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Fitness Exercise Guru Jack Lalanne Epitomized A Healthy Lifestyle — And You Can, Too

Living healthy

Having demonstrated his strength by pulling a locomotive with his teeth, Jack LaLanne left no doubt about the benefits of his daily exercise and diet routine. LaLanne, who passed away recently at the age of 96 years young, was ahead of his time in not only promoting, but also performing and teaching proper exercise, strength… Read More →

Get Fit Quick With Dr. Ben Bocchicchio’s 15 Minute Workout

Dr. Ben Bocchicchio

I’ll be honest; the thought of hopping on a treadmill or sweating through push-ups will easily evoke a “Do I really have to?” whine from me. But when I heard about a magical workout – 15 minutes, just two days a week – I thought it couldn’t get any easier. I was wrong. Dr. Vincent… Read More →