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FDA calls out Kind bars for misbranding


Granola bars are often a quick snack throughout the day to provide a boost of energy and satisfy hunger in between meals, but some of the most common bars may not be as a healthy as they claim. The Food and Drug Administration served Kind LLC, the company behind Kind Bars, with a warning letter… Read More →

7 Low-cal and Healthy Spring Recipes


It’s the perfect time of year to entertain friends and family while relaxing outdoors. Colorful, fresh, bright and airy represent spring in the Valley, and springtime recipes shouldn’t be any different. For those keeping to a healthy, low-cal diet as well as those preparing for bikini season, there are plenty of springtime recipes to keep… Read More →

6 Toning Tips, Becoming Fashionably Fit

Toning Tips - Scottsdale Living Magazine Winter 2012

Kevin Shepard, a personal trainer at the DC Ranch Village Health Club and Spa, and Chance Pearson, northwest district manager for Core Concepts Personal Training, offer tips on toning and becoming fashionably fit. No late-night binging “You don’t fill up the car and then turn off the engine,” Pearson says. “Don’t fill up late in… Read More →