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True Food Kitchen

P.F. Chang’s Acquires Majority Ownership In True Food Kitchen Concept

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, Inc. announced its agreement to acquire a majority equity ownership position in True Food Kitchen, a Fox Restaurant Concept specializing in healthy, locally sourced and globally inspired meals.

Rick Federico, Chairman and CEO of P.F. Chang’s, said, “We are extremely excited about this opportunity, as True Food Kitchen is a great brand with tremendous potential. The True Food Kitchen concept is aligned with the rising demand for healthier menu options, and the restaurants provide a fun and innovative dining experience. True Food Kitchen has already established a dedicated consumer following, and we believe the concept has significant opportunities for growth.”

In 2009, P.F. Chang’s extended a loan facility to fund early stage development of True Food Kitchen, with a right to convert its loan into a majority equity ownership position. In February 2012, after receiving authorization from its Board of Directors, P.F. Chang’s and True Food Kitchen’s partners mutually agreed to exercise the Company’s conversion option, which is expected to be completed during the second quarter of 2012. Upon completion, P.F. Chang’s will own 51 percent of True Food Kitchen, with potential rights and obligations that would enable the Company to increase its ownership to 90 percent or more in the future. Further details on the terms of the True Food Kitchen agreement are contained within the Company’s Annual Report on Form 10-K that will be filed today.

Sam Fox, Founder and CEO of Fox Restaurant Concepts, said, “Dr. Andrew Weil and I believe True Food Kitchen is well positioned to capitalize on the current direction of the food industry. We have formed a great relationship with the P.F. Chang’s management team and are extremely pleased by their commitment to continue our partnership. We look forward to making a difference in the lives of so many guests through the continued expansion and development of our True Food Kitchen restaurants.”

Federico added, “Sam and his team have done a great job creating a unique concept in True Food Kitchen. Upon completion of the conversion, all operation and development activities will continue to be executed by Fox Restaurant Concepts and the True Food Kitchen team, as our primary focus remains on driving growth at P.F. Chang’s Bistro and Pei Wei concepts.”

True Food Kitchen currently has four locations:

Biltmore Fashion Park

2502 E Camelback Rd #135
Phoenix, AZ 85016
P: 602.774.3488
F: 602.774.3489

Scottsdale Quarter

15191 N Scottsdale Rd #100
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
P: 480.265.4500
F: 480.265.4505

Fashion Island

451 Newport Center Dr.
Newport Beach, CA 92660
P: 949.644.2400

Santa Monica Place

Santa Monica, CA 90401
P: 310.593.8300
F: 310.593.8301

Two additional True Food Kitchens are planned for 2012.

Jimmy Woos

Jimmy Woo’s Doesn’t Disappoint In Old Town Scottsdale

If you crave excellent Mexican, Italian, Contemporary American, or even old-fashioned ice cream, Old Town Scottsdale has always been the place to go.  With P.F. Chang’s dominating the Chinese food scene a few blocks down at Scottsdale Fashion Square, there has never been a reason to venture into Old Town for Chinese cuisine … until now.

Jimmy Woo’s Chinese Food will be the new staple of Old Town. With great food and a great atmosphere that runs from lunch until midnight, Jimmy Woo’s is ideal for the curious tourist and late night clubber. With a color scheme of red and black, the restaurant has an indoor and outdoor bar, perfect for casual hors d’oeuvres and drinks.  The low lighting inside provides a great ambience and a social atmosphere. After taking a look around inside, our party was seated outside. I was a little weary at first, thinking it would be loud, with the patio near the street. It was surprisingly quiet.

When first seated, my dining companions were served green tea. Not expecting this, I thought it was very charming. The tea was very good; not big fans of green tea, my dining companions and I were very surprised.

We started off with appetizers, the Pork Dumplings and Wonton Soup. The Wonton Soup was delicious, the chicken broth providing lots of flavor. The texture was also fantastic with a stark contrast between the hot broth and the slippery, smooth wonton, filled with minced pork. Next up, were the Pork Dumplings. Very similar to pot stickers, these dumplings can be served steamed or pan fried. We had them steamed.  They were good – until I tried them in the sauce that came with them. Made of soy and scallions, it made these dumplings absolutely mouthwatering.

For the entrée we were served the Kung Poa Shrimp, General Woo’s Chicken, and Woo’s Noodles. When picking our favorite entree, my dining partners and I differed.  Two of us were thrilled with the shrimp, while the other hogged the chicken the entire night.

I loved the shrimp and thought it had fantastic flavor. It had a very subtle smoked flavor, mixed in with the peanuts, dried chili peppers, and onions. It was seafood without that real fishy flavor. Perfect for my taste buds.

One of my dining companions loved the chicken because it was sweet and spicy. The scallions added an extra kick with the sweet and spicy sauce.

The noodle dish came in third because it just wasn’t spicy enough for our taste buds.  We all thought the egg noodles in a chili bean sauce needed an extra kick. For those of you who aren’t a huge fan of spicy food, Woo’s Noodles would be perfect.

For dessert, we tried Jimmy’s Sweet Puffs. Fried wontons filled with raspberry or chocolate custard, they were very light and flavorful, complimenting our meal.

By the end of the night, I was completely satisfied with my flavorful meal. I recommend Jimmy Woo’s Chinese Food to anyone with an inclination for Chinese food in the Old Town Scottsdale area.