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Heart Star: Larry Fitzgerald Of Arizona Cardinals Always Watches His Health

As one of the best receivers in the NFL, Arizona Cardinals’ star wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is serious when it comes to his health and well-being. Although he’s “very thankful” that heart disease and stroke don’t run in his family, Fitzgerald isn’t taking any chances. His “job,” as he calls it, requires him to stay fit and healthy at all times.

“I pride myself on eating right and exercising regularly. During the season, of course, exercising is a part of my job each day I go to work,” Fitzgerald says.

The 6-foot-3, 218-pound Pro Bowler has made wellness part of his daily routine.

“The team has ‘on field’ practices and we are also required to lift weights, as well. Breakfast and lunch are provided, and I choose to make healthy eating choices,” Fitzgerald says. “During the off season I try to stick to these same rules.”

His dedication to a healthy diet and daily exercise has paid off. Following an amazing career at the University of Pittsburgh, Fitzgerald was the third overall pick in the 2004 NFL Draft by the Cardinals.  His best season came in 2008, when he caught 96 passes for 1,431 yards and 12 touchdowns. That was the same year the Cardinals went to the Super Bowl.

Fitzgerald says his formula for health is simple.

“First, everyone should be sure to take an active role in their health and well-being by making sure to regularly participate in some form of physical exercise,” he says. “There are many components to staying in shape, such as looking after your cardiovascular fitness level, increasing your strength ability, as well as working on your range of motion, otherwise known as flexibility.

“Second, you have to eat right,” Fitzgerald continues. “Portion control is the key, I think. Just watch what you eat and be sure to eat a variety of foods each day.”

Clearly the plays Fitzgerald makes off the field are as important as the ones he makes on the field.

Arizona Business Magazine Jan/Feb 2011

Shula's dining room - AZ Business Magazine Jan/Feb 2011

Don Shula’s Steakhouse Brings Perfection To The Table

Shula's steakYou don’t have to be a football fan to appreciate the ambiance — or enjoy the cuisine — at Don Shula’s American Steak House at Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino. Just make sure you bring along an NFL-sized appetite.

Shula’s is themed after the 1972 Miami Dolphins team that capped the only “Perfect Season” in pro football history, finishing 17-0 with a 14-7 victory over the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII. Photos from that season grace the walls of the Chandler restaurant. Even the menus are hand painted on official NFL game balls and signed by Shula himself

On a fall evening that could only be described as perfect football weather, the real winners were my dining companions and me. We were seated at the “coach’s table,” reserved for Shula whenever he’s in town. The dining room is spacious and quiet, and you almost forget that just outside its doors is a 100,000-square-foot casino.

For starters, we went with the flash fried lobster, French onion soup, and barbecued shrimp — considered Shula’s signature appetizer. The flash fried lobster tail was delicious and perfectly prepared. The barbecue shrimp, four large prawns wrapped in bacon with a tangy BBQ sauce, did not disappoint. The soup was equally tasty, with just the right combination of Swiss cheese, caramelized onions and French bread.

Having enjoyed the appetizers, it was now time to tackle the main course. Our selections included the 22-ounce cowboy steak, the Steak Mary Anne, and the surf-and-turf, which included a lobster tail and filet mignon. The entrees come a la carte, so from the sides menu we ordered grilled asparagus, steamed broccoli with Hollandaise sauce, crab mac & cheese and a double-baked potato.

Our steaks were prepared by Chef Colin Ribble just as we asked. The cowboy steak was a pinkish medium rare; the Steak Mary Anne and filet mignon were medium well. Shula's dessertThe lobster tail was sweet and juicy, enough for two people.

We capped the evening with key lime pie, apple cobbler and the chocolate seven-layer cake — all satisfying to our sweet tooths and taste buds.

Shula’s is ideal for dinner before or after a visit to the casino at Wild Horse Pass. It’s also a great location to close a deal with business associates.

Janet Napolitano

Gov. Janet Napolitano Is The Public Face Of Super Bowl XLII

Head Coach

New governors often inherit their predecessors’ programs and initiatives — the good and the bad — when they take office. So it was when Gov. Janet Napolitano officially took the state’s helm in 2003. But at least one of those programs already had her stamp of approval.

Governor Janet Napolitano

Proposition 302, which provided funding for the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, other sports-related programs and authorized the creation of the Arizona Sports & Tourism Authority, was passed by voters two years before Napolitano took office. She says it has been money well spent.

“The voters decided to spend the money on the stadium and I think it’s proven to be a good decision,” she says. “We’ve been able to attract a lot of different events to Arizona because of that new venue and the Super Bowl is a great way to showcase Arizona.”

Napolitano, along with Glendale Mayor Elaine Scruggs, then-bid committee chairman Gregg Holmes and retired ABC newscaster Hugh Downs, presented the bid to host Super Bowl XLII to National Football League team owners in 2003.

“They had already put together a good presentation. I just added my two cents worth as governor of the state that we were very supportive of the bid and we would do everything we could to support the Super Bowl,” she says.

The team’s efforts paid off, as did Prop. 302’s goal. And, Napolitano points out, other items funded by Prop. 302 have been successful as well.

“It’s not just the Super Bowl and the stadium, but the Cactus League venues, which are growing by leaps and bounds, the playing fields for young people and their teams, and all the other things that got wrapped into that funding for 302,” she says.

Short term, she says the Super Bowl will produce a lot of fun activities for the state and will generate an estimated $400 million in revenue. Long term, she expects the Super Bowl will generate interest among developers and investors to support Arizona.

“I’m hopeful that we can use this as an opportunity to show this state as a growing, vibrant economy,” Napolitano says. “A state that has a lot of things going on beyond sports and beyond some of the common stereotypes about Arizona.”

That includes construction, new laboratories, high-tech companies and medical schools, all of which she describes as the “foundation for our economy as we move forward.”

In 2008, Napolitano will focus on improving education, dealing with growth and transportation issues and protecting open space.

Arizona Business Magazine December-January 2008“We’re really looking to enrich, grow and diversify the economic performance here,” she says. “We’re going to have a good, fiscally sound budget that keeps investment where it needs to be, so that when we come out of the housing downturn, we haven’t cut off our nose to spite our face with respect to the state budget. Long term, the key thing is going to be education. None of this happens in terms of economic performance, generation of wealth … unless you have a sound education system underlying it, so we need to continue to keep our focus there.

“Being governor is a great honor. It’s the ability to try to set the agenda for the state — to try to enunciate our vision for this new Arizona we’re building and strategies on how to get there that are pragmatic and fit within our pocketbooks that keep us moving forward. I’m proud to say that I think we’ve done that over the past five years and we’re going to continue to.”



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