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Tips for filing your 2015 tax returns

For many, the oncoming tax season can be stressful, overwhelming, and even confusing, especially as the April 18th deadline draws nearer. From deductions to exemptions, there are many items to consider when filing a 2015 return, leaving plenty of room for errors and costly mistakes. That is why proper organization and proactive planning are necessary in order… Read More →

Half of Arizonans don’t know how much they need to retire

Key Elements to Retirement Planning

BMO Harris Premier Services released the results of a study that examined retired and non-retired Arizonans’ views on retirement. According to the study, 47 percent do not know how much they will need to fund their ideal retirement lifestyle and 33 percent do not know when they will retire. The study also found that: The… Read More →

Time Value Of Money And Planning

value of money

Understanding the general concept of the time value of money can help consumers plan appropriately for future needs and today’s wants. This concept applies to how a consumer may save, invest and make decisions on lending needs. Many of us are familiar with the idea that the earlier one starts saving the more he or… Read More →