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Top 5 Google Doodle Logos 2002

Top Google Logos 2002

Year-End Google Zeitgeist – Search patterns, trends, and surprises

Track the course of the past 12 months on the timeline and graphs plotting the most popular search terms as they occurred throughout 2002. Check out the year’s top gaining and declining search terms as well as the most popular brands, music, movies and women on the web as seen by Google users.

    My Top five Doodles from 2002:

    Happy New Year

    Google Doodle    Happy New Year

    January 1st 2002

    Wikipedia: New Year’s Day

    La Fête de la Musique

    La Fête de la Musique a 2002 Google Doodle

    June 21st 2002

    Wikipedia: Fête de la Musique

    Happy 4th Birthday Google

    Google Doodle Happy Birthday Google

    September 27th 2002

    Google: 4th Birthday images

    Happy Birthday Picasso

    Google Doodles Happy Birthday Picasso

    October 25th 2002

    finding Dulcinea: Happy Birthday, Pablo Picasso, Painter

    Happy Halloween

    Google 2002 Doodle Happy Halloween

    October 31st 2002

    Wikipedia: Halloween

    Google, The Movie

    ZepHopper said “I made this little movie trying to incorporate as many Google-logos as possible for SchnappMedia.”

    by ZepHopper

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    Search patterns, trends, and surprises