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PCH helps patients understand health care coverage

In an effort to stem widespread confusion about changes in health care coverage, Phoenix Children’s Hospital has introduced Family Financial Services, a team within the Hospital dedicated to helping parents understand their health care coverage options. The Hospital created the team in response to rapid changes in insurance coverage that are often overlooked or misunderstood by parents.

Family Financial Services coordinates with parents and the Hospital care team to ensure that families have a full understanding of what services are covered under their health care plan, in addition to providing guidance on options for obtaining coverage.

“Phoenix Children’s Hospital has been an advocate for children’s health for more than three decades,” said Laura Handy-Oldham, Director, Patient Access at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. “Family Financial Services is the next step in ensuring Arizona children have access to the care they need.”

Each member of the Family Financial Services team is a certified application counselor for the health care Marketplace. They are able to aid families in the complicated process of researching health care coverage on the Marketplace and can demystify coverage, whether it comes from the Marketplace, an employer, or the government.

“Coverage networks are getting smaller – especially for children,” said Handy-Oldham. “Phoenix Children’s was seeing a growing number of families seeking care who weren’t aware that their coverage no longer included the Hospital. We wanted to eliminate any surprises so parents know what their insurance covers and the options we provide to help parents with financial concerns.”

With nearly a dozen team members and a collective 85 years of experience in health care, Family Financial Services is uniquely poised to demystify health care coverage and help Valley parents understand what they’re purchasing and how to make the best health care decisions for their family. This is increasingly important as “narrow network” products become more common.

Parents of children with health care needs who are interested in learning more can contact Phoenix Children’s Hospital at (602) 933-2000 or familyfinancialservices@phoenixchildrens.com.

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PetSmart CEO joins Phoenix Children’s Hospital Board

David Lenhardt, President and CEO of Pet Smart has joined the Board of Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Lenhardt was appointed President and Chief Operating officer of PetSmart in January 2012.

He joined the company in October 2000 as Senior Vice President of Services, Strategic Planning and Business Development and was named Senior Vice President of Store Operations and Services in February 2007. In February 2009 he was appointed Senior Vice President of Store Operations and Human Resources. Lenhardt  became executive vice president of Store Operations, Human Resources and Information Systems in January 2011.

From 1996 to 2000, Lenhardt was with Bain & Company, Inc where he led consulting teams for retail, technology and e-commerce clients. Prior to that, he worked in the corporate finance and Latin American groups of Merrill Lynch &  Co., Inc.’s investment banking division.

Lenhardt graduated magna cum laude from Cornell University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Government from the College of Arts and Sciences in 1991. He earned a master’s degree in Business Administration from the Amos Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth in 1996.

“Phoenix Children’s is extremely fortunate to have a person of David’s caliber serving on our Board”, said Bob Meyer, President and CEO of Phoenix Children’s Hospital. “We welcome his talent, creativity and years of dedicated experience to Phoenix Children’s Hospital.”