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Continuing Education Is Proving Vital In The Health Field

Continuing Education Vital In The Health Field - AZ Business Magazine Jul/Aug 2010

From nurses to doctors to health care executives — and everyone in between — the job market in the medical field has tightened since 2007. “For the first time in a decade, our undergraduate nursing graduates have had difficulty in finding positions or in obtaining a position in a specialty area in which they prefer… Read More →

2010 HCLA – Institution or Education

2010 Heath Care Leadership Awards

Honoree: Medical Center Maricopa, Integrated Health System, Residency Training Programs Maricopa Medical Center Maricopa Integrated Health System Residency Training Programs With physician shortages confronting Arizona and other states, Maricopa Medical Center/Maricopa Integrated Health System, the Valley’s leading teaching facility for physicians, is a key player in addressing those shortages. Under the direction of Dr. Michael… Read More →

Nursing Shortage Still Plagues Arizona’s Health Care Industry

Nursing Shortage Still Plagues Arizona’s Health Care Industry

Arizona’s nursing shortage is a very serious problem and it is not going away any time soon. The state is going to need approximately 49,000 new registered nurses by 2017 to keep pace with population growth, RNs retiring and nurses lost to attrition, according to the Arizona RN Shortage: 2007 Results, a report published by… Read More →