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Nomination deadline nears for Healthcare Leadership Awards

Az Business magazine is dedicated to bringing the stories of healthcare leaders, innovators, researchers and advocates to its readers. Each April, Az Business shines a special spotlight on the medical industry through its annual Healthcare Leadership Awards.

Arizona’s healthcare industry is a tremendous economic engine for the state and is making Arizona a better place to live, work and recreate. The selection committee is looking for the physicians, hospital administrators, researchers, medical companies and healthcare innovators who are making a difference in our communities.

The categories include:

• Healthcare Advocate of the Year
• Insurance Provider of the Year
• Researcher of the Year
• Medical Research Company
• Legal Advocate of the Year
• Medical Company of the Year
• Bioscience Company of the Year
• Physician of the Year
• Healthcare Executive of the Year
• Medical Center of the Year
• Lifetime Achievement Award

Now is the time to get your nominations in for the 2015 Healthcare Leadership Awards. Is there someone in the healthcare industry who you think deserves this honor? Is there a healthcare facility or company that is impacting the community is serves? Az Business wants to know. Click here to nominate a person, facility or company today. Nominations must be completed by Dec. 29, 2014.

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The CORE Institute Selects SmartPager

To more quickly and efficiently share images, voice, and text between physicians and patients, The CORE Institute® announced it has selected SmartPager™, a HIPAA compliant secure messaging service that overcomes traditional limitations of one-way pagers and privacy issues associated with text messaging.  The service is easy to use with many different types of smart phones.

“We have seen a positive impact with the new platform” says Cassie Caliendo, Vice President of Contact Center with The CORE Institute.  “The time taken to reach a provider has been reduced to seconds.  The system automatically sends the message to the on-call provider and tracks the delivery, escalating if required.  The dashboard gives the entire team a clear view of our communications as they unfold in real-time.”

Dr. Jason Scalise, Orthopedic Shoulder Surgeon with The CORE Institute, speaks to some of the advantages of using their new platform.  “We’re able to share images, voice, and text, reducing the time required to effectively communicate.   If I am busy or in surgery, the message is automatically escalated to my backup.  We can spend more time focused on what really matters, which is providing best-in-class orthopedic care to our patients. ”

SmartPager was selected after an extensive 12-month market search; an evaluation a beta testing period proved the technology service could deliver on The CORE Institute’s demanding communication requirements in sending real-time, critical, HIPPA compliant communications to nearly 100 providers in 16 locations from Arizona and Michigan.

2010 Heath Care Leadership Awards

2010 HCLA – Institution or Education

Honoree: Medical Center Maricopa, Integrated Health System, Residency Training Programs Maricopa

Medical Center Maricopa
Integrated Health System
Residency Training Programs

With physician shortages confronting Arizona and other states, Maricopa Medical Center/Maricopa Integrated Health System, the Valley’s leading teaching facility for physicians, is a key player in addressing those shortages.

Maircopa Medical Center, Integrated Health System Residency Training Programs, 2010 Health Care Leadership Awards

Under the direction of Dr. Michael Grossman, director of academic affairs, the center trains up to 300 physician residents annually. In fact, many hundreds of physicians trained under Grossman’s direction are practicing throughout the United States. With more than 37 years of teaching medical education, Grossman uses that experience to oversee the center’s nine physician residency programs in emergency medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, pediatrics, podiatric medicine & surgery, psychiatry, child psychiatry, radiology and surgery.

Through his guidance, Maricopa Medical Center is ensuring that Arizona will have exceptionally well-trained physicians today and into the future. Grossman has dedicated much of his medical career to training physicians, with a goal of enhancing culturally sensitive patient care, as well as helping new physicians create a patient/physician partnership. In his role as a physician-teacher, Grossman collaborates with several other hospitals across the Valley to assist in evaluating their re-accreditation processes for their resident training programs. In addition, he is a co-investigator of the Arizona Physician Workforce study looking at physician shortages throughout Arizona.

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Finalist:  Cigna Medical Group Chronic Health Improvement Program (CHIP)

Cigna Medical Group Chronic Health Improvement Program (CHIP)

A 14-week curriculum at Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH) is helping bridge the gap between school and bedside nursing for new graduate registered nurses.

Cigna Medical Group Chronic Health Improvement Program (CHIP), 2010 Health Care Leadership Awards

Cigna Medical Group’s Chronic Health Improvement Program (CHIP) is designed to care for patients with several chronic conditions. Often, patients with multiple chronic conditions are forced to manage through a confusing medical system that includes several specialists, limited time with medical providers, a variety of medications, and complex treatment plans that overlap or are at odds with each other.

The CHIP team offers a holistic approach to the complex problems faced by patients with chronic health conditions. CHIP, which is overseen by Dr. Robert Flores, director of population health management, manages care across more than 200 physicians, specialists, nurses and medical professionals at Cigna Medical Group. It is believed to be the only program of its kind in the state that is wholly owned and operated, and directly links all care coordinators and medical providers through an electronic health record system with 24/7 access to data.

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Phoenix Children’s Hospital Graduate Advancement Program in Pediatrics (GAPP)

A 14-week curriculum at Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH) is helping bridge the gap between school and bedside nursing for new graduate registered nurses. The Graduate Advancement Program in Pediatrics (GAPP), involves classes on pediatric nursing topics, a mentor program and a component in which new graduate registered nurses are paired with experienced PCH nurses for 396 hours of guided clinical experience. Phoenix Children’s Hospital Graduate Advancement Program in Pediatrics (GAPP), 2010 Health Care Leadership Awards

“GAPP encourages new graduate nurses to form bonds with colleagues from around the hospital, share experiences, and support one another,” says Deborah Wesley, PCH’s chief nursing executive and vice president of clinical services. “Our goal at Phoenix Children’s Hospital is to provide consistency and support as nurses make a transition into the role of a pediatric staff nurse.

For nursing graduates, we provide four distinct career tracks: emergency department, general pediatrics, newborn intensive care unit and the pediatric intensive care unit.”

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