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Volatility Can Be A Portfolio’s Greatest Threat

Wall street bull

The up-and-down swings of the markets are giving everybody vertigo. Yet most people fail to understand how critical it is to minimize the volatility within their investments. Besides getting a better night’s sleep, there are sound mathematical reasons. Most people are astounded to learn that they can actually earn a lesser rate of return with… Read More →

Non-Residential Building Feeling Effects Of Recession

nonresidential building outlook

Although non-residential building held up longer than residential activity in the current recession, the non-residential downturn now has started and is expected to continue into 2010. Non-residential building began to increase strongly at the beginning of 2006, just as residential activity started to sag. Double-digit growth continued in seven of the next 10 quarters, propping… Read More →

First Job: Roy Vallee, Avnet Inc.

First Job: Roy Vallee, Avnet Inc.

Roy Vallee Chairman and CEO Avnet Inc. Describe your very first job and what lessons you learned from it. I was 13 years old when I landed my first job selling cosmetics and household products door-to-door. As a salesman, my earnings were based entirely on what I sold. That meant that if I sold nothing,… Read More →

In This Recession, Small Business Survival Skills are Proving Invaluable

Super-Powered Small Businesses

Tattoo Manufacturing Inc., in Tucson is a well-kept secret of success. This company with 95 employees bills itself as the world’s largest manufacturer of temporary tattoos. Indeed, it produces 6 million tattoos a day and has captured more than 90 percent of the temporary-tattoo market in the U.S. Joyce Sinclair founded the company in 1985,… Read More →

Growing Number Of Health Care Professionals Are Getting Their MBAs

Growing Number Of Health Care Professionals Are Getting Their MBAs

Despite the sluggish economy and rising unemployment, a growing number of health care professionals are headed back to school to get an MBA and increase their value in the job market. A recent survey by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education showed an 18 percent increase in applications to graduate programs across the… Read More →

Tailwinds Full-Service Pet Resort Provides Services Specifically For Dogs And Cats

Tailwinds Pet Resort

Mischelle Hutchison and Holly Utzinger, Owners Tailwinds Pet Resort Est: 2009 “Even when you think you know it all, you won’t. Keep searching for ways to get smarter.” The newest resort in town is for a very energetic kind of clientele. Tailwinds Pet Resort is catering only to the needs of our four-legged friends and… Read More →

BRIO’s Italian Cuisine Livens Up The Palate

BRIO Italian Restaurant Interior Scottsdale, Arizona

For a taste of l’Italia, immerse yourself in the soothing ambience, hearty portions and tantalizing pasta sauces at BRIO, Scottsdale’s latest Italian enterprise. With locations throughout the United States, BRIO’s newest home in the Valley can be found in the shopping, dining and entertainment destination called the Scottsdale Quarter. There’s nothing like a good Italian… Read More →

Customer Service And Reliability Are Two Important Factors In Selecting The Right Telecom Provider

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by in AZ Business Magazine | Tech

With the evolution of the information age, corporations are continually looking for new ways to increase productivity. Executives are faced with hundreds of service options on a daily basis and need help answering at least one of the many important operational questions they might have: How to choose the right telecommunications provider. When you think… Read More →

Wealth Managers Can Diagnose And Treat Battered Financial Confidence

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If the past several quarters have taught us anything about wealth management, it’s the importance of routine maintenance, diagnosis and treatment of our portfolios — even if they are ailing. Much like the consistent faith we place in our doctors for our health, so too must we place trust in our wealth management advisory teams.… Read More →

Office Designs Can Spark Employee Creativity

visual workspace

We have all seen, or at least heard about, “off-the-charts” office design that is not only cool, but also inspires its work force. Companies such as Google, Pixar, Herman Miller, Red Bull, and even one blogger in her vintage trailer, have been recognized for their creativity in the workplace. These companies have shown us that… Read More →

Protect Stream Of Information Coming Into Your Company From Multiple Sources

stream of information

About 2,500 years ago, the Spartans seemingly perfected cryptography by ingeniously wrapping a thin sheet of papyrus around a staff called a skytale. Today, while our encryption and data security methods have significantly improved, the need for securing data is just as relevant. And with the advent of cloud computing, new methods must be refined… Read More →