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Navajo lawmakers examine energy bills

Power Outage Map
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A special session of the Navajo Nation Council focuses on one of the tribe’s most abundant natural resources — coal. Lawmakers are scheduled to vote on two energy-related bills Wednesday. One would invest money in a company the tribe formed to purchase a coal mine in northwestern New Mexico. The other updates the tribe’s energy… Read More →

Navajo officials may expand casino alcohol use

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Navajo gaming officials want to make it possible for people at the tribe’s Arizona casino to drink alcohol while they’re gambling. Tribal law permits alcohol sales and consumption only in casino restaurants. A bill moving through the Navajo Nation Council would allow drinks to be taken onto the casino floor. Derrick Watchman is the chief… Read More →

Cover Story: State of the Navajo Nation


A president and the window to his Nation’s Future By Peter O’Dowd Somewhere on the Navajo Reservation, most often along Highway 264 between Arizona and New Mexico, a man holds his arm outstretched with a green flag fluttering from his fist. Instead of a thumb, the normal currency for hitchhikers in every other corner of… Read More →