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Pop Culture Paradise

Pop Culture Paradise: Comics, Games And Dedication

When Marco Regalado noticed the small comic store, Pop Culture Paradise, sitting just off the Arizona State University campus in Tempe, he purchased the store from its previous owner. Why? After taking a look at the store, he says he noticed that it was not a particularly clean or organized place, it had a lackluster selection of merchandise, and it wasn’t hosting many activities and events.

With the new ownership and following the closing of Atomic Comics, Pop Culture Paradise’s “number of comic subscribers has doubled,” Regalado says.

Regalado owes its success not only to the recent closing of Atomic Comics, but also to how he conducts business. He says that running a comic store like Pop Culture Paradise is no different from running any other business. He says that “you need a product that people want, unparalleled customer service and a win-win attitude!”

Regalado says he does his best to live up to the “unparalleled customer service” part of that mission. He places the utmost importance on Pop Culture Paradise’s customers, saying that “customers are the lifeblood of any business” and not favoring any one guest over another. He makes it a point to treat both regular and new customers equally well, in order to make the newer ones feel welcome, and never hoards any particular items for himself or his employees; if it’s for sale, it’s available to any customer.

Being a comic and gaming store right next to a university campus has its advantages as well. College students and young adults are great customers at such stores, and Regalado says that “running a gaming/comic store in an area surrounded by over 10,000 students is a good idea.”

He’s able to get these students interested in Pop Culture Paradise mainly by two methods: by collecting email addresses for a newsletter he sends out with information on new items, upcoming events and the like, and by offering coupons with various discounts and special offers for ASU students. He also attributes the store’s success to simple word-of-mouth.

What does Regalado think of the future of comic book stores here in the Valley, especially after the closing of one of the more well-known stores? He says that he and other comic store owners have nothing to fear.

“The comic book industry is a collectible industry as well as good old-fashioned literature,” Regalado says. “It should be okay!”

Pop Culture Paradise sells more than just comics, however. They also sell many different kinds of games, particularly trading card games and other tabletop games. Not only that, but they also hold weekly tournaments and events related to a lot of the games they sell.

Regalado says that although running a comic and gaming store isn’t the most profitable business ever, he still loves what he does, claiming that if you’re in this business, you’re “in it because you love it and because you have the time to devote to it.”


For more information about Pop Culture Paradise, visit their website at www.popculture-comics.com.


Comic Book Stores List

Comic Book Stores: Where To Go Post-Atomic Comics

If reading comic books is your idea of a good time, then you’ve probably already heard about the sudden closing of Atomic Comics. If, like me, you were one of the many people who liked any of the four stores in the Valley bearing that name, and especially if Atomic Comics was the comic shop you always went to, then you were no doubt wondering, “Oh, man! How am I supposed to pass the time now?”

Well, that’s what this list is here for. Here are five other comic book stores and/or gaming shops throughout the Valley, for those of you who just want to keep up with your favorite comics or keep playing your favorite games.

Samurai Comics

With locations in both central Phoenix and the west Valley, Samurai Comics is definitely worth a look for comic readers and tabletop gamers alike. What’s more, they’re helping out former Atomic Comics customers by allowing them to pick up their orders from Samurai Comics stores. Also, along with the two stores listed above, they’re just opening a new east Valley location, right next to where Atomic Comics’ flagship store was located.

[stextbox id=”grey”]

1051 E. Camelback Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85014
(602) 265-8886

10720 W. Indian School Rd. #61
Phoenix, AZ 85037
(623) 872-8886


Pop Culture Paradise

This place is conveniently located right next to ASU’s Tempe campus; in fact, it’s practically part of the campus. Whether you’re a student or not, if you spend a lot of time in Tempe, this place is definitely worth checking out.

[stextbox id=”grey”]707 S. Forest Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85281
(480) 557-6640

All About Books and Comics

All About Books and Comics joins Samurai Comics in the list of comic book stores in central Phoenix, and just like Samurai Comics, they’re also allowing Atomic Comics customers to pick up their orders through their store. They don’t really deal with card or tabletop games much, so you’d have to look elsewhere if that’s your thing, but they have a great selection of comics and are still very much worth a look.

[stextbox id=”grey”]5060 N. Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85012
(602) 277-0757

Jesse James Comics

For those of you who live in Glendale, Jesse James Comics prides itself as more focused on customer service than other comic book stores and giving customers a memorable experience each time they visit the place. From their website, it looks like they also don’t deal very much with trading card games or tabletop games, but they do have a good selection of comics, video games, and toys from which to choose, so they’re definitely worth checking out.

[stextbox id=”grey”]10620 N. 43rd Ave. #1
Glendale, AZ 85304
(602) 993-0392

Gamer’s Inn

In contrast to All About Books and Comics and Jesse James Comics above, Gamer’s Inn is not one of the Valley’s comic book stores, but it deals entirely in card games, miniatures, and other tabletop games instead, just as its name suggests. Obviously, it’s not the place you’d want to check out if you’re looking for comics, but if you’re more of a gamer than a comic reader and you’re looking for a place to get new cards, miniatures or whatever else you need, Gamer’s Inn is a great place to go for all of that.

[stextbox id=”grey”]1232 E. Southern Ave.
Mesa, AZ 85204
(480) 507-0509

What are some of your favorite comic book stores?
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