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Lomography photography at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Ariz.

Lomography: Analog Photography Is Back And Trendier Than Ever

It’s the “instant gratification” generation. We need our information now; service must be quick. We’re a society devoid of patience, and we only continue to make our lives more fast-paced.

As far as photography is concerned, we’ve moved from analog to digital, so we can view our photos immediately after it’s taken. That way we can retake the picture if need be. No more dropping off the film and waiting an hour, maybe a few days, in order to view the prints.

But, surprisingly, analog is back. Some call it the trendy, hipster type of photography; others have no idea what it is.

Lomography allows you to get spontaneous, experimental and creative with your photos. Shoot from your hip; avoid looking through the viewfinder, and be patient. The end result is always worth the wait.

I recently picked up a Diana Mini 35 mm film camera, bought different types of film, each giving the photo a unique look and feel, and immediately began experimenting.

The best part? You never know what the photo will look like, AND you can shoot half frames.

To give you a feel for how lomo photos look, here are a few I’ve taken over the past year with my favorite toy camera:

[slickr-flickr tag=”Lomography” items=”20″ type=”galleria” id=”58183795@N05″]