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Glamping, Photo: Wolwedans

Worldwide Trend, Glamping, Arrives To Scottsdale

When one thinks of camping, the phrase “roughing it” typically comes to mind. Flashbacks of faulty supplies, mystery food, bug attacks and the process of “using nature as your bathroom,” tend to prevent people from giving camping a second chance. However, a new trend has emerged that not only accommodate all of your camping needs, but also your luxury needs. and luxury needs. Ladies, meet glamping.

Glamping, originating from such exotic destinations as Africa and Thailand, is a more luxurious way to enjoy the great outdoors by providing glamorous amenities and services. Tents, for example, are often built with an electrical power source, offering appliances, lighting and climate control for guests. As if that isn’t luxurious enough, ditch your sleeping bag and upgrade to either an air mattress or king-sized spring mattress, sheathed in Egyptian cotton sheets. The best part? Camp is set up prior to your arrival, so all that’s left for you to do is to simply enjoy.

The royal treatment doesn’t stop there; full-course meals, laundered clothing, comfortable transportation and on-location spas come standard. Don’t let all this glitz fool you, though; glamping is very much about enjoying and respecting nature. Guests will still embark on river rafting adventures, safaris, go rock climbing and spelunking. The biggest difference being at the end of the day, instead of coming home to a crooked, wet tent, a wait staff and a toasty fire will greet you. Do we have your attention yet?

As this fad’s popularity soars, several resorts and outdoor adventure groups offer glamping escapades, as well as the chance to design your own custom camping adventure. And this includes local Arizona Outback Adventures, which offers a large variety of outdoor adventures, supplying meals and snacks, transportation and all of your camping supplies. Another local option is The Phoenician, a luxury resort and hotel in Scottsdale, which offers its own interpretation of glamping, per request.

“Here at The Phoenician, we can create a glamping experience by providing such luxurious offerings as AAA Five Diamond accommodations, award-winning restaurants and a world-renowned spa (The Centre for Well-Being), all combined with a variety of outdoor endeavors,” says Denise Seomin, director of public relations for The Phoenician.

“The Centre for Well-Being actually offers guided hikes at Camelback Mountain,” she adds. “The resort also has bikes available to guests to explore the 250-acre grounds, or nearby communities. In addition, the concierge staff can arrange a diverse number of active pursuits to add to the glamping trip, from horseback riding to river rafting.”

If your glamping craving takes you beyond the limits of Arizona, Seomin suggests you do plenty of research online and consider seeking assistance from a travel agent.

“Its all depends on the exact type or style of glamping trip in which the travelers are interested,” Seomin says. “Glamping, or the degree of such travel, is really at the discretion of the individuals, who can truly customize the experience to meet their expectations.”

Overall, if you’re interested in pursuing outdoor activities without sacrificing comfort and present-day amenities, glamping is screaming your name.

For more information about glamping at/with The Phoenician or Arizona Outback Adventures, visit thephoenician.com or aoa-adventures.com, respectively.

Glamping at the Phoenician

“Glamping” Photo Shoot Special Thanks To:

Location: The Phoenician in Scottsdale
Clothes and shoes: Barneys, Scottsdale Fashion Square
Jewelry: Hearts, Hearts.com
Makeup: Mozaik Skin & Body
Hair: Lindsay Cohen, All Done Up!
Models: Emily, Kristin and Nicole
Photographers: Cory Bergquist and Glory Shim

glamping at the phoenician

Scottsdale Living Magazine Fall 2012

Fall Season Makeup Trends by Mozaik Skin & Body

Fall Season Makeup Trends, Tips From Mozaik Skin & Body

We spoke with Natalie Stabb of Mozaik Skin & Body in Scottsdale, who filled us in on the fall season makeup trends.

Over the past six years, the cosmetics world has seen the return and demise of neutral tones, lipsticks, pastels, cat eyes, matte foundation, smokey greys, blush and colored eye shadows.

BB Beauty Balm, Photo: sephora.comCoincidentally, Natalie Stabb of Mozaik Skin & Body in Scottsdale has been working in this field during this same period of time. So, she may know a thing or two about the upcoming fall season makeup trends.

According to Stabb, one item in particular to keep your eye out for is BB Beauty Balm. This “skin perfecting balm” seems to be a popular item found in the cosmetic bags of many.

“It gives full coverage but also helps with fine lines, wrinkles and helps smooth out skin,” Stabb says. “It is still a bit of a natural look.”

Brown, smokey eyes by Mozaik Skin & BodyBrown, smokey eyes are also big for the fall, as opposed to the aforementioned smokey grey. Stabb says this one is her favorite.

“You could do it in the daytime and go a little more dramatic for night,” she says. “Everyone can go with smokey eyes. It can go on a young person or an older person. It can be matte or bronze.”

Next on her list are jewel tones for the eyes. This includes amethysts, plums, navies and, especially, aqua shades.

Jewel Tones for Eyes = Fun & Flirty, Photo: Mozaik Skin & Body“Jewel tones are fun,” Stabb says. “There are no ‘rules’ when it comes to makeup, so people should play with them to find a look or color that they are comfortable with.”

For someone who is new to applying makeup or for those looking to try something new, Stabb suggests choosing a color that contrasts the eyes. For instance, use copper for blue eyes, and green hues for brown eyes. Stabb says plum shades are extremely universal and can go with any eye color; just pick the right shade for you.

BB "Beauty Balm" = Dewy & Natural, Photo: Mozaik Skin & BodyFor the work conscious, Stabb says jewel tones can even be worn in a professional environment. She suggests blending them with a neutral tone and using a small amount. Or, try it as a liner.

“One of my favorite tricks is to do a really natural eye shadow and line it with a thick black liner, then just put a little metallic jewel tone shadow of liner in the corners,” Stabb says.

Keeping with the color theme, colored mascara is also on Stabb’s list of trends for the fall season. She suggests trying it on your whole eye as well as accompanied with your favorite black mascara. Try putting black on and using the colored mascara on the tips.

Brown Smokey Eye + Natural Lips = Smoldering & Sexy, Photo: Mozaik Skin & BodyTo top off your new, trendy fall look, use a bold color for your lips. And we aren’t talking about the bright-red trend that was so popular in the spring and summer seasons.

“Try using deep reds and deep plums,” Stabb says. “It’s a vamp look.”

She advises people with fair skin tones to choose a brick- or berry-red shade. For those with medium skin tones, try burgundy or maroon. If you have dark skin tones, stick to wines and browns.

Eminence Organic Beauty collection, Photo: us.eminenceorganics.comStabb recommends the Eminence Organic Beauty collection for cosmetics, especially for those dealing with the intense Arizona heat.

“This is a brand new concept for Eminence,” Stabb says. “Our customers have been waiting a long time for this and have ‘fallen’ in love!”

Ultimately, Stabb says makeup is for playing and experimenting. Try many different looks and find out what works for you.

For more information about fall season makeup trends and/or Mozaik Skin & Body, visit mozaikskin.com.