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The Dangers of Inhalants

Parents worry about their teenagers experimenting with drugs on the street or at school, but many  never stop to consider their teen may be getting high from products found in their own home. The facts: •    Younger teenagers are finding that household products can provide a cheap high. •    Inhalants are popular among the 8th… Read More →

Daddy Duties: A father’s role in drug prevention

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Let’s face it, the duties of a father are never-ending. Whether you’re a dad or the person that plays dad in your family, providing for and keeping your child healthy and happy are an integral part to fatherhood. At times, daddy duties can be overwhelming but rest assured: fatherhood is more than the sleepless nights… Read More →

Your Kids and Synthetic Drugs: Things Parents Need to Know

As our kids gear up for a summer of fun ahead, parents need to be aware of the synthetic drugs available to kids. Some of the most common right now include N-bomb, bath salts and spice, which are street names for substances like synthetic marijuana, psychoactive plants, harmful powders and synthetic hallucinogens similar to LSD.… Read More →