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Southern Cross Ranch. Listing Courtesy Of Kevin Owens, Best REALTOR® In Town
11250 E. Arabian Park Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85259

Agent Kevin Owens holds the key to living in luxury

KevinOwenshighbwKevin Owens understands the finer things in life ― he sells some of the nicest homes in the Valley to some of the most affluent residents in Arizona. The Scottsdale native, who works with Coldwell Banker, has been in the business for nearly six years. His family has a history in Valley real estate that spans about 30 years.

“One of my favorite things (about real estate) is negotiating multiple offers on one of my listings,” he says. “That is when the true fun starts for me!”

Scottsdale Living caught up with our Spring 2014 Best Realtor in Town about what it takes to be one of the top 6 percent of agents worldwide for sales production and his own “Top 5” places in Scottsdale.

How long have you worked in real estate?
I earned my real estate license in 2008 and have been with Coldwell Banker since day one of obtaining my license. My family has more than three decades of experience in residential real estate in the Valley, so it was a natural fit for me. I earned “Rookie of the Year” for the entire Phoenix metro area my first year, which was a difficult year ― and when many agents were leaving the industry. Starting during a down market really taught me to focus on key business fundamentals to grow my business.

When did you begin showing luxury homes?
During my first year in the business, I earned the opportunity to partner with two of Scottsdale’s top-producing luxury agents. These partnerships introduced me to representing luxury properties. I soon learned the intricacies of working with high-net-worth individuals and mastered the art of selling luxury estates.

Would you say the industry is more tight-knit or larger than people may realize?
I would actually say that the local real estate industry is a bit of both. With more than 28,000 real estate agents in the Valley, we have a pretty large number of people in our industry. However, not all of these agents actively sell real estate as their full-time job. Those of us who do make it our career are a little more tight-knit than many people may realize. We often encounter working with the same agents on cross sales or in networking.

Networking with other agents has actually helped me a lot in my business. In fact, I recently sold a home before it went on MLS because of my relationship with the agent who was representing the buyer. We had one showing and the property sold for full list price before it even went on MLS!

Did you represent other types of residences before you broke into the luxury side of home sales? What’s one of the biggest professional differences for you?
Although I specialize in luxury homes, I do work with all different types of people and homes in all different price points. I also work with developers in representing their new home communities. One of the biggest professional differences in working with high-net-worth individuals is that we often do not work directly with the client themselves. Sometimes our direct communication is with their business manager or personal assistant who makes business decisions on their behalf.

What has been a particularly memorable sale/experience?
Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with several celebrities and professional athletes. But, I would have to say that the most memorable sales for me are when I get the chance to truly help a family. Home sales and purchases tend to be the biggest transactions of peoples’ lives so it is a pleasure to be a part of that!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received or personal mantra for your professional life?
I am definitely a believer in the “Law of Attraction” for both my personal and business life. If we put positive energy into the universe, it will come back to us!

What are some properties you are currently showing?
I am currently marketing a 5-acre luxury equestrian estate that is on Arabian Park Drive – known within the horse community as the “Rodeo Drive” of equestrian estates. The house recently went through a complete overhaul renovation and has incredible entertaining spaces. I also have a new luxury listing coming on the market in north Scottsdale that was designed and built by an artist. It truly feels like an “artisan” custom home with architectural details throughout coupled with incredible views!

What are your top 5 favorite things/places in Scottsdale?
Well, I like to dine out and explore new restaurants, so many of those would be restaurants.
1. AZ88 – such a landmark, great food, and one of my favorite outdoor patios
2. iPic – love the reclining seats, pillow/blanket, and cocktails during movies
3. Citizen Public House – warm ambiance and the best Chopped Salad in town
4. Sanctuary on Camelback – elements has some of the best hospitality in town and the resort has incredible views
5. Orange Sky at Talking Stick – such an experience, dramatic views of the wild horses and sunsets

Interested in buying or selling with Kevin? Contact Kevin at 480.217.9184 or kevin@fineAZliving.com


iPic: The Ultimate Dinner-And-A-Movie Experience

Whether you’re going with family, friends or a special someone, planning a dinner and a movie can be difficult. There is only so much within your control, and time leaves you either late or too early. Looking for an easier way to combine these two elements, I decided that my boyfriend and I should give iPic Theaters a try.

As I gradually made my way up the escalator, dazzled by the large iPic sign, I was already impressed by how unique this theater’s layout was from the normal film experience. Nothing could have prepared me for what was waiting behind those doors.

When I opened the doors to the iPic Theaters, I could immediately tell from the low lights and furniture that this was a nice place. The hostess greeted us warmly and explained how the iPic  process works. I could choose to sit in the regular or premium seats, which offer a large, automatic reclining chair topped with a pillow and blanket for the moviegoer to use. Because this was my first trip to iPic, I figured I should diversify my movie experience as much as possible; I opted for the premium seats.

After selecting my movie, the hostess showed me the available and occupied seats on a small screen in front of me, which was a similar process to picking seats for a Broadway show. I made my selection and proceeded toward my theater. Although I knew what was waiting for me, I was surprised nonetheless ― small aisles and large reclining chairs, with a blanket and pillow atop; as for the armrests, they were so wide, plates could be placed on either side of you.

Taking my seat, we were immediately greeted by our server, who was happy to explain how things worked. They allow you to look at the menu and take your complete order during the previews. The goal is to be able to bring you your complimentary, small bag of popcorn, drink(s) and an appetizer (if you order one) during the beginning of the movie ― disturbing your movie going pleasure as little as possible.

As I explored the menu, I found it offers a vast selection of appetizers, flat bread pizzas, burgers and other mouth-watering selections. (For more specifics, feel free to check the iPic Theaters website, ipic.com, for its menu.) Be warned, though ― the portions are generous, and it’s far too easy to want to order everything they have to offer.

To maximize your dining experience, add a side of fries to your meal. Why? These aren’t ordinary fries; you can opt for either truffle or sweet potato fries. Plus, these portions are so generous, my boyfriend and I struggled to eat even half of one order of truffle fries.

Perhaps biting off more than we can chew, we also ordered dessert. The dessert consisted of two chocolate brownies frozen overnight with vanilla bean ice cream in-between. Your plate will consist of about four, small ice cream brownie sandwiches lightly drizzled with chocolate sauce.

As we struggled to eat our vast amount of food, our server offered us boxes to bring our food home with us. We eagerly accepted after truly enjoying our food and movie experience.

During the movie, I was impressed by the quality of both the sights and sounds. You know how, sometimes, the movie can feel either too quiet or far too loud? Here, that isn’t the case. And as as for where we were seated, the premium seats definitely felt like the best seats in the house; they were firm but cushy, and they allow you to sit at any position comfortably with a moveable tray table for your food and drinks.

Immediately hooked from my first encounter, I looked for a reason to return. iPic Theaters offers a membership program with a long list of perks giving plenty of reasons for you to return. Perks include  discounted pricing, the ability to earn points on each ticket purchase, special prices, and much more.

If you’re looking to be waited on hand and foot, while offered quality food and entertainment sure to make any visit a night to remember, visit iPic Theaters. Trust me; you won’t be disappointed. (Even the bathrooms will impress you!)

iPic Theaters

15257 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
(480) 483-3232