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iPic: The Ultimate Dinner-And-A-Movie Experience

Whether you’re going with family, friends or a special someone, planning a dinner and a movie can be difficult. There is only so much within your control, and time leaves you either late or too early. Looking for an easier way to combine these two elements, I decided that my boyfriend and I should give iPic Theaters a try.

As I gradually made my way up the escalator, dazzled by the large iPic sign, I was already impressed by how unique this theater’s layout was from the normal film experience. Nothing could have prepared me for what was waiting behind those doors.

When I opened the doors to the iPic Theaters, I could immediately tell from the low lights and furniture that this was a nice place. The hostess greeted us warmly and explained how the iPic  process works. I could choose to sit in the regular or premium seats, which offer a large, automatic reclining chair topped with a pillow and blanket for the moviegoer to use. Because this was my first trip to iPic, I figured I should diversify my movie experience as much as possible; I opted for the premium seats.

After selecting my movie, the hostess showed me the available and occupied seats on a small screen in front of me, which was a similar process to picking seats for a Broadway show. I made my selection and proceeded toward my theater. Although I knew what was waiting for me, I was surprised nonetheless ― small aisles and large reclining chairs, with a blanket and pillow atop; as for the armrests, they were so wide, plates could be placed on either side of you.

Taking my seat, we were immediately greeted by our server, who was happy to explain how things worked. They allow you to look at the menu and take your complete order during the previews. The goal is to be able to bring you your complimentary, small bag of popcorn, drink(s) and an appetizer (if you order one) during the beginning of the movie ― disturbing your movie going pleasure as little as possible.

As I explored the menu, I found it offers a vast selection of appetizers, flat bread pizzas, burgers and other mouth-watering selections. (For more specifics, feel free to check the iPic Theaters website, ipic.com, for its menu.) Be warned, though ― the portions are generous, and it’s far too easy to want to order everything they have to offer.

To maximize your dining experience, add a side of fries to your meal. Why? These aren’t ordinary fries; you can opt for either truffle or sweet potato fries. Plus, these portions are so generous, my boyfriend and I struggled to eat even half of one order of truffle fries.

Perhaps biting off more than we can chew, we also ordered dessert. The dessert consisted of two chocolate brownies frozen overnight with vanilla bean ice cream in-between. Your plate will consist of about four, small ice cream brownie sandwiches lightly drizzled with chocolate sauce.

As we struggled to eat our vast amount of food, our server offered us boxes to bring our food home with us. We eagerly accepted after truly enjoying our food and movie experience.

During the movie, I was impressed by the quality of both the sights and sounds. You know how, sometimes, the movie can feel either too quiet or far too loud? Here, that isn’t the case. And as as for where we were seated, the premium seats definitely felt like the best seats in the house; they were firm but cushy, and they allow you to sit at any position comfortably with a moveable tray table for your food and drinks.

Immediately hooked from my first encounter, I looked for a reason to return. iPic Theaters offers a membership program with a long list of perks giving plenty of reasons for you to return. Perks include  discounted pricing, the ability to earn points on each ticket purchase, special prices, and much more.

If you’re looking to be waited on hand and foot, while offered quality food and entertainment sure to make any visit a night to remember, visit iPic Theaters. Trust me; you won’t be disappointed. (Even the bathrooms will impress you!)

iPic Theaters

15257 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
(480) 483-3232


Date Night

Date Night: Kalibre, Kazimierz, Mabel's And More

Choosing the right outfit

Offering a unique collection of styles, Lindsay Lou is the perfect
one-stop shop to get that great date night outfit — and even a few
other pieces.

Lindsay Lou
6107 N. Scottsdale Rd.
(480) 443-2522

Perfect jewelery

To match the outfit you spent hours picking out, you’re going to
need some great jewelery. With the distinctively creative pieces
from Kalibre, you’ll adorn your spectacular outfit with
one-of-a-kind jewelery.

7101 E. Stetson Drive
(480) 946-8055

Last-chance workout

Save time for that last minute workout before the night. To look
absolutely spectacular for your date in a quick way, try out Koko
Fitclub of Scottsdale for its 30-minute workout using the
Koko Smartraining System. This new technology creates a
personal training plan without the expensive trainer.

Koko Fitclub of Scottsdale
6245 E. Bell Rd.
Suite 113
(480) 588-6602

Get your nails done

Pamper yourself pre-date night with a manicure or pedicure from
Polished Nail Spa. Offering a clean and inviting atmosphere with a welcoming staff, treat yourself to the simple pleasures of a great mani or pedi.

Polished Nail Spa
10243 N. Scottsdale Rd., #2
(480) 948-8055

Relax before the night

A perfect way to relax before the big night, treat yourself to a Date night message
calming hot stone massage. With affordable pricing, you can enjoy a nice massage to work out those date night jitters.

Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa
15233 N. 87th Street 100
(480) 991-5100

Wine & Dine

A downtown hidden jewel for live entertainment, more than 3,000 Date night food and drinks
wine options, cocktails and appetizers, Kazimierz World Wine Bar is a cozy restaurant complete with mood-setting light.

Kazimierz World Wine Bar
7137 E. Stetson Drive
(480) WINE-004

Join the club

If you’re looking for a great lounge that includes food, drinks,date night club and lounge
music and a friendly atmosphere, Mabel’s on Main offers just
that. With a friendly staff and date-friendly atmosphere, this
bar and lounge provides the perfect space to chat, dance, eat
and drink the night away.

Mabel’s on Main
7018 E. Main St.
(480) 369- 3665

For your (sweet)heart

Before you call it a night, squeeze in a tasteful after date night dessert, Photo: sweetrepublic.com treat. Stop by Sweet Republic, and enjoy a plentiful amount of treats sure to please any palette. If the 24 flavors of ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet don’t satisfy your sweet tooth, try one of their sundaes, shakes, specialty drinks, cookies, ice cream sandwiches, pies and cakes. This last stop of the night will literally put the cherry on top of a great date night.

Sweet Republic
9160 E. Shea Blvd
(480) 248-6979