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The Right Prescription: Evidence-based Design In Healthcare Facilities

Evidence Based Design In Healthcare Facilities
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Evidence-based design in healthcare facilities plays a big role in promoting the healing process Light a scented candle in one of the hydrotherapy rooms at CareMeridian, a Phoenix rehabilitation facility specializing in spine and traumatic brain injury, and imagine you are in a Scottsdale resort’s luxury spa. The blue ceiling and sea-themed art on the… Read More →

Healthcare Facilities: Just What The Doctor Ordered

Healthcare construction
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Construction of healthcare facilities in Arizona boldly forged ahead in 2010, despite an economy that refuses to rebound and uncertainty over the impact of federal healthcare reform. Officials figure that Arizona’s population will continue to grow and age, and because of the new federal law more people will have access to health insurance, which indicates… Read More →

How National Healthcare Reform Could Define A Chronic Condition For Valley Construction

Healthcare Reform - AZRE Magazine November/December 2009
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Healthcare Reform – Healthy Choice? Healthcare reform has been a national hot button lately, and with it comes a focus on all related industries, such as healthcare design and construction. With the development of proposed plans, comes the scrutiny of every penny allocated, prompting a public perception that the cost of healthcare facilities drives up… Read More →