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Arizona Medical Marijuana Program Dispensary Application Simplified

Arizona Medical Marijuana Program

Over the past nine months, the dispensary application portion of the Arizona Medical Marijuana program has been on hold. As early as April 2012, applications will be accepted under certain conditions. Only landlords with properly zoned locations that are not near schools, churches, public parks, daycare centers and other prohibited areas will be qualified to… Read More →

weGrow Phoenix Opens, Cultivating Opportunities In Arizona

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weGrow Phoenix – As interest in the medical marijuana industry increases, weGrow offers franchisees a chance to be a part of it. The demand for Medical marijuana is growing across the state. And with the law of supply and demand being what it is, the number of applications for franchises selling products to help cultivate… Read More →

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Operators Deal With Regulations, Landlords

Medical Marijuana, AZRE Magazine May/June 2011
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Don’t look for medical marijuana dispensaries to pop up next door to your neighborhood drug store anytime soon. Cities are wrestling with a host of issues to determine where the new businesses can set up shop, even as the Arizona Department of Health Services tries to figure out who can operate them and who can… Read More →

Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Proposition Passes, But Where Will The Dispensaries Go?

Medical Marijuana Where Will The Dispensaries Go

Arizona voters made history again this month, narrowly approving Proposition 203, the ballot initiative allowing one medical marijuana dispensary for every 10 pharmacies in the state (which translates to about 120 statewide). Under Prop. 203, patients suffering from a wide range of painful medical conditions will be able to buy small amounts of marijuana from… Read More →

Proposition 203 Passes – Arizona Legalizes Medical Marijuana

Proposition 203 Passes - Arizona Legalizes Medical Marijuana
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On Nov. 23, Arizona is set to officially become the 15th state in the nation to legalize medical marijuana. Almost two weeks after the Nov. 2 election, the final numbers for Proposition 203 have been tallied and the measure has passed by the slimmest of margins — a mere 4,341 votes. The final numbers: 841,346… Read More →