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Exhibit pays tribute to Phoenix Sky Harbor’s 80th anniversary

Images of the airport’s first administration building, hangar and control tower are among a collection of photographs chronicling the 80 years of growth of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in an exhibition titled Moving Forward: 80 Years of World Class Service.

The exhibition, curated from the Phoenix Airport Museum’s Aviation History Collection, is located on the south side just west of the food court in Terminal 4 on level 3 and features the airport’s evolution through eight decades. In addition, the Museum is displaying vintage airline amenities that added a level of comfort and fun to air travel through the years, including playing cards, real china place settings and gourmet menus, as well as grooming kits that contained hand lotion, toothbrushes and other amenities.


North Hangar Sky Harbor

Passengers traveling through Terminal 4 can see how the airport’s development adjusted to the growth of air travel and needs of the time. For example, in the section titled Moving Toward War, an aerial image depicts a military-style triangular configuration of three runways in the 1940s that allowed aircraft to take off and land no matter what the wind direction.  In the 1970s Moving On Upsection, photos illustrate the building and opening of the 186-foot tall Federal Aviation Administration tower and Terminal 3.

The last section, titled Moving to the Future, includes architectural renderings of the Terminal 3 Modernization effort, which will offer amazing views and create a more efficient way for passengers to get through the terminal.

The Phoenix Airport Museum is one of the largest airport art museums in the U.S. The museum includes an art collection of approximately 900 artworks, 35 exhibition spaces in six buildings and the Aviation History Collection.

Phoenix Airport Museum, Art Gone Wild

Phoenix Airport Museum Celebrates Phoenix Zoo's 50th Anniversary With "Art Gone Wild"

Phoenix Airport Museum, Art Gone WildSky Harbor International Airport is embracing its inner animal by celebrating the Phoenix Zoo’s 50th anniversary with an “Art Gone Wild” exhibit.

The Phoenix Airport Museum’s exhibit features more than 20 ceramic and bronze wildlife sculptures by Heidi Uotila, and more than 70 animal pictures created by local children, says Jeri Walker, a Phoenix Airport Museum information specialist.Phoenix Airport Museum, Art Gone Wild

Uotila’s collection showcases sculptures of zebras, gazelles, tigers, lions and giraffes among other animals.

Phoenix Airport Museum, Art Gone WildHeidi Uotila is nationally syndicated wildlife sculptor, now a high school ceramics teacher, and lent the Phoenix Airport Museum sculptures she had at home.

Uotila says after she has decided what animals she wants to sculpt, she travels to see them in person and studies their movements

“People are pretty easy to do because you can get them to sit and pose for you,” Uotila says. “Animals are much more challenging because they don’t stand still.”

In recent years, Uotila has moved away from working with bronze sculptures due to the cost of bronze, and says she’s found working with clay to be challenging but rewarding.

Each art piece is accompanied by text that includes educational facts about the animals on display — as well as other facts about the animals and their relatives at the Phoenix Zoo.

The exhibit, located at terminal four on level three in Sky Harbor International Airport, runs until March 2013. Visiting the Phoenix Airport Museum is free, and it’s open 24 hours a day. With more than 600 pieces of artwork and 35 exhibitions, Phoenix Airport Museum is one of the largest in the country.

If You Go: “Art Gone Wild” at the Phoenix Airport Museum

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