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Arizona voters still split on Prop 205 to legalize marijuana

Arizona Medical Marijuana Program

About half of Arizona voters still support Proposition 205, the ballot measure to relax legal restrictions on recreational marijuana use, but the percentage of those opposed increased by two percentage points in recent weeks, according to the most recent Arizona Republic/Morrison/Cronkite News poll. The poll of registered Arizona voters taken Oct. 10-15 showed the percentage… Read More →

The business of America’s marijuana revolution

By all accounts, America’s emerging cannabis industry is shaping up to be the country’s biggest business experiment of the 21st century. But the mushrooming niche sector could quickly become an un-navigable morass of conflicting state and federal laws, with banks reluctant to touch the industry’s abundance of money and a patchwork of state and local… Read More →

Arizona approves first medical marijuana dispensary

State health regulators have issued their first approval for a medical marijuana dispensary, but a lawyer for the operator says the facility won’t open right away. Director of Health Services Will Humble says a dispensary applicant in Glendale received the approval late Thursday after passing an inspection without any major deficiencies. The medical marijuana law… Read More →