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Phoenix Rescue Mission launches heat relief campaign

Rising temperatures and unpredictable weather continue to plague the Valley’s homeless and elderly shut-ins each summer in Arizona, causing many to die on the streets and in their homes. In an effort to protect this vulnerable population, Phoenix Rescue Mission is launching its Valley-wide Code:Red Summer Heat Relief Campaign for the fourth consecutive year. Beginning May… Read More →

Heat Increases Danger for Seniors Taking Prescriptions

A potentially deadly danger lurks in the medicine cabinets of local seniors this summer. Did you know that heat, when combined with certain medications, can seriously harm seniors? That’s why SYNERGY HomeCare, one of the nation’s largest non-medical in-home care franchises, with local offices in our area, recommends that families pay special attention to seniors… Read More →

Summer Heat Relief Campaign Kicks off May 1

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Scorching temperatures are a health hazard to the Valley’s homeless and elderly shut-ins, and one non-profit organization is mobilizing to prevent heat-related deaths and illnesses among this vulnerable, growing population. Phoenix Rescue Mission is partnering with several municipalities and businesses to launch its new “Code Red: Summer Heat Relief Campaign” on Wed., May 1. While… Read More →

Blocking The Heat Island Effect

Blocking the heat island effect 2010
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Extreme Valley heat may have you pointing an accusing finger down, not up The Valley is no stranger to high temperatures with its excessive heat advisories and record-setting highs in the summer months. However, a contributing factor that is actually making the Valley even hotter is the reality of the “urban heat island effect.” The… Read More →