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Buddy Up: Social Workouts Can Keep You Active

social workouts
by in Shape

Buddy Up: Social Workouts Can Keep You Active It seems fitting that I follow up holiday eating with holiday fitness. For most of us, this is about balancing family and friends with exercise. If we start before the New Year begins, the extra effort will motivate us well into warm-weather vacation time. What truly matters… Read More →

How Eating Beef, Fish, Alcohol And More Can Cause Gout

by in Prevention

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why is my big toe red, hot and swollen?” This time of year brings on many podiatric issues. And, eating at holiday parties can bring on one of the most painful issues ― gout. Gout has been around throughout history and even has been called the “Rich Man’s Disease” due… Read More →

Holiday Eating Or Holiday Sabotage?

holiday eating
by in Shape

Holiday eating or holiday sabotage? Is this a time to embrace indulgences or battle temptations? Depends on one’s outlook. If you read the last article on cheater’s diets then this is an especially wonderful season. Approach with caution or dive in blindfolded. So, what’s the plan? Holiday Eating: comfort or enjoyment Meals this time of… Read More →