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AlgaeBio Hails Endorsement Of Algae-Sourced Omega-3s

algae-sourced omega-3s

The YOU Docs, an influential duo consisting of Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen, have endorsed algae-sourced omega-3 fatty acids in their syndicated newspaper column in recent months. It’s a recommendation that Dr. Mark Edwards, vice president of corporate development and marketing at Algae Biosciences Incorporated, has greeted with enthusiasm. AlgaeBio will soon begin… Read More →

Could The Algae Industry Become Arizona’s No. 1 Industry?

Algae Industry
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Arizona would benefit from a strong new industry that provided more revenue than housing or hospitality, more fascination than sports, more food than agribusiness currently produces and more energy than has been produced in the history of the state. It would be nice too if the industry aligned with the current focus on biosciences. The… Read More →