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Holiday Eating Or Holiday Sabotage?

holiday eating
by in Shape

Holiday eating or holiday sabotage? Is this a time to embrace indulgences or battle temptations? Depends on one’s outlook. If you read the last article on cheater’s diets then this is an especially wonderful season. Approach with caution or dive in blindfolded. So, what’s the plan? Holiday Eating: comfort or enjoyment Meals this time of… Read More →

How To Deal With A Craving: Hit The Reset Button

How to Deal with a Craving
by in Mental Health | Shape

The way I see a craving is this: We are hit with an emotional trigger, causing us anxiety or some other discomfort we prefer to avoid. Due to habitual associations made over time with food, taste and pleasure, we shift right to autopilot, seeking answers elsewhere, outside of ourselves. That’s all it is, a habit… Read More →