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Arselia and dad at the Grand Canyon, Photo: Arselia Gales

A 10-Year-Old’s Unforgettable Journey To The Grand Canyon

Traveling with my mother and father is the fondest memory I have of my childhood. Together, we’ve traveled to Las Vegas, Baltimore and even Niagara Falls. As a little girl and even as a young adult I’ve always looked forward to learning where our adventures would take us.

When I was younger, I always wanted to go to the magnificent wonder known as the Grand Canyon. I’d seen pictures in magazines and on TV, and I just wanted to be there and experience the beauty first-hand. I was taken aback by the gorgeous, vibrant colors and the fact that something so amazing was just within my reach.Grand Canyon, Photo: Arselia Gales

In November 2002, when I was just 10 years old and living in El Paso, Texas, my parents decided to take a nice, little Arizona excursion. These trips were definitely not out of the ordinary. My grandparents lived in Tucson, so going to Arizona was very normal to me.

Grand Canyon, Photo: Arselia GalesIt’s no surprise that when my parents told me we would make a little pit stop at the Grand Canyon that I was nothing short of ecstatic.

When the trip began, I referred to myself as “Arselia Gales: Reporter/Recorder” and documented every single detail of the trip from the car ride there to the car ride home. Nothing was left unnoticed. I was determined to capture the magnificence of the Grand Canyon and everything in-between. Grand Canyon, Photo: Arselia GalesWe still have those old VHS tapes somewhere and even got some of them transferred to a DVD.

I also put myself in charge of taking all the photographs. I was a young multimedia journalist and didn’t even know it.

When we arrived to the Grand Canyon, I was awestruck. It was even better than the pictures. I was speechless.

I was also freezing.Grand Canyon, Photo: Arselia Gales

I can remember the long, seemingly treacherous drive up to the canyon. As the elevation increased, the temperature decreased. The declining temperature never seemed believable because the sun was shining just as it was in Phoenix. I really wanted to see some snow.

Luckily my mother was aware of the cold temperatures and came well prepared. My shiny silver jacket, which hung in my closet at home untouched, was now my best friend.

The four days we spent at the canyon were probably some of the four best days of my young life. Every day, my parents and I would go on new trails and explore new parts of the canyon. We saw lots of wildlife, and I’m grateful we never ran into any mountain lions or bobcats.

I’m still convinced we didn’t see the entire canyon, but I’m happy with what we saw. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. The sunrise and sunsets were gorgeous, and the canyon itself was breathtaking. It was never-ending. I even remember seeing the Colorado River. I could see why this was one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

In addition to our daily canyon travels, my parents and I went to museums and saw an IMAX movie about the Grand Canyon.

When our four days in the canyon were up, I was happy and sad. I was glad that I finally could cross something off of my hypothetical bucket list, but I was sad that the trip was coming to an end.

Now that I’m older, I’d definitely love to see the Grand Canyon with my roommates or even go with my parents again. I’ve never seen anything so stunning and magnificent. Perhaps the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls tie for first place in the “Places I’ve Been” category, but that’s another story.

For more information about the Grand Canyon, visit nps.gov/grca/index.htm.

Pink Jeep Tours, Grand Canyon

Pink Jeep Tours Expands To The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon has long been a destination for visitors around the world. Now, sightseeing company Pink Jeep Tours will give visitors the chance to experience the beauty of the canyon even more. With locations in Sedona and Las Vegas, Pink Jeep Tours has established itself as “the thing” to do in both cities, according to those who have experienced the desert ride. Both Sedona and Las Vegas currently offer tours to the Canyon, so it was fitting that an office with Pink Jeep tours at the Grand Canyon would be the next step.

Beginning August 1, Pink Jeep Tours began operating from the National Geographic Visitor Center seven days a week with customer service representatives on hand to answer questions, schedule tours and provide the ultimate experience for visitors at the Grand Canyon. The tours will be similar to the those experienced in Las Vegas and Sedona, with the same qualified tour guides and fun.

“When other tour companies are scaling back, we are stepping up our game and providing visitors what they want — more adventure, sightseeing and enjoyable tour opportunities in our existing markets of Sedona and Las Vegas, and now at the Grand Canyon,” says Pink Jeep Tours CMO Grant Ferguson.

Pink Jeep Tours also partnered with Destination Cinema, operator of the IMAX at the Grand Canyon, to bring a new tour component with the movie experience.

The expansion of Pink Jeep Tours at the Grand Canyon is just the beginning of exciting growth and adventure opportunities in Arizona and beyond.

“We look forward to not only what being located at the IMAX at the Grand Canyon will offer the millions of visitors each year, but where we will be able to expand our brand next,” Ferguson says.

Destination Cinema CEO, Bob Perkins, expressed his excitement about the partnership stating, “Destination Cinema is delighted to welcome Pink Jeep Tours as a marketing partner at the National Geographic Visitor Center.
Their ground tours will add another valuable component to the services offered at the center.”

With four tours available, including a spectacular ride along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, a guided walk along the Trail of Time and the opportunity to view the sunset at the Canyon, these tours will quench the eyes with beauty to last a lifetime.

Tours range in price from $68-$88, with discounted pricing for children 12 and under. Tours can be booked by calling (800) 873-3662.

Pink Jeep Tours Grand Canyon — making your visit even more Grand! For complete tour descriptions, visit pinkjeeptours.com.

Arizona Mills

Arizona Mills: More Than Just A Mall

Hoping to shop, play games or even see a movie this summer? Want to avoid driving all over town? Then you’re in luck; you can do all these things and more without having to drive to more than one location — at Arizona Mills.

I took a trip to Arizona Mills Mall recently with a group of friends and was dazzled by how much had changed in the past few years.

One of the new attractions is Sea Life Arizona. The bright colors and decorated store make you forget all about the Arizona heat, and allows you to cool off with your fishy friends. Even as you pass by, the windows are filled with small fish and marine plants that capture your attention.

After passing the aquarium, we strolled into the food court hoping to catch a quick bite before we shopped. The variety of food offered at the food court guarantees there is something for everyone to enjoy. Some of the choices included Paradise Bakery, Burger King and Panda Express. The Rainforest Café located is another option for your dining pleasure located in another part of the mall. And if your little ones can’t sit still, there is a carousel located near the seating so parents may watch their kids as they ride sea horses, rabbits and even zebras.

For those lucky parents with teenagers GameWorks is located across the way to offer another option. Past GameWorks is Harkins and IMAX leaving an opportunity to spend time as a family or a group of friends without roaming the entire mall.

My group quickly went out in search of summer deals after having a meal at the Panda Express. The variety of stores within Arizona Mills provides different styles and looks perfect for any occasion. Stores like Old Navy, H&M, Pac Sun, and even Victoria’s Secret are only a few of the stores that Arizona Mills has to offer.

Whether you’re looking to spend less and have more fun or a family outing indoors Arizona Mills is a fun destination. Watch movies, play games, shop, and eat together making only one stop. Your budget is as flexible as you want it to be, and the memories you will make are endless.

For more information about Arizona Mills, visit simon.com.

Arizona Mills
5000 S. Arizona Mills Circle
Tempe, AZ 85283
480) 491-7300