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Price Corridor's Continuum Park Lands Advanced Business Services Company


Continuum Science & Technology Park in Chandler’s Price Corridor has landed its first major company — Nationstar Mortgage.

Nationstar is one of the nation’s leading mortgage servicers and lenders.

Nationstar will be placing 1,200 new jobs in 160,000 SF of space, with an option to expand. The company is currently occupying temporary space in the same building as tenant improvements are completed. RSG Builders is the general contractor and PHArchitecture is the architect.

“Nationstar is strong and growing, and we’re excited to be opening our newest site in Chandler,” said Nationstar Mortgage Executive Vice President Mike Rawls. “The Chandler area provides access to existing mortgage industry talent and a well-educated workforce. We look forward to building a great team here.”

The jobs will be in the advanced business services sector, including mortgage processing and origination as the company collects and processes loans.

“Chandler’s broad spectrum of industries serves us well as companies evaluate whether a community has the potential for industry partners,” said Chandler Mayor Jay Tibshraeny. “We have developed the workforce Nationstar needs through a strong financial services sector and the partnerships Chandler has in place with ASU and the University of Arizona.”

“I want to thank the Nationstar team for its confidence in, and commitment to Arizona,” said Sandra Watson, President and CEO of the Arizona Commerce Authority. “This project represents a significant investment in our state and will create hundreds of jobs for Arizonans. It continues to showcase Arizona as a state rich with talent and full of opportunity, with the government backing to support individual business success.”

Continuum is a 153-acre, master planned Science & Technology Park that advances the vision of the Price Corridor as a “super technology” region, making Chandler competitive on an international scale.

Continuum is expected to be home to 8,000 to 12,000 jobs and generate $250M to $300M in primary economic impacts at build-out.

“Nationstar’s desire for prominent identity, unparalleled infrastructure, and a quality labor pool made our project a perfect choice, and we couldn’t be more excited to have them as one of the first tenants at Continuum,” said Kevin Miller, Senior Vice President-Southwest Region, Capital Commercial Investments. “The addition of Nationstar continues to reinforce our position as one of the premier business parks in the valley.”

Nationstar joins notable employers in the Price Corridor in key industries of aerospace, life sciences, high technology R&D/manufacturing and advanced business services.


Arizona Health Care Cuts, AHCCCS

Arizona’s Mental Health Braces for AHCCCS Heavy Cuts

Sit back, close your eyes — after you have read this of course — and imagine your daughter, friend, brother or spouse suffering with no help in sight. A year ago you saw them excelling in life, overcoming their illness, stable with only happiness for the future when suddenly their standard medication was changed, their health services discontinued and their housing no longer an option. Now you are seeing your loved one’s health deteriorate, and each day becomes harder to cope.Arizona State Capitol, Flickr, Willem van Bergen

This scenario was a reality for thousands of children and adults facing mental illness last July when the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) saw serious cuts. Those who were not determined Title-19 eligible — those not under the poverty level — faced the loss of brand-name medications, supportive housing and services on which they previously relied.

With Arizona projecting a 1.15 billion-dollar deficit in FY 2012, Governor Janet Brewer released her proposed budget cuts for FY 2011. These cuts are estimated at $1.1 billion. AHCCCS was cut by $541.5 million, making it possible for 280,000 people to lose coverage. These cuts leave 5,200 seriously mentally ill people with medication-only coverage and other losses similar to the cuts in March 2010.

“…the growth in Arizona Medicaid spending is a key driver of our state’s current budget crisis,” Governor Jan Brewer said in a statement on the cuts.  “Medicaid’s explosive growth, nearing almost 65 percent over the past four years despite ongoing attempts to stem its increases, is simply unsustainable and threatens to consume the core functions of state government.”

To some these cuts are seen as more than just balancing a budget but also a safety issue for Arizona.

“Arizona has one of the lowest grades for mental health in the nation,” said Patricia Bonivel, an Arizona resident whose spouse is diagnosed with a mental illness.Arizona Health Care Cuts, Mentally Ill Suffer

“Mental illness is not going away; we have to address the system, effectively streamline the system and work within an adequate budget line,” Bonivel said.  “This is not the time or area to slash costs; it can only end up with additional overburdened areas and does nothing to promote wellness and recovery — the goal of which needs to be attained for the sake of us all.”

In her recent statement on the budget cuts, Governor Brewer said she is “mindful of the very real impacts these reductions will have” but holds to the belief that “this is Arizona’s only option to restore [its] fiscal stability.”

Bonivel asks the question whether or not these cuts are worth the “small margin” of economic gain and said, “Looking at recent events in Tucson, I think the answer is NO; think about it!”

Now go for it. Close your eyes and imagine what you would do faced with these difficult decisions. You may surprise yourself.