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Multicultural marketing plan can boost bottom line

Mark Suarez spent a decade doing marketing work for companies like McDonald’s, AAA. Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill and the Arizona Office of Tourism. While the 35-year-old worked on both general campaigns and campaigns targeted at the Hispanic market, he saw the need for a company that specialized in multicultural marketing and advertising.

“I think folks have tried to create a multicultural division or had a token person who oversees that segment of the marketplace,” Suarez said, “but the fact is that you need to build it out and have capabilities that are culturally relevant.”

To fill that void, Suarez teamed up with Bill Lavidge of The Lavidge Company to create Mosaic Multicultural, a full-service multicultural marketing agency based in Phoenix that provides multicultural advertising, interactive, public relations and marketing services.

“I looked at this as an opportunity to grow my own business in a multicultural market that makes a lot of sense,” Suarez said. “One of the keys that differentiates us is that most folks think of multicultural as a Spanish-language agency. We are more than that. The reality is that we are a multicultural market and multicultural society and we help our customers position their businesses for the long term.”

As a third-generation Puerto Rican who grew up in a diverse neighborhood in Michigan Suarez knows the multicultural market inside and out.

“My friends and I called ourselves the United Nations,” Suarez said. “There were African-Americans, Arabic, Puerto Ricans, Caucasians. If you look around at the Phoenix market today, we all really do live in a multicultural society.”

Suarez said the face of the market is only going to change.

“When you look at the next 10 years, almost 60 percent of the growth in Phoenix is going to come from the Hispanic market,” he said “However your business is doing today, you’re not going to be doing as well 10 years from now if you don’t embrace the new marketplace and learn who tomorrow’s consumers will be.”

Suarez said companies like McDonald’s and AAA and the telecommunications and automotive industries have improved their bottom lines by embracing the multicultural approach. Other industries, he said, need to catch up.

“Industries like healthcare are still trying to find their footprint,” Suarez said. “They are embracing it, but embracing it and acting on it are two different things. They have recognized the need is there, but it’s the ‘how?’ that gives them trouble. That’s where Mosaic fits it.”


5 Things To Know About the Latino Marketplace

Mark Suarez is Managing Director of Mosaic Multicultural, a new full-service multicultural marketing agency working in partnership with The Lavidge Company. Mosaic provides multicultural advertising, interactive, public relations and marketing services. Recently, Mosaic was named the agency of record for the Phoenix McDonald’s Hispanic business. Here are five things Suarez says you should know about doing business with the Latino marketplace:

  1. You have to connect with us through both culture and language. Language doesn’t always mean in Spanish either. More than half of Latinos in Phoenix speak some English, while only 35 percent are Spanish dominant. Therefore, an approach in both English and Spanish, with culturally relevant strategies and creative would be an effective way to reach our market. We live, work and play in two different worlds most of the time. Take the time to understand us. Invest in bi-lingual collateral and employees.
  2. Consistency is key. When talking to the Latino, or any multicultural market, you must be consistent. Brands that invest in us are rewarded with our business. However, it’s an ongoing process and not a launch and leave relationship. It takes time to build a relationship with us. We want to genuinely get to know and trust you and your brand before we reward you with our business. We also need to be engaged consistently just as you do with the general market consumer, especially since in Arizona we will be the general market very soon.
  3. Community is king. Engage us in our communities through events and our passion points. We are passionate about our families, values, sports, communities and brands, which are not completely different from other’s core values and passions. We are involved in our community and look out for each other. We might bring our entire family to your business for a single purchase. Don’t be alarmed by this as we are just sharing our life with the people closest to us. Even the smallest purchases are discussed with family and friends.
  4. Latinos are not all the same. We are a very diverse group with many colors, income levels, educational levels, social levels, etc. We don’t spend our time trying to “acculturate” to the traditional American culture. Instead, we are shaping American culture into the future, especially here in Arizona. We appreciate businesses that understand our diversity and embrace it.
  5. We have money and we spend lots of it on products and services that are important to us. Our purchasing power in Arizona alone is more than $40 billion and will be $50 billion by late 2014. This consumer revenue is up for the taking, market smartly and you’ll share in the billions.