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Steven Koeppel, Owner Of Scottsdale Jean Company, Comes Out On Top By Selling Bottoms

Steve Koeppelle, Owner, Scottsdale Jean Company - AZ Business Magazine June 2010

Steven Koeppel Scottsdale Jean Company Title: Owner Est: 2005  | “You can never learn too much and you can never be too smart – ask a lot of questions.” – Steven Koeppel, owner of Scottsdale Jean Company When it comes to battling with the best in the retail clothing world, Scottsdale Jean Company is… Read More →

50 Surprising Products Made From Oil

50 Surprising Products Made From Oil
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With the ongoing oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico being thrust into the national spotlight, I started thinking about how big a role oil really plays in our lives’. Treehugger compiled a very interesting and surprising list of products that feature petroleum or its byproducts. After reading through this list, I concluded that… Read More →