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CityScape Phoenix Attempts Pilates World Record

CityScape Plaza - Arizona Business Magazine May/June 2012
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CityScape Phoenix will attempt to break the world record for biggest Pilates class with 863 participants in celebration of International Pilates Day on Saturday, May 4 with participants lining Central Avenue in Downtown Phoenix. CityScape Phoenix, in partnership with Gold’s Gym, IMX Pilates Studio, Pilates by Fitness Solutions and Remedy, a Pilates & Massage Studio,… Read More →

Special offer from The Pilates Club

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In a time where everyone is trying to pinch their pennies and shrink their waist-lines, The Pilates Club offers a solution to both! AZ Body Mechanics introduces The Pilates Club, which will offer Pilates options for any person on any budget. Clients can experience the depth of a one-on-one private Pilates session, or the motivation… Read More →

Pilates Isn't Just For Women: Breaking Gender-Specific Workouts

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There are no women’s and men’s workouts. There’s the body you want and the body you need. You want six-pack abs. You need a strong core. There are the exercises you like to do and the exercises you need to do. You like to do biceps curls. You need to do some squats. It’s easy… Read More →