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Bottled Blonde

Review: Old Town’s Bottled Blonde

Attractive servers, a nice variety of beers, overpriced parking – Bottled Blonde is another Scottsdale sports bar in a sea of sports bars.

While there isn’t much that makes Bottled Blonde stand out, it’s clean, comfortable and convenient.

The owners have remodeled the once bland Axis-Radius club into a welcoming pizza and beer joint. There is a classy fireplace that runs the length of the building on the west side, with touches of metal and concrete throughout the décor and plenty of lounge-style sofas for seating. My only issue was the sheer number of TVs packed into such a small space, catapulting the already loud restaurant into the nearly ear-bleeding range that is so common to these types of establishments.

The food was decent. Diners will enjoy the salads and pizzas, made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. I particularly enjoyed the variety of cheese toppings, which including gouda, fontina and mahón. My favorite was the “Salsiccia” (score one for the pickled onions).

And what goes better with pizza than beer? It was refreshing to see many local brews on tap, including Four Peaks Kilt Lifter, SanTan HefeWeizen and Papago Orange Blossom Ale. Bottled Blonde, the company’s namesake, was – ironically – also available on tap.

Although this reviewer did not try them herself, there were also several seemingly tasty cocktails with names like the “Blonde Manhattan” and “Mediterranean Mule.” I also saw a house-made limoncello on the menu. I may have to go back and see if that drink lives up to expectations.

"I especially loved the waitress outfits: Tight red pants, off-the-shoulder shirts and a flower in the hair."

“I especially loved the waitress outfits: Tight red pants, off-the-shoulder shirts and a flower in the hair.”

Although the restaurant was overcrowded on opening night, security and wait staff were extremely polite and friendly. I especially loved the waitress outfits: Tight red pants, off-the-shoulder shirts and a flower in the hair. The look seemed a little too elegant for a beer garden, but eye candy is always appreciated, especially when accompanied by quick service and a smile.

While the “beer garden” aspect does not much resemble any of the beer gardens I went to while in Berlin, I do enjoy the open-air concept, especially this time of year when the weather is perfect for enjoying a drink with friends under the stars. I predict that will be a huge draw to the restaurant over the next few months, at least until the blistering heat returns and forces patrons to find an air-conditioned watering hole.

When 9,000 restaurants fail each year, you have to ask: Why is Bottled Blonde trying so hard to be like every other sports bar? Maybe the answer to that question will change this fall, with the opening of Livewire, the live music venue under construction next door. When you’re looking for a quick bite to eat before a concert at Livewire, Bottled Blonde is nearby and not terrible, but it still has a way to go to truly stand out from the crowd.

Strawberry Shamrock-CUT

Thirsty Thursday: Strawberry Shamrock

For those of you still holding on to what little bit of summer we still have, which isn’t hard since most days are still hitting 90 degrees outside, here is a #ThirstyThursday drink for you!

I was recently catching up with a friend at one of our favorite Scottsdale hotspots, Kelly’s at SouthBridge, and we were craving pina coladas, but unfortunately Kelly’s does not have the equipment to make those. That’s when the bartender came to our rescue and asked if we trust her enough to make us a delicious drink. We obliged and were quite impressed when she handed over Kelly’s signature drink, the Strawberry Shamrock. It’s super tasty and I think the only word that really describes it is refreshing. If you’re not ready to completely give yourself to the changing seasons, I highly recommend heading over to Kelly’s at SouthBridge and order the drink that will have you craving for spring.

What you need*:

Strawberry Shamrock

Strawberry Shamrock

  • Mint
  • Grenadine
  • Ice
  • Margarita Sensations
  • Club soda
  • Strawberry garnish

*proportions are to be left to the mixer’s discretion



  1. Muddle mint with grenadine
  2. Add ice and spirits with Margarita Sensations and shake
  3. Return to glass, top up with ice and a splash of club soda
  4. Add strawberry section and mint sprig for garnish (optional)


Kelly’s At SouthBridge is open for lunch and dinner. Happy hour Monday through Friday from 3 to 7 p.m. Specials include $4 off Kelly’s signature cocktails, $2 off wine by the glass, $3 to $4 beers and, of course, discounts on the food menu.
For more information, visit www.kellysatsouthbridge.com or call (480) 393-3205. Kelly’s is located at 7117 E. Sixth Avenue in Scottsdale.


Axis Radius Closing Down, Offers Two "Pre-Demolition" Parties

The iconic Scottsdale nightclub, Axis Radius, will be torn down this summer, and they are celebrating by throwing a “two-day blowout bash.”

Two “pre-demolition parties” will happen on Friday, June 28 and Saturday, June 29.

The club, which has been an integral part of the Scottsdale nightlife scene since its inception in 1997, will offer opportunities to see some of the most legendary DJs that have graced its presence over the last 16 years, including Steve Levine, DJ Randy, DJ Phantom and DJ Swerve.

The presence of the club will not leave Scottsdale, however, as the club’s owners have announced that they be building two “bigger, badder” night clubs in the same Old Town location.


Gallery owners, merchants form ‘We Are Marshall Way’

The holiday lights have been hung early, the temperatures have dropped below 90 and the merchants along Marshall Way just North of Indian School in the Arts District of Old Town are gearing up for what could be their most prosperous Fall ArtWalk season in years.

From the popular eateries like Eddie’s House to the eclectic Art galleries of Touchstone, Art One and Calvin Charles to the high-end Salons of Steven Paul and Salon Tru, gallery owners and merchants have come together under a newly formed “We Are Marshall Way” coalition to help spread the word about Marshall Way and bring more attention to the Valley’s most popular art street.

Marshall Way, which houses the largest concentration of contemporary Art Galleries in Arizona, regularly hosts ArtWalks every Thursday night from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., with several special themed walks beginning in early November:

Western ArtWalk – November 8, 2012
Holiday ArtWalk – December 6, 2012
Fiesta Bowl ArtWalk – December 27, 2012
Collector’s ArtWalk – January 17, 2013
Native Arts Art Walk – February 28, 2013
Best of Scottsdale Month – March 7, 14, 21 & 28, 2013
Culinary ArtWalk – April 18, 2013
Summer Spectacular ArtWalk – July 11, 2013

“The fall and winter ArtWalks are really the best time of the year to come out, enjoy a glass of wine at one of the galleries and enjoy one-of-a-kind artwork you will only find here in Scottsdale on Marshall Way,” said Touchstone Gallery Manager Teresa Lewis.  “For the November 8th Western ArtWalk we’ll be showcasing an incredible Centennial Celebration of Arizona’s Copper Minerals and Gemstones that will give you a glimpse back into the rich history that makes us The Copper State.”

Also part of the November 8th Western ArtWalk, Steven Paul Salon will showcase artist Ann Mulchay’s photography exhibit and the World Championship Miniature Carriage Horses that evening on their salon patio which sits adjacent to 3rd Avenue and Marshall Way.

“In keeping with the western theme, a number of our hair stylists plan to ‘embellish’ the Minnies with hair extensions and other accessories,” said Steven Scholz, owner of Steven Paul Salon. “Not only will it be an awesome site of miniature horses you will see some pretty fun and creative horse hair styles.”

As part of the November 29th ArtWalk Salon Tru is holding a Holiday Hair Bootcamp from 6-9pm.  Bring your tools & a friend as this how-to event will give Marshall Way visitors techniques to achieve great holiday-ready hair styles and more.

Marshall Way is also putting a call out to local Artists or creative individuals who would like to use Marshall Way for performance or projection art.

“We’re looking for that next artist who could perform or set-up projection art for us on Marshall Way,” said Kraig Foote, owner of Art One.  “Maybe someone who hasn’t quite broken into a gallery setting yet, but would be interested in showcasing their production art or projection art.  We really want to make Marshall Way the arts hub of Arizona.”

Members of the “We Are Marshall Way” coalition are also open to groups who would like to utilize the patios on ArtWalk Thursday nights.

“Our patios are really very under-utilized, “Choice” pieces of real estate, and if there are Charity groups or animal rescue groups like the Humane Society groups who would like to set up and use the spaces on those evenings, and benefit from the foot traffic on the street, we would love that,”  said Scholz.

For more information on the Thursday ArtWalks, call 480-874-8385


America’s Taco Shop eyes rapid growth, franchising

America’s Taco Shop is growing into the American dream. Started in 2008 by local entrepreneurial couple America Corrales-Bortin and Terry Bortin, this fast-casual concept specializes in authentic carne asada and al pastor, which is used in their tacos, burritos, tortas and more.  The newest location features a 1,200 square foot dining room which seats 42 people in multiple rooms. The large outdoor patio seats 80 people in a quaint backyard setting complete with hanging lights for an inviting atmosphere. Their new Old Town restaurant is located at 7001 East First Avenue (First Avenue and North Goldwater Boulevard).

Dubbed “the home of the greatest carne asada,” America’s Taco Shop is slated for growth across the country through a partnership with Kahala. “We are excited to collaborate with Kahala and benefit from their expertise with franchising,” says Terry Bortin, co-owner and founder of America’s Taco Shop and husband of America Corrales-Bortin. “Bringing great Mexican food to neighborhoods all across the country and being able to bring our American dream to reality is very humbling and exciting.”

Co-founder America Corrales-Bortin grew up in the city of Culiacán in Sinaloa, Mexico. As a young child she would watch her mother prepare the dishes that became the recipes at America’s Taco Shop. After years of cooking authentic meals for her family and friends, America and her husband decided to open their first location in Phoenix 2008.

America’s Taco Shop has become an award-winning favorite for local foodies. The taco shop has received many accolades including 20 Favorite Places for Tacos, 2011 Five Favorite Mexican Restaurants, Best Phoenix Mexican Food, Top 10 Mexican Restaurants, Best Sandwiches, Best New Restaurants, 2009 Best BBQ, Best Carne Asada, and more.

Visit www.americastacoshop.com for more information and follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/americastacoshop. For franchising opportunities call 855-55-CARNE (855-552-2763).



Terés Nail Bar, The Best Thing to Happen to Nails Since Polish

There’s a new nail bar in town, and I must forewarn you, don’t step inside unless you can come back again and again. terés | A NAIL BAR, located on Indian School Rd. in Old Town Scottsdale, is a quaint space with high ceilings, boasting an earthy feel to it. This might seem contradictory, but terés is a contradiction in and of itself.

As a self-proclaimed “avid nail consumer,” nail bar founder Courtney Steele felt there was no middle ground in service or quality for nail salons and explained that every aspect of her salon comes back to value. This emphasis is definitely nailed into the salon’s concept.

Along with the mango-flavored aloe water you are handed as you walk in, you also receive a “bar tab” that can be customized to your needs. This can especially come in handy on mother-daughter dates when a mom wants to be pampered and her daughter simply needs a color change. Each mani/pedi can have an add-on luxury, ranging from a sugar scrub to a 10-minute massage, and each luxury comes with a “remedy” — the aromatherapy of your choice depending on your mood of the day.

The selection of treatments is just as diverse as the women who work at terés; there’s the punk-rock girl with bright red hair; the cute, little hipster blonde chick; and Vicki Zarek, the 50-something Illinois native who’s seemingly too cool for her age. I had the pleasure of getting my nails done by Vicki, who’s also the co-manager of terés. She explains terés’ business plan best: “luxury services at affordable prices.” While this is definitely true, you can find yourself getting so sucked in by these “affordable prices” that they slowly add up until you’re walking out with a $70 mani/pedi — like I did.

However, the salon is definitely the trendiest I’ve seen, and coming from a NYC native, that is saying something! The salon may be lacking on its color selection, but it makes up for it with a glitter tray that has every shade of ROY G BIV a girl can ask for. The nail bar also offers caviar nails, the newest thing in 3D nail art. Courtney is also open to suggestions, and explains that Pinterest is the greatest source for all things new. If you want to come in and have your nails done a certain way, bring a picture, and the girls will try their best to accommodate you.

terés | a nail bar

7120 E. Indian School Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
(480) 499-4901
Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Sat., 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.