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The pARTy, Phoenix Art Museum

Phoenix Art Museum’s pARTy Black-Tie Fundraiser To Dazzle, Delight

The Phoenix Art Museum will be hosting its 7th annual, black-tie fundraising event this November with the pARTy, aptly named for celebrating the art housed in the Museum as well as the lively feel for which the occasion strives.

Initially an event to celebrate the Museum’s grand opening after the completion of a multi-year construction project, the pARTy was such a success, it was turned into an annual fundraising event for the Phoenix Art Museum’s exhibitions and educational programs, which include tours with experts, lectures, festivals, cultural performances and an award-winning film program.

“Over the past six years, an average of 795 individuals have attended the event each year,” says Alesha Corey, head of media relations for the pARTy. “The pARTy has raised more than $9 million.”

Coordinators behind the event have maintained their focus on keeping the pARTy an unsponsored event, only receiving money from those who donate without the influence of personal benefits.

“This is not a typical event as it is not a sponsored event,” Corey adds. “The guests are not buying sponsorship; they are buying tables and donating to the Museum. There are options to underwrite various aspects to the event and those are strictly donations with no benefits attached.”

At the pARTy, attendees can either purchase individual tickets or tables for groups. There are 4 different table options, varying in price from $7,500 to $50,000. Individual tickets range from $750 to $5,000, depending on the table.

The pARTy is also run entirely by volunteers who have taken an interest in the Phoenix Art Museum.

“The Museum has a cadre of eager and outstanding volunteers that work for the Museum in numerous ways,” says Corey. “On the night of the event, there are also staff members that volunteer to work to be part of this huge event for the Museum. For the volunteers that evening, the pARTy is a highlight event of the year.”

Corey has no doubt this year’s event will amaze its guests. She says with the stunning décor, “this year’s black-tie event … promises to dazzle and delight guests.”

For more information on the Phoenix Art Museum and The pARTy, visit phxart.org.

Phoenix Art Museum
1625 N. Central Ave., Phoenix
(602) 257-1222

Phoenix Art Museum

Phoenix Art Museum: Beat The Heat And Enrich The Senses

Phoenix Art MuseumI went on an adventure to the Phoenix Art Museum with my boyfriend, a place I haven’t visited since I was in middle school. With compelling exhibits and a great location, this is a fun way to beat the heat. Incorporate your five senses while enjoying the variety of artists and mediums that provide the perfect summer distraction.

As I made my way through the museum, I was amazed by the variety of mediums that make up the galleries and collections of the museum. The artwork was not only impressive, but the unique textures seem to come alive in your imagination — almost as though you could almost feel it just by examining the piece. Clearly the desire to feel these textures must be something natural in viewing some of the exhibits because there were numerous signs reminding visitors not to touch.

PAMAlthough I did not physically touch the artwork, the sense of touch seemed to be simulated because of how detailed the artwork was, especially when I was examining “The Sea” exhibit, which allows the visitor to appreciate the variety of design and color of old-fashioned clothing. The details and style differ far from our own modern clothing but provide the basis for how fashion has developed. Whether your interpretation of old-fashioned clothing stems from classic movies or Mickey Mouse cartoons, the unique outfits provide you with something at which to marvel.

Some of the exhibits, such as one that utilized dark wood, had a smell that changed my perspective on the exhibit. The more I examined and inhaled the aroma, I began to consider different interpretations of the artwork. However, not all the exhibits provide a smell that made an impression, but a few that did challenged the visitor to create an interpretation.

PAMRegarding the senses, let me make it clear that I did not taste any artwork, but passing by the restaurant Palette is as close as you can get. With Arizona wines and beers, it makes it the perfect way to end your trip.

Collections and galleries I encountered on my visit include: American, Western American, PhxARtKIDS, Art of Philip C. Curtis, Asian, European, Thorne Miniature Rooms, Latin American, Fashion Design, and Modern & Contemporary. Other amenities offered are the Palette restaurant, tours and a museum store.

Spending my afternoon in the Phoenix Art Museum provided me with an experience I never thought possible. It had me utilizing my senses, wondering what the smooth or shiny textures would feel like. Throw yourself into the world of art that utilizes almost any medium imagined and be amazed on how you react. From paintings, sculptures, lights, music and so much more, visit a truly magical place.

For more information about the Phoenix Art Museum, including hours and admission prices, please visit phxart.org.

Phoenix Art Museum
1625 N. Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85004
NEC Central Avenue & McDowell Road
(602) 257-1222