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Consumer product review: Rise Buddy snacks

by in AZ Business Magazine

I must confess, whenever I encounter a marketing scheme that involves “healthy snack,”  catered to children I probably look like the eye-rolling emoji. My scrutiny and cynicism are  a byproduct of one too many “healthy snacks” purchased and cataclysmically consumed that end up being: a) full of preservatives or ingredients that I can’t pronounce, b) leave… Read More →

Healthy snacks for the big game this weekend

Thousands of football fans will descend upon Phoenix this week for the Super Bowl, but what about locals who plan to skip the fury and watch the game from home?  When it comes to the big game, the battle for best snacks gets as much hype as the competition on the field.  Whole Foods Market… Read More →

Workplace Perks Create Productive Company Culture For Valley Businesses

From cubicle farms to cafeteria food, life at the office can be pretty boring and, at times, annoying. But some companies have figured out that if you get a little creative, and offer a few extra perks, it can go a long way toward keeping employees happy – and more productive. Scottsdale-based telecommunications company Nextiva is gaining… Read More →