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Should you test personality of potential new hires?

by in AZ Business Magazine | Workforce

First, the good news. The unemployment rate is at an all-time low and while the fluctuating labor force may be a driver of the current stats, the fact is, companies are hiring. The not-so-good news is that you, as a business owner or executive, have new positions to fill and stacks of resumes. How do… Read More →

Girlfriend University Inspires Confidence in Women Entrepreneurs

Girlfriend University, Scottsdale, Ariz. - AZ Business Magazine July/August 2011

After just one year, Jodi Low and Renee Dee, owners of Scottsdale-based Girlfriend University, have turned heads and gained nods from business professionals. Despite the business’ seemingly light-hearted name, its goal is a serious one — to help empower women to be inspirational leaders. “We named the business Girlfriend University because the name completely indicates… Read More →

Girlfriend University Isn’t Just For The Ladies

Girlfriend University - AZ Business Magazine Jan/Feb 2011

Don’t let the rhinestones, quotes by Madonna, crystal chandeliers and fuchsia touches fool you; Girlfriend University is serious business. Founders Renee Dee, former publisher of Arizona Foothills Magazine, and Jodi Low, a former sales and marketing professional, combined their corporate and entrepreneurial backgrounds to create Girlfriend University as a way for women to grow personally… Read More →