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Interrobang: A show of abstract art

Abstract art can raise eyebrows, conjure questions and declare truths leaving the viewer excited while possibly questioning what the artist is communicating. Abstract art also provides that statement piece or the subtle accent to complete the perfect space.

Three artists will be showcasing their abstract works during “Interrobang: A show of abstract art” opening Thursday, December 5, in a Scottsdale art gallery. Their works ranging from traditional encaustics to modeling paste with acrylics and oil washes on canvas and panel are sure to cause an emotional reaction.

Joseph Maruska’s unique style of abstraction is based on a lingering intimacy with two major concerns – light & shadow and positive & negative. To tell his stories of life in this abstract manner, he uses colors from his heritage and is even known to use punctuation marks for expression and emotion.

“There is life, death, sex, despair and poetry in my work,” explains Maruska. “This ups the ante on pure abstraction. These psychological landscapes host mysteries of their own, hinting at romance and fantasy.”

Jeff Juhlin uses the temperamental and ancient medium of wax to create his works. Having practiced his art around the world, his encaustic paintings are inspired by the arid lands he calls home.

“I live in the high desert of the great basin in the west,” Juhlin said. “The contrast between the deep space of the western sky and the large open expanse of the terrain seems to always make its way into the work.”

By using the land as his muse, Juhlin is able to strike a balance between his organized style and the natural textures and sheen inherent in the encaustic process.

At the same time, Debra Corbett’s works are emotional responses to nature and travel. Using plaster, paint and glaze mediums she layers, subtracts and manipulates what’s on her canvas until the finished result gives the viewer a unique surface that has a rich, almost sculptural feel.

“My work is all about surface,” said Corbett. “I want there to be some sense of mystery to the painting. I hope the viewer has a true emotional response, lingers awhile and discovers new imagery, meaning and joy when looking at my work.”

In every way the best punctuation to describe abstract art is the interrobang – the mark made by combining a question mark with an exclamation point. It is used to express an attitude of disbelief, a rhetorical question, or an excited query. Through bright colors, mottled textures and non-specific subjects, these three artists convey emotion that will evoke the desire to excitedly ask if there’s more.

Featuring works from Massachusetts-artist Debra Corbett, California-artist Joseph Maruska and Utah-artist Jeff Juhlin, The Marshall | LeKAE Gallery of Fine Art will host “Interrobang: a show of abstract art,” opening Thursday, December 5, during Scottsdale’s annual Holiday ArtWalk and running through January 4. All three artists will be at the opening.

These artists’ new works will be viewable beginning December 2, on the gallery’s website and Facebook page.

Celebrating its 15th season in Scottsdale, The Marshall | LeKAE Gallery of Fine Art is proud to represent more than 70 world-class artists of diverse yet complementary genres and styles. With more than 60 years of combined experience in the art industry, the gallery staff’s keen understanding will help discerning art collectors find, purchase and install beautiful pieces of fine art.


Gallery owners, merchants form ‘We Are Marshall Way’

The holiday lights have been hung early, the temperatures have dropped below 90 and the merchants along Marshall Way just North of Indian School in the Arts District of Old Town are gearing up for what could be their most prosperous Fall ArtWalk season in years.

From the popular eateries like Eddie’s House to the eclectic Art galleries of Touchstone, Art One and Calvin Charles to the high-end Salons of Steven Paul and Salon Tru, gallery owners and merchants have come together under a newly formed “We Are Marshall Way” coalition to help spread the word about Marshall Way and bring more attention to the Valley’s most popular art street.

Marshall Way, which houses the largest concentration of contemporary Art Galleries in Arizona, regularly hosts ArtWalks every Thursday night from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., with several special themed walks beginning in early November:

Western ArtWalk – November 8, 2012
Holiday ArtWalk – December 6, 2012
Fiesta Bowl ArtWalk – December 27, 2012
Collector’s ArtWalk – January 17, 2013
Native Arts Art Walk – February 28, 2013
Best of Scottsdale Month – March 7, 14, 21 & 28, 2013
Culinary ArtWalk – April 18, 2013
Summer Spectacular ArtWalk – July 11, 2013

“The fall and winter ArtWalks are really the best time of the year to come out, enjoy a glass of wine at one of the galleries and enjoy one-of-a-kind artwork you will only find here in Scottsdale on Marshall Way,” said Touchstone Gallery Manager Teresa Lewis.  “For the November 8th Western ArtWalk we’ll be showcasing an incredible Centennial Celebration of Arizona’s Copper Minerals and Gemstones that will give you a glimpse back into the rich history that makes us The Copper State.”

Also part of the November 8th Western ArtWalk, Steven Paul Salon will showcase artist Ann Mulchay’s photography exhibit and the World Championship Miniature Carriage Horses that evening on their salon patio which sits adjacent to 3rd Avenue and Marshall Way.

“In keeping with the western theme, a number of our hair stylists plan to ‘embellish’ the Minnies with hair extensions and other accessories,” said Steven Scholz, owner of Steven Paul Salon. “Not only will it be an awesome site of miniature horses you will see some pretty fun and creative horse hair styles.”

As part of the November 29th ArtWalk Salon Tru is holding a Holiday Hair Bootcamp from 6-9pm.  Bring your tools & a friend as this how-to event will give Marshall Way visitors techniques to achieve great holiday-ready hair styles and more.

Marshall Way is also putting a call out to local Artists or creative individuals who would like to use Marshall Way for performance or projection art.

“We’re looking for that next artist who could perform or set-up projection art for us on Marshall Way,” said Kraig Foote, owner of Art One.  “Maybe someone who hasn’t quite broken into a gallery setting yet, but would be interested in showcasing their production art or projection art.  We really want to make Marshall Way the arts hub of Arizona.”

Members of the “We Are Marshall Way” coalition are also open to groups who would like to utilize the patios on ArtWalk Thursday nights.

“Our patios are really very under-utilized, “Choice” pieces of real estate, and if there are Charity groups or animal rescue groups like the Humane Society groups who would like to set up and use the spaces on those evenings, and benefit from the foot traffic on the street, we would love that,”  said Scholz.

For more information on the Thursday ArtWalks, call 480-874-8385