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TOPMAN, TOPSHOP Arrive At Nordstom In Chandler Fashion Center

Looking for that hipster look without as much grudge and more of a sophisticated, European edge? Well, you’re in luck because today marks the opening of TOPSHOP and TOPMAN in Nordstrom at Chandler Fashion Center. I’ve actually been in these stores when I went to the U.K. this summer and the best way I can describe them is the Urban Outfitters of Britain.

The Hipster Trend

TOPSHOPThe hipster trend is hot right now, and I love it. Most of the true hipsters out there, though, are probably cringing seeing their once original look become totally mainstream. In the hipster culture this is considered a tragedy because the original point of the look was daring to be different and now it may have become everything they fought against. Well, whether they like it or not, they became trendsetters, and I think they should embrace it. I understand that they may feel like they are selling out, but in my opinion, copying is the highest form of flattery.

The only difference between American hipsters and British hipsters (and Urban Outfitters verses TOPMAN/TOPSHOP) is that, well, they’re a little more British. All that means is some of the clothing and accessories are a little more formal or have a little more of an edge to it. I love that because it makes the trend a bit more wearable for me, personally, and attracts to a wider audience.


TOPSHOP is your shop and is located on the second floor of Nordstrom.

Here’s what to expect: A lot of nice skirts or dresses paired with hipster pieces, such as large headphones, chunky boots, oversize graphic sweaters and funky jackets, to name a few. Also expect some edgier stuff like bold makeup and black leatherette/lace.



TOPMAN is your shop and is located on the first floor of Nordstrom.

Here’s what to expect: A lot of suits, dress shirts and blazers in funky colors and denim, both casual and formal. They also seem to be keen on the knit pompom hat. That confuses me a little bit, but, hey, those oversized glasses came back and are now hugely popular, so who knows.


Pulling It Off

Unfortunately, I can’t rock this look as much as I would want to. If I tried it, you might as well put a giant sign on me that read poser in bold, black letters.

This is another one of my rules that I think everyone should know: Be aware of your look and which looks make you appear as though you are trying way too hard. If you’re still in love with the look, though, like me with the hipster trend, you can add little touches of it. For instance, I just bought a pair of Versace sunglasses that are 90 percent high-fashion but also have a slight hipster undertone.

TOPMAN/TOPSHOP at Chandler Fashion Center

Regardless if you’re looking for a couple of pieces or a full look, TOPMAN/TOPSHOP is well worth browsing in. The line at Chandler Fashion Center officially hits the floor on September 10, and Nordstrom is hosting a fashion and styling event on September 15. The event takes place all day and includes exclusive merchandise, TOPMAN/TOPSHOP stylists to help you get the look, a gift with purchase and a sneak preview/free application of the TOPSHOP makeup line. There will also be a live DJ from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. This event is perfect for people who want to sport the look but don’t know where to start.

For more information about TOPMAN/TOPSHOP at Nordstrom, visit nordstrom.com/topshoptopman.