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Home office trends change Valley consumer habits

Home Office Productivity Tips
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One in five Americans reportedly work from home at least part time, and the numbers keep growing, according to a study by Teleworks. Companies are finding that workplace flexibility enables employees to work more efficiently and effectively, according to their individualized needs. This shift in more home-based employees also means consumers are needing to create at-home office spaces in… Read More →

7 Items To Keep Your Home Office Productive

Home Office Products, Scottsdale Living Magazine Winter 2012

Making Your Home Work: Seven items to keep your home office productive and save space Temahome Domino 7 from Portugal Be organized — and contemporary as well. With Temahome from Portugal, playfully called LEGO furniture, flip and flop the units just the way you like it. You can get the shelves in white, wenge or… Read More →

Making It Work From Home: Transform Your Bedroom Into A Home Office

Home office - Scottsdale Living Magazine Winter 2012

Empty nesters and entrepreneurs transform parts of their residence into a home office and office workspace With nearly a quarter of the employed workforce working from home in 2010, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and an increase in stay-at-home entrepreneurial moms (or WAHMs, work-at-home moms), garages, patios and children’s bedrooms have been… Read More →