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Spring Arizona Restaurant Week returns May 15-25

Spring Arizona Restaurant Week (ARW), held May 15-25 will be a prime opportunity to check out hot new restaurants or rediscover old favorites. During the Spring edition of ARW, more than 100 Phoenix restaurants will offer a selection of chef-curated, specialty menus priced at $33 or $44 per person, excluding beverages, tax and gratuity unless otherwise noted.

Since 2008, the Arizona Restaurant Association has been delighting diners by bringing together the greatest culinary masterminds for an 11-night celebration of edible excellence. Join the likes of James Beard Award Winner Chef Christopher Gross, legendary Chef Kevin Binkley, and visionary Chef Gio Osso as they continue to put Arizona on the map as a destination for food lovers. 

“Arizona’s food scene is thriving, thanks in no small part to the trailblazing chefs, mixologists and restaurateurs who make certain that it never gets stale,” said Arizona Restaurant Association president and CEO Steve Chucri. “It’s that excitement and energy that helps fuel the dramatic growth of our industry. We’re honored for the second consecutive year to see Arizona’s restaurant industry lead the rest of the country in restaurant sales and jobs growth.”

Arizona’s food scene has officially arrived – becoming one of the country’s most dynamic culinary scenes – with Arizona Restaurant Week at its helm. Food aficionados can feast on everything from Robata “open charcoal” cuisine at Roka Akor to scrumptious eats that hail from the Northern Italian Coast at Taggia inside FireSky Resort and Spa, as well as five-star bone-in Kona crusted dry aged sirloin at The Capital Grille. With so many restaurants featured throughout the week, deciding where to eat can be a tough choice. A full list of participating restaurants and menus will be featured on www.ArizonaRestaurantWeek.com with an easy-to-use interface for searching for a favorite local chef, type of cuisine or restaurant wish list.

The twice-annual Arizona Restaurant Week gives gastronomic change agents like longtime ARW participant Michael Rusconi Chef/Proprietor of Rusconi’s American Kitchen the opportunity to roll out the red carpet for diners. “ARW is a truly a chef-driven week that gives us a chance to put our best culinary foot forward as we showcase the talents of our teams,” said Rusconi.

Don’t miss a bite: check the website often as new restaurants and menus will be added as they become available. Until then, find out all the delectable details by following Arizona Restaurant Week (ARW) on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram.

The Arrogant Butcher, Phoenix, Ariz., CityScape - AZ Business Magazine May/June 2011

The Arrogant Butcher Leaves Patrons 
Feeling Welcomed And Satisfied

After dining at enough eateries in my life that have rude waiters and sub-par cuisine, I was wary to spend an evening at a restaurant featuring the word “Arrogant” in its name. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that The Arrogant Butcher dishes out just the right amount of attitude.Arrogant Butcher Bar, CityScape - AZ Business Magazine May/June 2011

The newest of Sam Fox’s creations, The Arrogant Butcher is located in the heart of Downtown Phoenix at CityScape. It’s a hybrid of a neighborhood eatery and an upscale fine-dining venue.  A chalkboard runs alongside one of the restaurant’s walls, including a running “Straw Poll” for who will be Phoenix’s next mayor. Combined with a full bar in the middle of the room and a television broadcasting sporting events, it makes the restaurant feel homey and perfect for co-workers looking for a place to spend happy hour.

In contrast, the dim lighting and quiet booths in another section of the restaurant, as well as private dining rooms toward the back encased in slightly transparent curtains, set an intimate atmosphere for those wishing to conduct an important business meeting.  The restaurant also features a hard-to-miss open kitchen and a wait staff dressed in business casual, never forgetting to ooze the over-the-top confidence that is its namesake.

Refreshingly, despite its name, The Arrogant Butcher’s wait staff is comprised of friendly servers who checked the table my dinner companions and I shared often and seemed genuinely concerned with whether we were satisfied with our meal.  My dinner companions and I kicked off our meal with salumi and prosciutto appetizers served with house-made mustard and crusty bread, as well as a plate of marinated olives, grilled asparagus, roasted almonds and crescenza cheese. I ate a good portion of the salumi and prosciutto, intrigued by how well the zesty mustard and flavorful bread complemented both types of meats. Both the creamy crescenza cheese and juicy grilled asparagus were table favorites.

Before ordering our main courses, our table ordered two salads: one prepared with green apples, beets, arugula, pistachio and gorgonzola vinaigrette and one served with avocado, corn, white asparagus and crab cakes. Both salads met our high expectations. The apple and beet salad satisfied with its variety of flavors, and the savory crab cakes in the other salad were the ideal combination of soft, flaky bread and a warm, crab filling.Arrogant Butcher's Crab Cake “Louie” - AZ Business Magazine May/June 2011

Despite how tasty our appetizers and salads were, the real treat came when our main courses were served. I ordered the crab-stuffed chicken served with spinach, caper berry and lemons. The blend of seafood flavoring and chicken crunch made for a very unique and enjoyable dish. My dinner companions ordered the bone-in dry aged ribeye, served with roasted mushrooms and shallots; the sweet potato tortelli, served with mushrooms, brussels and hazelnuts; and the special of the day, fried chicken and honey biscuits.

The ribeye was one of the best I’ve tried, very tender and flavorful. In fact, I normally eat mine with steak sauce, but the flavor on this one was so fine that none was needed. The table seemed to come to a consensus, though, that the two best dishes were the tortelli and the fried chicken. Now, I have never been a big fan of sweet potatoes, but the tortellis were divine. The subtly sweet and soft inside, served with nuts and mushrooms, was a refreshing change from the typical meat-filled tortelli to which I am accustomed. The fried chicken didn’t want for surprises, either. With the first bite I was hooked. It was prepared in an interesting way with honey-infused skin, making it a slightly sweeter version of the 
American classic.Arrogant Butcher's Blueberry Cheesecake Dessert, CityScape - AZ Business Magazine May/June 2011

Following our main dishes, our table ordered the blueberry cheesecake and warm peanut butter cup desserts, per recommendation of the wait staff. As an avid dessert-eater with a keen sweet tooth, I was impressed. The creamy cheesecake was served in a medium-sized cup with a sweet graham cracker and tart blueberry topping. The peanut butter cup, though, was my personal favorite. The dish consisted of a scoop of chocolate gelato bathed in a warm peanut butter sauce and served with two chocolate peanut butter cookies. It was like having a Reese’s peanut butter cup in melted form.

I would recommend this restaurant to professionals looking for a comfortable restaurant to conduct business, as well as to those visiting the US Airways Center or Chase Field who are looking for a nice place to take friends or loved ones before or after a downtown event.

[stextbox id=”grey”]The Arrogant Butcher
2 E. Jefferson St., # 150
(602) 324-8502

Arizona Business Magazine May/June 2011