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Arizona School Choice Trust

Wells Fargo invests $7.3M in Arizona schools, nonprofits

Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) has announced that it invested more than $7.3 million in schools and nonprofits in Arizona in 2014 – totaling more than $20,000 in daily giving to local nonprofit organizations.  Wells Fargo team members personally pledged more than $3.4 million of the total in addition to recording 90,757 volunteer hours to help Arizona neighborhoods and communities succeed.

“Wells Fargo is meeting the challenge of bringing local solutions to local needs, and I couldn’t be more proud of our company and the generosity of our team members,” said Pam Conboy, Arizona Lead Regional President.  “By volunteering and making financial contributions to their favorite nonprofit organizations, we know that our team members’ collective impact is felt in communities all across Arizona.”

In 2014 community development received the largest amount of donations, totaling $1,601,869.  Wells Fargo focused its contributions in the following areas within Arizona:

Community Development: $1,601,869.78 (41%)
Education:  $902,628 (23%)
Human Services: $978,811 (25%)
Civic: $302,123.69 (8%)
Arts and Culture: $105,250 (3%)
Environment:  $41,500 (1%)

Nationally, Wells Fargo invested $281.2 million in 17,100 nonprofits in 2014 and Wells Fargo team members volunteered more than 1.74 million hours around the country.

Robin Milne

Robin Milne – 50 Most Influential Women in Arizona Business

Robin Milne – Executive director, Phoenix Suns Charities

Milne said her job is “a dream” because she can combine her passion for sports and philanthropy. Milne works with the organization’s board of directors to raise and grant more than $1 million annually to programs in the areas of education, health, human services, the arts, rehabilitation, sports and recreation.

Surprising fact: “In college, I was a ‘lock’ on the scrum of a women’s rugby club. We were the Phoenix ‘Squash Blossoms‘ — our name said it all.”

Biggest challenge: “The organization took on a first-time initiative to ‘adopt’ Central High, in an effort to significantly increase graduation rates. We brought in ASU Teacher’s College’s iTeach AZ graduating teachers to mentor Central High teachers and its students to deliver that individual attention needed.”

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