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Please Do Not Disturb: Hospital Construction Zone

Hospital Construction - AZRE Magazine November/December 2011
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During hospital construction, constant planning and communication are top priorities for healthcare builders The foremost focus in upgrading or expanding a hospital is keeping the work concealed from the patients. So says Steve Whitworth, Kitchell’s Healthcare Division manager, about hospital construction. It’s not like adding or enlarging a store in a retail center, which might… Read More →

Healing Young Bodies: Building a Pediatric Hospital

Pediatric Hospital, AZRE Maagazine May/June 2011
by in Economic Development

Building a Pediatric Hospital At a pediatric hospital, the healing process should begin as soon as Mom or Dad drives up the driveway to look for a parking space. That’s where it all begins for the young patient and his or her family. And that’s where the differences begin when it comes to building a… Read More →