charlotte Shaff

Photo courtesy of Charlotte Shaff

Pear Mule
What you need:
2 oz pear vodka
1/2 lime juice (appx. 1 oz)
5 oz ginger beer

-Pour over ice garnish wit lime wedge
-Serve in a copper mug




Photo courtesy of Charlotte Shaff

Photo courtesy of Charlotte Shaff

Perfect Pear Sidecar
What you need:
2 oz pear brandy
.5 oz Grand Mariner
.5 oz fresh lemon juice
.5 oz pear puree
.5 oz simple syrup

-Shake with ice strain and serve up in a martini glass
-Garnish with pear slice


Thirsty Thursdays

Thirsty Thursday: TEXAZtini cocktail recipe

TEXAZ Grill may be best known for a rib-sticking menu of classic Texas-style comfort foods, including its signature Chicken Fried Steak (more than 858,526 sold and counting). But, hiding behind three decades of wacky wall art and a well-worn bar top made out of an old shuffleboard table, might just be the town’s best-kept secret. We’re talking about the TEXAZ bar that has been serving up ice-cold beers and Texas-tinged cocktails since 1985. And now for the first time in 29 years, the bar has rolled out its own specialty cocktail menu, including a collection of craveable bar munchies.

Available now, TEXAZ’s cocktail menu features five varieties of Martinis, including the TEXAZTINI made with Texas’ own Tito’s Handmade Vodka, a touch of dry vermouth and a pickled okra spear. Alternately, get Fresh & Fun with 8 different margaritas and other citrus-based cocktails, including the TEXAZ Bluebonnet (Deep Eddy grapefruit vodka mixed with pineapple juice) or the Moscow (Texas) Mule made with English ginger beer (and yes, there is a Moscow, Texas). Finish with any of TEXAZ’s four different Cream & Coffee Drinks, including the signature Bourbon Milk Punch, the Santa Anna Shake spiked with tequila and Kahlua, or the Cowboy Coffee (Republic tequila, Kahlua, Bailey Irish Cream and coffee, topped with whipped cream.)

The fine folks at TEXAZ shared the recipe for its TEXAZtini with Scottsdale Living. See below!

What you need:
2 oz., Tito’s vodka
1 oz., dry vermouth
Pickled okra spear


Add ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously. Pour into martini glass and garnish with a spear of pickled okra.

Courtesy of Thirsty Lion Pub

Thirsty Thursday: Pear Pomegranate Cooler

Even though Phoenicians are known to lament about the lack of a proper “fall” come September, many chefs in the Valley are unveiling seasonal menus worth digging your boots out for!

Thirsty Lion Pub & Grill at Tempe Marketplace is celebrating the harvest with savory dishes like beer-steamed peel-and-eat shrimp, pomegranate spinach & pancetta salad, peppercorn & artisan blue cheese burger, seared shrimp & butternut squash linguine, fennel sausage & sundries tomato pizza, peppercorn beef tenderloin tips and black cherry BBQ pork tenderloin. All these menu items — and their caramel apple cheesecake — will be served through mid-December.

Though we love a good squash noodle, we’re really getting our scarves in a bundle over Thirsty Lion’s cocktail menu, which will debut two new seasonal elixirs.

The English Harvest is a combination of gin, brandy and flavors of the harvest — apples and oranges.  Their second fall-inspired cocktail is the Pear Pomegranate Cooler, which the restaurant was kind enough to share for this week’s Thirsty Thursday.

What you need:
1 oz. Absolut Pear Vodka
.75 oz. pear puree
.75 oz. simple syrup
1 oz. POM juice
1 oz. Lunetta Prosecco
Pear slice (for garnish)

How to prepare:
1. Build in a pint glass over ice
2. Shake 10 to 12 times
3. Pour into 12 oz. collins glass over new ice
4. Float Prosecco over drink
5. Garnish with pear slice (and a straw!)

Visit Thirsty Lion Pub & Grill at Tempe Marketplace (2000 E Rio Salado Pkwy #1041, Tempe, Ariz.)

Photo by: Anthony TerBush

Thirsty Thursday: TapHouse Kitchen’s Sweet Lily

Sweet Lily, Anthony TerBush

Sweet Lily, Anthony TerBush

Everywhere you turn, restaurants are trying to show pumpkin-flavored everything into your pie holes. Even though that is one of our favorite things about autumn, we’ll happily take a break from our spiced squash at the bar for the Sweet Lily, a citrus and elderberry cocktail from TapHouse Kitchen at The Hilton Village — where it doesn’t feel quite like fall…yet.

Sweet Lily

What you need: 1.5 oz Patron Silver Tequila .75 oz St. Germaine Elderberry .5 oz Simple Syrup Splash Lemon Juice .75 oz grapefruit juice Splash of soda water
How to make it: Mix ingredients in tumbler with ice. Pour through strainer and serve in martini glass. Garnish with Flamingo orange peel.

TapHouse Kitchen at The Hilton Village is at 6137 N. Scottsdale Rd, #108 Scottsdale

123RF.com, Copyright: a href/ scukrov

Thirsty Thursday: Beer Cocktails for the Big Game

Traditionally, Thirsty Thursday is all about cocktails at our favorite restaurants and bars in the Valley. To kickoff the NFL season, though, we’re going to add a little beer to the mix.

Beer cocktails are increasingly making space on drink menus. It’s a great mixer, thanks to its carbonation, as well as its complicated flavor profiles that offer nearly infinite possibilities as far as mixing goes.

Here are some of our favorite ways to experience the best of both spirit worlds (with a few shout outs to our staff’s favorite teams):

The Angry Bird (Cardinals)
This punch ends up a bit pink when all is said and done, but it isn’t something a little food coloring can’t remedy! To make this drink, add about a cup of frozen raspberries, four bottles of raspberry beer (we like Leinenkugel’s Summer Berry Wheat), but there are plenty of raspberry ales out there, about two cups of frozen raspberry lemonade concentrate and a half cup of vodka. Mix these ingredients together and serve over ice. Add slices of lemon if you want!

The Chief (Kansas City Chiefs)
Since it’s so dang hot out there, you may want to wash your BBQ down with a watermelon and wheat beer smoothie. Here’s the Ziplist recipe.

The Black and Yellow (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Have some leftover white wine or champagne? Pour yourself half a flute of either drink, then top it off with Guinness (or another heavy stout). Enjoy with a Philly Cheese Steak — or Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow.” (It never gets old during football season, c’mon!) — You can also try this with cream soda, if you’re not a wine person!

The Buckin’ Bronco (Denver Broncos)
(Disclaimer: This one is lifted from a 1980s Tom Cruise movie called “Cocktail.”) This drink will kick your opponents in the cup. Pour about a cup and a half of tomato juice, a bottle of lager, a splash of lemon juice and a raw egg with a few hits of hot sauce into a class. Stir and chug.

Tailgaters’ Delight: The Gridiron Punch
Throw your biggest jug into your truck bed and head to that tailgate party with this recipe in tow. You’ll be the favorite guys and gals in the lot. This beer, juice and soda mix is refreshing and perfect for big groups of guzzlers. Recipe here.

Beergarita (For the neutral out there)
This is exactly what it sounds like — a margarita with beer. You usually see photos of this drink as a large margarita goblet with an overturned Corona sitting shotgun. If you don’t have a fancy goblet, just mix about a cup and half of limeade, tequila and lager in a blender (with ice, if you prefer. Though you can serve this on the rocks, too.). Salt the rim of your glass with lime juice as a base.

Snooze, an A.M. Eatery, 2045 E. Camelback Road #A17, in Phoenix

Thirsty Thursday: Boss Hog

Did you know Saturday, Aug. 30, is International Bacon Day?

So, we know it’s a Saturday, but don’t hit “snooze” just yet — the Valley will be wafting with bacon bright and early!

Snooze, an A.M. Eatery, in Phoenix gets pretty excited about bacon — all breakfast foods, really — and curated a bacon-inspired menu to pig-out on.

The Boss Hog, courtesy of Allie Marconi

The Boss Hog, courtesy of Allie Marconi

From 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Snooze will serve up hot, sizzling slices of bacon with a side of other delicious, specially prepared breakfast foods, such as, “Cinnfully Cinnfull Pancakes” (buttermilk pancakes filled with while chocolate chips and topped with candied bacon, bacon caramel, vanilla creme, cinnamon butter and toasted pecans) and a BLT Benny on an English muffin (Tender Belly bacon and warmed heirloom tomatoes atop toasted English muffin with cage free poached eggs, cream cheese hollandaise and fresh arugula). And, of course, a fine porcine cocktail to wash it all down with.

Ladies, gents and bacon-lovers, everywhere. We give you the Boss Hog cocktail, from Snooze, an A.M. Eatery.

What you’ll need:
Bacon-infused bourbon
Bloody Mary mix
Bacon strip (for garnish)

How to make it:
Mix and stir (adjusting bourbon ratio to your chest hair needs)
(We stirred this bad boy with our stick of crunch bacon for extra flair — yum!)


Visit Snooze, an A.M. Eatery at: 2045 E. Camelback Road #A17

123RF.com; Copyright: wollertz

Thirsty Thursday: Back to School Martinis

This week, Arizona State University announced its freshman class broke its enrollment record — yes, again. Doesn’t it just make you want to put out a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils?

For this week’s Thirsty Thursday, we’re toasting all the smarty-pants heading off to college for the first time. So, parents, stop obsessively refreshing your kids’ Facebook and Instagram feeds and mix up one of these scrumptious back-to-school cocktails instead!

The Pencil Eraser by Eventup is a sweet, eraser-pink mix of lemon, strawberries, cranberry juice and vodka.

Apples for teachers are no more part of your reality! Instead, put them to use in this cocktail found by one of our favorite booze hounds — Zane Lamprey, over at Drinking Made Easy. The Apple Spiced Cocktail from American Craft Kitchen & Bar in Chicago that we think is a delicious way to put the summer blues behind you. It’s a mix of moonshine, apple spice ginger liqueur, apple and lime juices and agave nectar. Yeah — bottoms up!

Lastly, there’s nothing wrong with some school pride! Here’s a Sun Devil Gold Daze cocktail that’s a sweet and tart mix of gin, peach brandy and orange juice. Make any spirit maroon by adding a good splash of cranberry juice!

Green_Blue, WEB

Thirsty Thursday: Paul Martin’s Green & Blue

Summer, like the other three seasons, is the perfect time to throw back a few cocktails with friends. However, we at Scottsdale Living prefer to keep summer drink choices light and refreshing to combat the sweaty birdbaths we’ve become on the walk from our cars to a restaurant’s entrance.

Green_Blue (2) (2)This week, our favorite drink is Paul Martin’s new seasonal drink: The Blue & Green. (Bonus: Paul Martin’s valet).

The Green & Blue is a semi-sweet herby drink crafted with a lime base, St. Germain liqueur, Bombay Sapphire Gin and garnished with cucumber and basil. It’s vaguely reminiscent of a carbonated limeade. It’s a nice drink for the kind of person who doesn’t like the heavy juniper flavors of a gin-and-tonic or corpse reviver.

The farm-to-table freshness of the cocktail speaks to the higher purpose of Paul Martin’s American Grill, which sources its ingredients from local farms, such as Pitman Family Farms and Petaluma Poultry Farms. Paul Martin opened its doors this past spring — its first Arizona location — at the Borgata Shopping Center ( 6186 N. Scottsdale Rd.).

Copyright: kungverylucky / 123RF Stock Photo

Thirsty Thursday: 3 Three-Digit Temperature Approved Cocktails

Already sick of throwing back glassfuls of margarita mix at your pool parties this summer? Keep cool (and fresh) with three of our favorite three-digit-temperature-approved cocktails for this week’s Thirsty Thursday feature.

Alcoholic Otter Pops

As a kid, there was nothing more refreshing than grabbing an ice, cold Otter Pop to cool off after a long day of playing outside. It seemed as though no summer would be complete without indulging on boxes and boxes of the popular pops. Otter Pops are no longer a childhood memory. This thirsty Thursday recipe will put a twist on these beloved treats and make you reach for a case next time you hit up the grocery store.

Start with an unfrozen Otter Pop (or Fla-Vor-Ice). Use a syringe to make a hole at top and then drain some of the fluid. Using the syringe, inject vodka into the pop.  Cover the hole with duct tape. Make sure to thoroughly shake the Otter Pop to avoid the treat freezing unevenly. Finally toss your concoction into the freezer and leave it overnight. Just cut off the tops to each frozen treat and enjoy your delicious alcoholic popsicles!

Guinness Beer Float

Root beer floats were the closest thing you ever got to consuming anything with the word “beer” in it as a kid. And as an adult, you know nothing beats a great beer or a delectable scoop of your favorite ice cream. Now you can have both! Root Beer floats are growing up with this recipe on how to create an adult version of this deliciously, sweet treat.

Start off by running a mug under cold water (inside and out) then place it into the freezer. Let it sit in the freezer until it becomes frosty. Once you have your frosty mug, scoop two large scoops of your favorite ice cream, whether vanilla, chocolate, coffee or caramel. Grab a cold bottle of Guinness stout. Slowly pour it over the ice cream, it’ll run over quickly if poured too fast. Add whip cream, sprinkles or chocolate shavings to top it off.

Fizzy Sorbet Cocktail

The tanginess and sweet, fruity taste of sorbet make this an undeniably great way to cool off, but this cocktail will make you forget about simply indulging on a scoop of your favorite frozen treat on a scorching hot, Arizona day. How about putting a spin on this frozen treat by mixing it with your favorite sparkling wine or champagne. This fast and simple recipe will have you popping some bubbly before satisfying your craving of this fruity, frozen treat. Once you try it, you’ll wonder why you had not tried it before!

Place martini glass or wine glass in the freezer until it becomes frozen or just very cold. Fill your chilled glass 5 or 6 mini- scoops of assorted sorbets in your favorite flavors, then slowly pour in your favorite champagne or sparkling wine. And there you have it, a fizzy sorbet cocktail!

"Blondie" margaritas at The Barrio Queen

Thirsty Thursday: Barrio Queen Tequileria y Restaurante

July 24 is National Tequila Day, and there’s only one place you’ll find us in Scottsdale celebrating happy hour — Barrio Queen in Old Town. All tequila, mescals and sotols are half-off. You can also swipe a tequila flight for $10 and a margarita for $6.

Barrio Queen, head by renowned Chef Silvana Salcido Esperanza, just launched its Tequila Passport program at the end of June. The way it works is thus: For every tequila you try at Barrio Queen, you get a stamp in a Barrio Queen-provided passport (You know you’ll need help keeping track after a few!)

Not only does the restaurant serve some of the most delicious Mexican dishes in the Valley (with occasional French flairs) and makes its pomegranate and craisin guacamole table-side, but it also offers the largest selection of tequila in the Valley with which to wash it down.

Barrio Queen offers more than 400+ tequilas, mezcals, bacanora and sotols and a huge mix of blancos, reposados and anejos. It’s located at 7114 E. Stetson Drive, Suite 105. Happy hour is Monday to Friday from 2 to 6 p.m. (all day Tuesdays).


Here’s a margarita recipe we found in the back of our passport:

La Mula Mexicana

What you need:

2 oz. Don Julio Blanco

1 oz. lime juice

.75 oz. house ginger syrup (see below for recipe)

Topped off with Mexican Coca-Cola

To prepare:

Add all ingredients, except Coca-Cola, to shaker with ice. Shake and strain over cracked ice in highball or hurricane-style glass. Top off with 3 to 4 oz. of Coca-Cola. Garnish with lime.

To prepare ginger syrup:

.75 cup of ginger, peeled and thinly sliced

1 cup of sugar

1 cup of water

Bring ingredients to a summer in a small saucepan over medium-low heat, stirring until sugar has dissolved. Gently simmer uncovered for 30 minutes, then strain through a sieve and cool to room temperature.


123RF.com, Copyright: danomyte

Thirsty Thursday: ‘Marvel’ous nerd juice

Comicon San Diego is just around the corner, Phoenix!
If you were lucky enough to snag tickets to the kind of event where Dothraki, Darth Vader and various incarnations of Doctor Who creep through the halls as one giant Pop Culture du Force, we suggest you celebrate the impending awesomeness with some Comicon-themed beverages, courtesy of two San Diego hotel bars! Be prepared to be a party hero!

The Superman

The Superman

Superman, ALTITUDE Sky Lounge @ Marriott Gaslamp Quarter
660 K Street, San Diego, CA 92101, 619.696.0234, sandiegogaslamphotel.com

ALTITUDE Sky Lounge, the highest rooftop lounge on the West Coast at the Marriott Gaslamp Quarter is ready to take on Comiccon by highlighting some amazing comic inspired cocktails.  The “Superman” is a treat for an eyes as it is in flavor. Featuring Stoli vanilla, orange and raspberry vodka, white cranberry and pineapple juice and a splash of grenadine, the cocktail has the strength of Superman, but the sweetness of Clark Kent!

Thor’s Hammer, ALTITUDE Sky Lounge @ Marriott Gaslamp Quarter
660 K Street, San Diego, CA 92101, 619.696.0234, sandiegogaslamphotel.com

For those looking for a more traditional shot, “Thor’s Hammer” will be the drink for them.  Orange Vodka, Peach Schnapps and a splash of orange juice are mixed and dropped into a glass of red bull.  The shot definitely packs a punch!

Beam Me Up Scotty shot

Beam Me Up Scotty shot

Beam Me Up Scotty, RoofTop600 @ Andaz San Diego
600 F Street, San Diego, CA 92101, 619.849.1234, sandiego.andaz.hyatt.com

Just a few blocks away from the thrills, costumes and adventures of Comicon International, Andaz San Diego is offering crafty cocktails for the thousands of pop-culture aficionados attending the convention. They will enjoy the sweeping views of Downtown San Diego from the iconic RoofTop600 at the hotel while sipping on beverages inspired by the famous gaming and science fiction world.  The Trekky inspired “Beam Me Up Scotty” shot mixes coffee liqueur, crème de banana and Bailey’s, which creates a smooth and creamy beverage.

Power Up, RoofTop600 @ Andaz San Diego
600 F Street, San Diego, CA 92101, 619.849.1234, sandiego.andaz.hyatt.com

For those feeling a little tired from their adventure, the Mario Bros. themed, “Power Up” cocktail with orange flavored vodka, peach schnapps and Red Bull will give them a much needed boost to continue their four-day journey at Comicon.

Drink recipes courtesy of Chemistry PR

RA Sushi - Bombpop, WEB

Thirsty Thursday: RA Sushi Bombpop

Oh, say can you see? There’s a patriotic cocktail just waiting to turn your Fourth of July weekend into the dawn’s early light. This week’s red, white and blue-themed Thirsty Thursday comes courtesy of RA Sushi Bar and Restaurant, which will make you one of these bombastic babies for $8.

RA Sushi Bombpop!

RA Sushi Bombpop!

What you need:
Bottle of Smirnoff Ice
.25 oz. Blue Curacao
1.25 oz. Three Olives Cherry Vodka
.25 oz. Grenadine

How to make it:
Step 1: Drizzle grenadine in a sake cup and add vodka.
Step 2: Pour eight ounces of Smirnoff Ice into a 12-ounce bucket glass.
Step 3: Drizzle Blue Curacao along the inside of the glass.
Step 4: Just before serving, drop the sake glass into the bomber glass.
Tip: Serve with the remainder of the Smirnoff Ice.

RA Sushi has five Valley locations in Mesa, Tempe, Ahwatukee, north Scottsdale and Old Town Scottsdale. For information, visit RAsushi.com.

courtesy of jade bar

Thirsty Thursday: Honeydew Cucumber Sour

Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain is one of our favorite places to spend a day at the spa. But that isn’t the only way for the resorts’ guests to get refreshed. Sanctuary’s newly renovated jade bar is serving up a new Honeydew Cucumber Sour ($14) with its summer menu, and we can’t wait to give it  a try on one of these upcoming triple-digit days! Cool fact, courtesy of jade bar, cucumbers can be 20 degrees cooler on the inside than the outside air.

What’s in the Honeydew Cucumber Sour:
Martin Miller’s Reformed Dry Gin
Fresh-pressed lemon juice
Honeydew juice
Clover honey syrup
Regan’s No. 6 orange bitters
Sliced cucumber

How to make it:
Mix ingredients, garnish with cucumber and sip happily.

jade bar @ Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain, 5700 E. McDonald Dr., Paradise Valley, sanctuaryoncamelback.com

The not-so-secret ingredient in Bitter & Twisted's house punch is tequila!

Thirsty Thursday: Bitter & Twisted

photo 1The Luhrs Tower, aka the majestic old geezer nestled behind CityScape, aka downtown Phoenix’s first high-rise, just got a double dose of dapperdom with the grand opening of Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour on its ground floor. For those who enjoy a bit of trivia and irony, it’s said the Luhrs Tower was the nerve center of Arizona’s prohibition headquarters. Bitter & Twisted, indeed!


Phoenix has a lot of great mixologists. But Bitter & Twisted is perhaps the city’s first bar solely dedicated to craft cocktails. And rightly so — the brains behind the bar is Ross Simon, a co-founder of Arizona Cocktail Week and former winner of the Finlandia Vodka Cup and Don Julio Tequila cocktail contest.


The parlor has a loft-bar feel with high ceilings, exposed ductwork, brick walls, a large mural of a martini-clutching ladyzilla crouched over Phoenix and large windows with a street view obscured by the high-back booths within.




Seating was incredibly limited on its media preview night and the pedestrian channel between the bar and parallel high-top seating had a lot of congestion issues. The seating issue is a problem for a first-timer because of there’s no logical space of repose in which to thumb through the extensive, impressive and exciting “Book o’ Cocktails.” This is not a drink menu — it’s a pamphlet you can buy for $5 of concoctions with chapters, an index and stories behind most drinks. It’s something you want to sit down with and thumb through, then pass to the next person in your group. Each drink has a detailed description and personality. It’s quite a remarkable menu, featuring every drink you never knew you wanted conceited with house made infused spirits, tonics, syrups and other ingredients. The bar is tapped with wine and bottle beer is also served.


Disregarding libations, Bitter & Twisted is situated in an enchanting space where even designated drivers will enjoy grabbing a light snack. It has a bit of an alternative personality without being uncool and cluttered about it.


Vibe: Alternative loft with craft cocktails

Dress code: You can probably get away with wearing what the patrons of the original Luhrs Tower would have worn.

Crowd: Hipsters, young professionals, people who work nearby

Price: The average drink will cost you more than $10

Hashtag: #drinkbetter